Mark Holyoake is a great name in the real estate business. He is the founder of Oakvest Holding, a company that majors in real estate and investment of private equity. The firm was established many years ago and has consistently grown since then. Mark is not only a financial and property investor but also runs private investment in the nutrition industry.

Mark Holyoake has been in investment since the 1960s. Besides private equity investments in production and nutrition, Oakvest Holdings also purchase advances and private equity property in Central London. Mark studied at the University of Readings and acquired a bachelor’s degree.

After college education, he majored in developing a massive portfolio of corporates extending not only to property markets and international financial but also to the UK and European food industries. Mark Holyoake has a firm belief that if team members believe that a plan is viable, any idea can successfully turn into life.

It’s tough to turn a project to reality if other members barely find the feasibility of the idea. You can’t drive every member to your understanding and point of view. It becomes easy to work with members who have similar opinions since success is guaranteed. Mark Holyoake is happy about the current trend where members mind about their health status.

Nowadays, many people stick to a strict dietary plan, which allows them to manage their daily mode of feeding. The food industry has incredibly benefited from this trend. Food processing plants can now manufacture foods for different categories of people with confidence that the products will finally be bought. According to recent statistics, most elder people are lies in the range of over 65 years. This is a clear indication that there is highly improved healthcare. The recent health concerns have led to a significant expansion of the food industry.

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