When reading online reviews from patients of Dr. Jennifer Walden, a cosmetic surgeon based in Austin, Texas, I saw many positive reports and several recurring themes stood out to me immediately. I was impressed by the wide variety of procedures that Dr. Walden performs. I noticed how satisfied patients were with Dr. Walden’s “bedside manner” and also how pleased patients were with her staff.

From simple Botox treatments to breast lifts, Dr. Walden is clearly widely experienced at performing many different types of cosmetic surgeries and procedures. Interestingly, not all the reviews were from her patients themselves but also from their significant others and family members who were delighted with the results and the corresponding elevation in the moods of their loved ones.

Many of the patients talked about how Dr. Walden was able to understand what they wanted even when they were unable to express this precisely themselves. It’s almost as if Dr. Walden is a mind-reader in this regard, and she appears to have an uncanny ability to understand what kind of procedure is best for the individual patient’s lifestyle.

Not only were patients happy with Dr. Walden herself, but with her support team as well. One patient talked about how the receptionist and other staff at Dr. Walden’s medical office had a warm and friendly manner in contrast to the stiff and impersonal vibe she would get at the offices of other cosmetic surgeons.

Finally, many patients wrote about how much more self-confident they felt after having Dr. Walden work with them. Most of these patients were female, but some were male as well, and they all were thrilled with the change in their looks. In short, this is a cosmetic surgeon whose online presence indicates that she is really good at her job.