Sergey PetrossovA young, energetic entrepreneur, Sergey Petrossov has immensely succeeded with the creating of the company JetSmarter. He launched his company in 2013, and it has taken off ever since.

Sergey Petrossov moved to the United States when he was four years old. He has lived in several different states but is now settled in Florida. As a young man, he attended the University of Florida and studied finance. Mathematics and analytics were the areas that really drew his interest. He got an early start in technology. By 2013, he founded the company JetSmarter. Now he is the CEO and founder of a widely-successful company that has expanded globally. By 2016 he was on the list of Forbes’ 30 under 30. He is also one of South Florida’s Top Working Professionals. Needless to say, Sergey Petrossov is a great example of entrepreneurship and the American Dream.

Sergey PetrossovSo what does this successful business JetSmarter provide? JetSmarter is a membership-based company that connects passengers that wish to charter private jets with those who provide flights. Using an app, users are able to charter flights whether it be an entire jet, or sharing a jet with other passengers. They also have sales and specials for something called “empty leg” flights. These are flights in which a jet may have flown passengers one way, for example, and now need to return to their previous destination or the jet is simply needed elsewhere in a different city. Customers can sometimes charter these “empty leg” flights at reduced rates. JetSmarter now provides services in the United States, the Middle East, and Europe. They are also quickly expanding into new areas. The company JetSmarter is now estimated to be worth over 1 billion dollars, has over 260 employees and has served over 45,000 passengers.

In short, Sergey has shown incredible ingenuity and dedication in creating a successful company and a great service that has assisted customers around the world.

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Located in Los Angeles, HCR Wealth Advisors is an institution that offers advisory services to its clients. The firm’s mission and objective are to create a life-long relationship with its customers using education, communication, as well as trust. The organization has cemented its footprints in the market to assist its clients in handling various financial risks while exposing impending dangers in the market. This helps clients to be sure and prepared to handle any issues affecting their businesses. Protecting a client’s privacy is one of the brand’s main objectives. Therefore, the management seeks to help clients to understand all factors affecting their businesses.

The team of professionals also works hard to ensure that privacy is protected. The firm majorly protects every aspect of its clients business. For more than thirty years, HCR Wealth Advisors has devoted itself to work with clients in issuing viable advice to them based on the market fluctuations as well as new investment strategies. The management offers advice regarding various market fluctuations, coupled with the latest investment policies. Every plan is created to support a client or the viability of a business. HCR Wealth Advisors offers tailored strategies to support the client goals or the success of various businesses.

Recently, HCR Wealth Advisors posted an article about the bull vs. bear market debate in the market. In the current financial sector, the market is relatively stark. Action is painting a positive-looking picture. The actual action on the ground seems to be negative. The question begs to ask which statement is right. Investors are also wondering where they can put their resources into good use.

This is one of the main challenges that most individuals face in the sector. It’s vital to understand and identify the existing signals that can affect various businesses. It’s also essential to comprehend the value of these matters. HCR Wealth Advisors highlights critical points that should be checked when discussing issues affecting the industry of stock market. In a chart presented on the same page, readers can analyze a report that shows the index touching existing new highs. HCR Wealth Advisors is focused on helping its members to interpret such issues.


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HCR Wealth Advisors

One of the significant aspects that face an individual when he passes away is how his liabilities and assets will be distributed, preserved, and managed. It is even worse when the owner of such assets dies without leaving an express opinion on how the assets need to be managed. HCR Wealth Advisors offer professional services when it comes to planning for the distribution of an individual’s wealth in a tax-efficient manner and in accordance with the wishes of the deceased.

Estate planning is a complex aspect that many people cannot handle for themselves. Generally, people don’t like thinking about their death or incapacitation. This sense of denial makes it hard for them to come up with a comprehensive plan for estate planning. However, planning for unseen circumstances is necessary and essential so that you can leave your family protected and in a better position. This is where experienced wealth managers such as HCR Wealth Advisors can help.

If a person wants to see his liabilities and assets handled according to their will, they have no other option other than to come up with a strategic approach to planning everything. HCR Wealth Advisors use a strategic approach in wealth and estate planning. Several documents must be involved in the entire process. Using documents are necessary because it makes everything legally binding.

