Talos Energy is an iconic oil and gas company focusing on offshore exploration and production in the Gulf of Mexico. The company specializes in acquiring assets for optimization, exploitation, and exploration of natural gas and oil. The management team of the company has notable expertise and vast experience in geophysical and geological operations. The company has a strategy of maintaining and improving every aspect of its operation to boost their production, performance, as well as increase hydrocarbon recovery. To do this, the company ought to develop and utilize modern specialized drilling techniques and completion strategies. However, Talos Energy seeks to fulfill all its operations in full compliance with health, safety, and environmental protection regulations.

Over the past few decades, Talos energy has experienced massive transformations. Also, the company has undergone a dramatic expansion through acquisition of other oil companies as well as other private properties. Talos, under the current leadership, has depicted a unique ability to seize and capitalize on emerging opportunities. As an independent oil company, Talos has made some significant milestones and discoveries and most notably, The Zama-1 discovery. This was a discovery that was surrounded with a high-risk factor, but in the end, it paid off handsomely as the company got to discover one of the largest oil deposit in the Gulf of Mexico. The company has established an excellent reputation in the strategic acquisition and responsible development.

Talos Energy, a company that has always been on the move and rise to greatness, has consistently ranked as a top workplace. Through technology and innovation, the company, has been able to discover highly valuable resources that most people thought they did not exist. The company aims at developing innovative reprocessing techniques and thus have multiple career opportunities in technology, production, corporate disciplines, and exploration. The company offers flexible working schedules with highly competitive allowances, benefits, and programs to enhance a superb balance between profession and life. Besides, the employees are granted with opportunities to learn more, advance, and establish their careers. The company has always been ranked as a top workplace with most referrals to job opportunities coming from the company’s employee’s base.

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