In Austin, Texas, there are a few plastic surgeons like Jennifer Walden. According to her reviews on Google, she is one of the best in town. From amazing service to Botox to high-quality breast augmentation, patients rate her work with five stars. One patient had a complicated breast augmentation surgery, which included a fat transfer. After the procedure, the patient stated that her breasts looked absolutely perfect. She had previously had a botched procedure, and Dr. Walden was able to correct every issue, leaving the patient with exactly what she wanted.

In addition to cosmetic plastic surgery, Walden’s practice also features other services. Many patients commented on the ease and perfect experience with Botox procedures at Dr. Walden’s office as well. Performed by Nurse Isis, these Botox injections received five-star ratings as well. Patients stated that Isis was incredibly meticulous with comfortable and soft hands. Other patients stated that their collagen fillers were absolutely amazing and created a perfectly natural plump finish.

What about after the surgery? Another patient left a review six months after the procedure, stating that Dr. Walden was an artist, who was able to get the perfect proportions. This Yelp reviewer also commented that the service appointments leading up to the surgery went extremely smooth, and the aftercare was also exactly what the patient was looking for. After all this time, she still thanks Dr. Jennifer Walden for creating the perfect body.

For those who question if the plastic surgery is worth the drive, another reviewer stated that Dr. Walden and her staff answered every single question before the procedure. With a number of different offerings including facials and other non-invasive procedures, patients do not need to spend too much time to get the perfect skin, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, filler, Botox, or other procedure.

Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews come with the highest ratings from her patients because she is an exceptional doctor, but she also takes the time to talk to all of her patients. She has created a practice around being professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and precise.

With Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews from Google to Yelp, there is no doubt that Dr. Walden will continue to rise to stardom for plastic surgery in Texas. Her patients love the work and appreciate her ability to explain all aspects of the procedure with such a personal touch.