Gustavo Martinez has more than three decades of history when it comes to being involved in the advertising industry and he recently made a considerable career change. After serving as J. Walter Thompson Worldwide’s Chief Executive Officer, he decided to take on a consultant role for companies that are looking to speed up their growth in their industry. With his take on the role of consulting, he is reshaping the way some of the business world looks at marketing. He has been involved in some of the biggest advertising campaigns in our recent history and he is now helping startups overcome the substantial odds that are stacked against them. Making waves is not something new for Gustavo Martinez and he’s leading the international ad industry in a new direction.


When asked why Gustavo Martinez thought that advertising should follow the consulting model, he defended his point of view by pointing out just how much the industry is based on creativity. Out of all of the assets someone can have, creativity is considered the most valuable for many businesses. In order to ensure that the people working for them are able to utilize their creative skills in the most efficient way, these marketing experts must have a high degree of freedom in their work. There is applied artistry to advertising and many of these artists cannot thrive in a typical nine to five job. There are many business aspects to consider when it comes to advertising, but raw creativity will always serve as the driving force behind it all.


Growth is important for every business that wants to succeed, but sometimes even a growing company needs to be able to grow faster for a variety of different reasons. This is where Gustavo Martinez wants to be able to help the businesses that he works with as he insists that business acceleration should be the main goal for any business working with an independent consultant. This accelerated growth can end up being useful for a company in ways like increased flexibility and effectiveness.


To help his clients grow faster, Gustavo Martinez has begun a partnership with UV Business Acceleration. Together, the firm and Gustavo Martinez hope to create an effective system that will help to get rid of much of the trial and error that companies face starting out. With all of the competition in the world of startups, wasted time can cost a company its success. The experience that he has had in the industry gives him a great deal of insight into different business topics and he has faced many of the challenges new businesses see in the past. It’s important to optimize the market strategy being used to ensure growth.


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