According to HCR Wealth Advisors, one of the most critical documents in estate planning is the will. This is a legal and binding document that highlights how wealth can be managed and how various assets can be spread to multiple members of the family after death. It is an expression of the decedent’s intent of what should be done after a person dies. A will does not only determine who will get a share of the assets, but it also indicates who will take care of the minor children.

HCR Wealth Advisors notes that there should be a personal representative who will be in charge of the will and will do everything to execute the will. However, HCR Wealth highlights the role of an alternative or backup representative because something might happen to the will representative. Any person can be a personal representative, such as trusted friends and family members.


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Successful women are not common in the market. Leadership positions in prestigious companies have male leaders who take charge and make things run smoothly. Smita Shah, a woman leader in business, wants the culture that favors men in the corporate world to change. Shah is successful in male-dominated departments. The business leader believes that this culture can change when women get the right motivation. Having more women in leadership will not happen in a day. Smita Shah, however, is confident that things will be better when women learn the following secrets.

Separate professional and personal lives

To earn a role in the business world, Smita Shah believes that women have to work for long hours. Everything needs to be in the right order so that you can at least get a top role in the corporate industry. For women who need to go far and lead the business community, they need to know the rules of delegation. There are many duties given to women at home and work. Without help, these women are bound to fail in business. Do not carry your computer at home and continue working even when it is time to spend with family. Show your bosses and family that you can keep our business and home affairs separate. When going home, your office duties should be complete. Learn more:

Learn how to manage your time 

Smita Shah’s achievements did not happen in a day. However, after a long and exciting journey to become a woman leader, Shah knows that time management means everything to a woman. When in business, many demands need time and energy from the women in question. When you finally become a successful woman in the business industry, you will note that your responsibilities increase significantly too. When you fail to manage your numerous responsibilities well, you will get a burnout. Time is very precious to women in leadership. Learn how to manage the little time you have effectively. Do not spend hours, weeks, and months locked out in the office because you are in a leadership position. Sometimes, it is vital to take some time so that you can look and reflect on your personal life. Your family is an important part of you that needs all the attention you can get. Resting enough will help you to be more productive even when you have many responsibilities. 

Ignore feminine stereotypes all the time

Many feminine roles exist in the community. If you plan to become a successful executive in business, ignore the stereotypes around you. Do not go to the kitchen to prepare a cup of coffee for your male colleagues just because the role is feminine. Do not ask for special favors from the men just because you are a woman in the workplace too.

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HCR Wealth Advisors is a company focused on providing clients with insight into the business world that they need to succeed. They are trying to create a service people can use all across the board rather than only being accessible to the few people who know business well. This is something that is very important to them, HCR Wealth Advisors has a goal of helping to educate its clients about the financial markets and investment.

Since they have been involved in the investment industry for so long, you can expect them to give you advice that you will be able to utilize in your daily life. This is something that they take great lengths to achieve, and it is not easy to ensure that every single one of your employees is worthy of providing this advice. However, they have stepped to the plate and shown that they will do everything they can to make sure that its advisors have the knowledge and experience to provide clients with the service and advice that they require and need.  Investment, to HCR Wealth Advisors, can be a very difficult task for many people, and this is why they provide the service that they do. If they think they can help even one client, they will continue to operate. This is the overarching reason behind all of their actions.

Continuing to be a successful investment advisory firm is one of their greatest ambitions, and it goes to show from all the work they have done that they have a variety of advisors available. In the view of HCR Wealth Advisors, it is dangerous to have only one mindset available within a company. To them, it is far more important to ensure that every voice within a group of people is being accounted for, as even the quietest voice in the company could potentially have something extremely useful to say. Because of this, HCR Wealth Advisors make sure that everyone in their business feels comfortable speaking.


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If your business is going really well, one of the immediate ideas that come to mind is an expansion in other territories or on the global market. While going global could mean serving a wider market and better profitability, it is also important to understand the nuances of leveling up your business to the global market. Before taking a plunge in the international scene, Maarten de Jeu recommends that you consider the laws and regulations, market demand, language, finances, standardization, and culture first before finally deciding is going global is the right move for you.


Marten de Jeu has comprehensive experience and wide understanding of the international market. He founded the SVM Business Advisory, which is a go-to firm of CEOs, business owners, and key decision makers, especially those planning to explore the international market. Academically, Maarten de Jeu has an impressive background holding an MBA degree from the University of Oxford, which he finished as the top student in his class.


