Gooee IoT lighting is about to be a game changer for the interior design an architecture game. Many businesses, schools and residences are going to soon be built up to energy efficiency and “smart” code. These buildings will have numerous features that allow appliances, lighting, heating and cooling systems and more to be automated and controlled remotely, to save energy and to improve the ease of live.

For designers and architects, this means learning how the software of IoT lighting by Gooee works and how it can be incorporated into new building designs. Older lights that needed to be operated by switch can now be operated by a central control panel, be that a laptop, a phone, or a smart watch.

These new features can be adjusted not only to on and off, but lighting temperatures can be changed from warm to cool, dimmer switches can be activated on ceiling lights, lamps with the proper sockets, chandeliers, and outdoor lights.

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