About Highland Capital Management

The existence of Highlands Capital commenced in 1993 by Mark Okada together with James Dondero. The institution happens to be an innovator in the power credit market. Highland Capital together with its partners has close to 17.7 Billion of resources under control.

Any individual looking for a credit administrator, then Highland Capital has to offer the best as it is one of the prevalent and expertise worldwide. The firm is dedicated in credit plan such as credit hedge, private equity, among others. Investment can also be made in the evolving market and natural resources. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

Highlands Capital has also expanded its client’s based services to include, public pension plan, benefaction, financial institutions among others. In 2004, Highland Capital Management acquired Nexbank. The acquisition was a positive achievement to the organization’s income.

Highland Capital Management Mark Okada

Mark Okada is among Highland Capital Management co-founder and also the company’s Chief, venture director.

Mark Okada’s role at Highland Capital includes supervising the organizations wide venturing actions both in the institution and merchandising investment podium which can consist of; separation of accounts, hedge funds among others.

Mark Okada is also the portfolios administrator to Highland Floating Rates Opportunity Funds having above a 30 years familiarity in the credit bazaar. He is also termed as the industry reformer in different credit investing. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Mr. Okada is also among the Board of directors at Nexbank. Nexbank is a commercial facility bank In Dallas.

Highland Capital Management Careers

Highland Capital Management offers a variety of job opportunities to the specialized members in the society. Some of the Occupations that be acquired include; Private Equity Associate, Fund Analyst, Managers among other occupations.

The institution’s workers are given an insurance health policy. They host events for their employees and their families over the years including informal events. The employees believe that Highlands Capital Management is the best organization to work with.

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