Glenn Schlossberg is an American businessman who founded the Jump Design Group, a successful retail company that sells clothing and other related materials. Last year, the company acquired Cathy Daniels, a popular sportswear brand. The company took ownership of all the assets attributed to Cathy Daniels, and they will also take ownership of the brand’s warehouses and production plants. However, the leadership of Cathy Daniels will never change, as Jerry Passaretti will keep his position as the brand’s president. He will be joining the management team of the Jump Design Group, and according to the company, they will be open with suggestions and recommendations coming from him.



According to PR Newswire, the current chief executive officer of the Jump Design Group, they acquired Cathy Daniels because of their great performance in the last few years. He also added that they would never consider acquiring companies which are no longer making profit, as they do not want to take a risk. The acquisition of Cathy Daniels is a strategy from the Jump Design Group to increase the awareness about their brand, and they also wanted to become a flexible company that could venture in various business units. The CEO also highlighted that Schlossberg will be very proud knowing that the business he established is now trying to expand its influence and dominating the market for clothing retail.



Ashesh Amin has been working with Glenn Schlossberg for years, and he believed that the founder of the Jump Design Group should be credited for the growth of the business. Glenn said that the founder had a lot of ideas for the company, and he did his best applying all of these changes for the benefit of the company’s employees. He also stated that Glenn Schlossberg have always wanted to apply changes which will allow the Jump Design Group to rely heavily into technology which will expand their reach and market share. The acquisition of Cathy Daniels, according to the present CEO of the company, is just the beginning, and they have already laid down their next plans, talking with other businesses which they wanted to acquire. Check out for more information.