Gustavo Martinez is a multi-talented businessman from Barcelona, Spain who has worked in the advertising and marketing industry for over 30 years. He is also a globe-trotter, traveling to countries all over the world to see all kinds of different cultures.

Mr. Martinez was born in Argentina, but moved to Spain in his youth. Gustavo earned a PDG, General Management Program at the University of Navarra’s IESE Business School. From there, he continued on to earn his Doctor of Philosophy in economics at Universitat de Barcelona.

Gustavo Martinez has worked as a marketing and advertising consultant for decades now. He truly understands what it takes to bring good ideas to light, and how to make them profitable. Mr. Martinez is a team leader, so it’s his job to facilitate productivity and creativity.

Gustavo refers to himself as a workaholic, so he is always on the go, getting things done. Regularly, the advertising consultant works a 10 to 12 hour day, starting at nine in the morning. After working a long day with his team, Gustavo goes home and relaxes.

When it comes to the marketing and advertising industry, hiring the best talent is the upmost highest goal. This means any agency will give everything and their bathroom sink to find the best in the industry. Because creativity is the essential factor in this industry, keeping your team motivated and inspired are crucial. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Wikipedia  and Gustavo Martinez | Lanacion

The team brainstorm ideas throughout the day, and Mr. Martinez makes sure to validate all their ideas. He focuses on generosity, active listening, and validation to be a good leader. This is what creates true success in his line of work. If he did not exude these qualities, Gustavo would have not had a career lasting over 35 years.

Learn from people different from you and be more patient, would be some advice Gustavo Martinez would give his younger self. Most people could relate to having more patients in their youth. There is something that is very important to the marketing and advertising consultant, but may not be for others. Charity is a way of life for Gustavo.

He believes that kind acts of generosity are essential in life. The one thing that sets him apart from others is Mr. Martinez gives when no one is watching. He does not do it to raise his public image or for social status. He does it because he really cares in helping those less fortune.

Mr. Martinez recommends others to not put their name on a plaque to show off they donated. Do it humbly, he says. Being generous and kind should be a necessity in business, not something that you are being told to do. Gustavo has continued to donate to good causes and will so into the future.

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