Through the SVM Business Advisory, his clients benefit from his comprehensive knowledge in the industry, in-depth understanding of the cultural and institutional environment, and extensive technical skills. Prior to founding his advisory firm, Maarten worked as Aviva plc’s director of the company’s Strategy and Corporate Department. He also handled the company’s London operation and was appointed as its Strategy Manager.


He also worked as a consultant at TVDK Management Consultants where he handled top clients like Heinz, Sara Lee, and ING. Maarten de Jeu is a popular advisor to various business executives of Fortune 100 companies specifically the financial services and the insurance companies. Aside from those, he is acknowledged for his efficiency and knack to champion projects by building efficient multicultural and multidisciplinary setups.


In addition to SVM Business Advisory, Maarten is also the co-founder of the technology startup SpeakUp. It is one of the top ethics and compliance solutions firm for publicly listed businesses and organizations. He is a proficient multilingual who speaks French, English, German, and Dutch.


Exploring the international market can help you grow your brand, expand your customer base, and increase your business’ profitability. However, it could also cause damage and massive losses when not handled properly. According to Martin de Jeu, who is a seasoned international business advisor, for effective business expansion, you should know the key ingredients to make sure that you are treading on safe waters. Learn more:


These key ingredients or crucial factors include thorough research, large funding, intensive planning, and well-developed strategies. Going into the global market and rushing your international launch is never healthy. You have to first evaluate the condition of your finances and make sure that you are able to offer a consistent level of service and quality.


Failing to do these could cause exposing your business to the risk of damaging its reputation and getting a poor return on investment. Maarten de Jeu understands what it takes to effectively explore and grow in the international market. His tips are the product of his extensive knowledge and experience in the field that could help you achieve your business’ goals. 

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Marc Beer is an iconic and legendary figure in the healthcare industry and has led to the development of new treatment methods for diseases and conditions in the medical industry. Beer has served in the industry for over three decades and has made a name for himself in the industry. Many know him as a serial entrepreneur and a healthcare startup who has founded and helped established several startups. Beer Journey in the industry began way back in the 90s when he joined Abbott Labs, a leading pharmaceutical drug and device manufacturing company. Since then, Beer has remained in the industry and has played pivotal roles in the growth and development of the healthcare industry. Some of the healthcare companies that Beer helped establish and served in senior leadership positions include Genzyme, ViaCell, and Good Start Genetics.

Marc Beer currently serves at the helm of Renovia Inc Company as CEO and Co-founder. Beer, alongside two others, founded the company in 2016. The company is a healthcare startup company that focuses on device development and commercialization. Renovia Inc., since its founding, has revolutionized the treatment of pelvic floor disorder, a health condition that in the US affects over 13 million. The firm has developed a treatment method that helps improve the lives of women without necessarily having to go through surgery. Learn more:

Marc Beer, in an interview with inspired, said that what made him join the healthcare industry was the fascination of what modern medicine could do. Modern medicine, according to Beer, does not only heal the sick but can change the very course of nature. Beer added he could not imagine that there would come a day where people with severe health conditions such as diabetes or cancer that were considered to be incurable could this day be wholly cured. To Beer, that was a miraculous thing that Beer wanted to be part of. Beer was so inspired by the amazing things that modern medicine could do and wanted to also contribute to the industry.

The idea of starting Renovia Inc Marc Beer said came from Dr. Sam Pulliam. Dr. Sam approached Beer and told him that there is a condition that affects millions of women in the US and that he and Dr. Jose Bohorquez have identified an evidence-based approach to treating the condition. The condition was pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. The two Doctors had devised a treatment method that did not require surgery, and Beer thought it was an excellent Idea. The Doctors wanted someone with both the technical know-how as well as top managerial skills, and they could think of no one else but Beer. Beer ever since founding the company has been very pivotal in providing leadership and has helped the firm in securing both Series A and Series B funding.

