MATTHEW FLEEGERGulf Coast Western is a joint venture of Gas and Oil Partnerships.  It combines the best industry know how, talents, resources, and experiences to acquire domestic gas and oil by focusing on the exploration and development of gas and oil reserves located primarily in the United States Gulf Coast region.  Gulf Coast Western is a family owned business that is headquartered in Dallas.  It was founded in 1970, and has expanded locations to Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado.  The company has partnered with various other oil and gas conglomerates that have accelerated their myriad of expansions.

Being a part of the service industry, Gulf Coast Western relies on various factors to achieve satisfaction for the needs of their consumers.  They have implemented important technology, management, cost control, and business practices that have been made transparent, but their number one priority is providing customer service experiences that are unparalleled.  They soon found that by listening and acting quickly on customer concerns can greatly halt any potential issues and provide satisfactory solutions.  The company is committed and dedicated to proactively listening and making changes that will be beneficial for customers as well as their partners.

The Chief Executive Officer at Gulf Coast Western, Matt Fleeger, not only stands at the realm of the company, he also leads by example.  Just as he strives for the best for Gulf Coast Western and all of their partners, he is a dynamic inspiration in his private endeavors also.  He is responsible for raising over $14,000 for the Sadie Keller Foundation which supports children with cancer and their families.  Fleeger is well known for his charitable contributions to children’s causes and displays a genuine interest in helping others as well as being an influential business leader.  He recently founded The Fleeger Family Kitchen at a facility in Dallas as part of the commitment that he has to help advance opportunities in STEM based learning for all children.MATTHEW FLEEGER