Duda Melzer is a young Chairman of the RBS group of media company. It is a family business that ensures to maintain its name and integrity at all costs in all their endeavors. Running a family business, with all the success and accolades under its umbrella, requires a serious sense of responsibility, dedication and hard work. Duda won the award for the Entrepreneur of the Year in the Family Business category, reflecting his ability to take his family business forward and keep it thriving.

Having an MBA degree from the Harvard Business School, Duda is very steadfast about the goal he has to achieve as a leader and as a company. He believes that an ideal business is the one that is consistent in developing and reforming. Possessing a stagnant approach to business growth is what brings down many unsuccessful companies around the world. This also includes keeping up with technological advancements in the global market. Being technologically updated and equipped is a major concern, especially for media and internet-based companies like the RBS Group. Being aware of the major changes taking place in the marketplace reflects your concern and value to the consumers, who in turn constitute the success and prosperity of your business. This, according to Duda, is one of the business skills that you must acquire.

Another important skill Duda preaches is valuing the people around you. He believes that the ultimate key to success for any business is choosing the right people and collaborating with them to produce the best possible results. A business must hire people who have personalities that match the goals of the company and who have the ability to produce consequent results. A business can go places, if it has the right group of people, working with utmost passion and zeal to achieve the collective goals and objectives for the betterment of the company. Not just hiring good people, but also creating a good environment within the organization is equally important and crucial for the success of an organization. To see more about Duda visit his facebook page