Gustavo Martinez is among the global leaders in the advertising consultancy and marketing industry. Martinez has worked in the industry for over 35 years. During his tenure in the industry, he has played a significant role in the sector by coming up with innovations and memorable ads that shaped the marketing industry in a big way.

He served J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, a renowned marketing company that stands among the top leaders in the industry as the CEO.

Gustavo worked as the president of two giant companies in the marketing sector. Serving Olgilvy and Mather in such a senior post honed his marketing skills tremendously.

Besides, the experience from McCann Worldgroup positioned him in a better place to master the skills of coming up with brands that would help any company remain at the top.

As an expert in marketing and advertising, Gustavo Martinez notes that the current state of consultancy would affect both of them in different ways.

He notes that in the present world, consultancy is very crucial as far as marketing and advertising is concerned. The reason is that customers’ trends keep changing at a fast rate owing to global digital evolution. In that connection, every company and business must find ways of retaining its market share and growth. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench and Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

Therefore, Gustavo Martinez adds that the companies that couldn’t position themselves to sustain the current trend must look seek professional help. The contractor or consultant would provide the required operational and strategic advice for helping them catch up with the trend. He added that creativity is the secret weapon of surviving in the current competitive advertising and marketing industry.

According to Martinez, the advertising and consultancy guru, the industry embraces different rules to success compared to other sectors. He admits that any company that intends to prosper in the industry must seek help from professional marketing and advertising consultants. The professionals would help the company achieve its goal by providing proper guidance according to the changes in the advertising market.

Due to the dynamic change in technology, advertising and marketing have better days ahead. More products continue entering the market, making the industry better.

Additionally, the Internet of Things is changing every sector for the better, and the marketing industry is not an exception. Martinez is optimistic that the Internet of Things would revolutionize the marketing sector hence attracting more players.

Concisely, Martinez advises the players in the industry to embrace generosity and patience in their daily duties. He continues to address the young generation to learn from talented people and be good listeners. Gustavo notes that hiring top talent is very crucial in every business. He admits that he invested a lot in recruiting professionals in the industry that paved the way for his success.