The Political Action Committee that is in the fight with Big Money of corporates, End Citizens United declared that it would support two more liberal senators in the upcoming elections. It is revealed that both of them are supporting the efforts of the PAC to come up with campaign funding reforms to control the access of corporate entry into the mainstream political arena. The candidates supported by ECU are Kirsten Gillibrand, the senator from New York, and Cory Booker, the senator from New Jersey. Interestingly, they are contesting from their respective constituencies and known for pro-people administration in their constituencies.

They were also known for working tirelessly to serve the respective communities in their best capacity. Also, they were known for raising the political standard and integrity through their commitment to the mandate without working for the dark money forces, which is currently ruling Washington. Their association with End Citizens United started after both the senators pledged not to seek the funds of corporate PACs. The move by the senators is largely praised by independent analysts and considered as a people-centric stand. It is also considered as a change in the wave against the political and corporate nexus that is always disadvantaging the common man in the policymaking.

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Tiffany Muller, a reputed political activist and President of ECU, responded that both the senators were known for setting themselves by example. The decision of the senators to reject the corporate money showed their commitment to the people of the respective states. They also showed the red flag on the threats of corporate funds and how mega-donors ensure legislations made in their favor with the help of corporate-funded politicians. The President of End Citizens United said that one of the extreme cases of the flawed administrative policy was the recent tax bill, and both the senators raised their voice against the pro-corporate tax reform. With the pledge, the senators took a tough stand against Big Money in politics.

Most importantly, both the senators were working hard to ensure accountability and transparency in the elections of the country, for long. The support of End Citizens United is expected to boost the campaigns of both the senators significantly since it has massive grassroots campaigners. It can also leverage the candidates by the power to churn significant amount through small donations. When it comes to New York, the PAC has nearly 265,000 members to execute the campaigns.

End Citizens United has already communicated its aim to collect $35 million before the 2018 elections for ensuring maximum pro-reform representatives in Congress as well as Senate. The PAC was established by well-wishers of transparent politics in 2015. By electing maximum campaign fund reform candidates, the PAC hope that it can make legislation to control corporate entry into the arena.