Gino Pozzo, a Hands-On Football Club Owner

Gino Pozzo earned his outstanding reputation in the European sports scene by taking lackluster lower-division football clubs like England’s Watford Football Club and guiding them into top leagues in their home countries.

Born to passionate football enthusiasts in Italy, Gino Pozzo moved to the USA at age 18 and earned a Master’s degree at Harvard University. When he married a Catalan, he relocated to Spain for 20 years before moving to London in 2013, along with his wife and three children, become he wanted to be directly involved in the operations of his family’s newly-acquired-in-2012 Watford Football Club.

Watford had been struggling to climb out of the Fourth Division when it was purchased, and by 2015 all three of the Pozzo football clubs in England, Italy, and Spain were competing in top competitions. That found the Pozzo’s featured in the Wall Street Journal as the “European Soccer’s Ascendant Family.”


The Watford Club has gone through eight different head coaches and managers since the family acquired ownership of the Hornets, but the team continues to be in the Premier League, which is the highest competition level in the United Kingdom. They have never changed a coach during a season and have completed each campaign with the same coach. The club has maintained its standing in the Premier League since 2015.

Football is a multi-million-dollar industry, and Pozzo’s hands-on approach is not just administrative. He is involved in the daily operations, is at the training ground almost every day, recruits’ signings, and even improves the stadium for the benefit of the loyal fans.

Pozzo also gets text messages regarding daily feedback, opinions, and comments from music legend Sir Elton John, who owned the Hornets back in their glory days in the 1980s, but Pozzo runs the show.