One thing is certain about Gino Pozzo — the owner of Watford FC — is that he is from a family of entrepreneurs. Gino Pozzo runs the professional football club, Watford FC. The football club is based out of Watford, Hertfordshire, U.K. Watford FC was created in 1898. Today, Watford FC is part of the Premier League.

The Pozzo family has been connected to sports for many decades. Indeed, the Pozzo’s direct ownership of sports clubs began with Gino’s father, Gianpaolo, who purchased the Udinese club, which was based in Italy in 1986. The Pozzo family has been connected to the woodworking milieu for many years but decided to sell their business and get into sports ownership, mainly pro-football clubs.

Recently, Gino Pozzo was offered a substantial financial amount by a large media company situated in New York called, Prolific Media Holdings. Gino has gotten a bit of notoriety as the current owner of his football club. Indeed, there has been a lot of buzz regarding the number of offers and inquiries he has gotten about the team.

The Premier League is known as being at the most elite level of football in the U.K. Watford FC is a team that has a major fanbase in the U.K. And even larger than life music stars like Sir Elton John, are a big part of the team. Considered a lifelong fan of the Gino Pozzo’s football club, Watford FC made Sir Elton John honorary team president for life.

In 1973, Sir Elton John was Watford FC’s actual club president, not an honorary member. Elton John chaired the club in the late part of the 1970s. Elton John has been seen cheering in Watford FC colors at plenty of football games over the years. Watford FC has had a lot of success with winning over the years based on a successful system that they have in place.