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Maarten De Jeu is considered by many to be one of the most influential figures in the scientific community not only for the work he does on his own but for the work he does in collaboration with children around the country. Maarten De Jeu has been of the opinion that many people are underprivileged in this world for a long time, and ever since he first discovered this bitter but the real truth, he has dedicated his life to doing the best he can in order to counteract the worst parts of our modern society. Learn more:


To him, however, he knows that there is a limit to what he can accomplish. There is also a way to utilize his talents in order to push the world forward, and this is what he believes he should be spending his time doing. Having gone through a childhood himself where he was not given every opportunity to succeed, he sympathizes with people who are suffering from something similar, and he believes that he should help them in any way he can. Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds, as even if one does attain the financial success that is inherently required to make a change in modern-day economy, they will still need to figure out how best to distribute their funds.


Maarten De Jeu believes that many businesses do not do as much as they claim to with regards to philanthropy, as they are simply focused on showing the rest of the world that they are doing good. After that, they do not feel the need to actually take any action to benefit the public, as they have already gotten what they wanted. Maarten De Jeu believes that this system needs some serious refining, and because of this, he has been focused on doing exactly that for many years now.


He wants to ensure that people of all ages are able to succeed if they simply put the work that is required from them into it. After all, it is this process of self-improvement that allowed Maarten De Jeu to attain the position he proudly represents today, and he would never want to lose that position. That being said, he also wants to provide others with the same opportunities, as he does not feel comfortable being at an advantage to others. He has always been taught to put other people before himself, and this is very noticeable from the way he manages his businesses. This is not to say that he is not cautious with his funds, because this is actually paramount to him; rather, it is to say that he has a natural intuition for determining what the best move to make is as a company, and this has led him to global fame. Connect with Maarten on LinkedIn


There are two criteria for determining if the company is on the right growth path — annual revenue and the number of employees. According to 2018 reports by US Business journals, Spaan Technology is one of the few companies that are redefining growth, primarily on the annual revenue and more importantly, the growth in its number of employees.


The growth of the above company is as a product of better policies and more importantly, the leadership of Smita Shah. As a product of the best universities in business (Oxford University) and MIT (Engineering), it is correct to state that she understands what it takes to run a company — that is a hybrid of the two disciplines. According to NYT, for example, her mastery of business and the construction market have made Shah a brilliant mind in this sector.


For example, she understands that an ideal company appreciates the importance of employees in its growth. In the last 20 years, she has invested in her employees in diverse ways. She has invested in in-job training, where her employees learn from experts already in the construction market. Shah is also keen on paying for conferences for her employees and therefore expanding their understanding of the market.


Apart from her commercial works, she is part of other assignments — as an engineer and as a policy analyst. Smita Shah understands the importance of better policies in the contraction market, and she uses her understanding to help government agencies in different policy formulations. In most cities in the USA, for example, her contributions are visible, especially in designs and world-class renovations.


She has also worked with various political figures in different projects — on subcontracts and through their offices. One of the most prominent political figures she has worked with is Barack Obama — when he was a senator. Due to her brilliant approach to renovating the then-senator, different entities approached her on similar projects but in different capacities.


Although the world of engineering and contraction is not synonymous with awards and recognitions, different entities have recognized Smita Shah for her contributions in injecting professionalism in this market. Smita Shah believes that these recognitions are perfect indications that her contributions are visible — not only in the engineering world but also in the general service market. Learn more:


Ellis Island Medal of Honor, for example, has identified her as one of the most passionate private citizens in the construction world. Different commercial magazines have also nominated her for her work in redefining the construction industry — which most professionals have termed as rigid to technology and commercial trends. Her versatility in this niche has earned her different appointments in different advisory boards in the USA. Her understanding and approach is a rare gem in this vast market. Follow Smita Shah on Twitter

“Content is king.”

Do you find it tough to produce leads? According to Neil Patel, brand names that satisfy the demands for a high-value content obtain the trust fund of the users.

Patel believes that composing various sorts of content can assist you to generate different varieties of leads. Advertising it on different social media channels makes lead generation less complicated to accomplish.

What is content marketing?

Content advertising and marketing is the technique of offering details to individuals. It can be in the kind of short articles, blog sites, visitor messages, videos, infographics, which can help brands boost their return-on-investment (ROI) and also produce leads.

Check out exactly how content can help you in producing top quality leads:

Compose a content that addresses a problem.

If you want to draw in not just website traffic, you need to reveal that you offer something unique in your sector. Everyone wishes to catch audiences, and also the most effective way to do this is by showing that you’re different from the remainder.

When creating, pay attention to your audience’s pain. Create material that offers a remedy to your audience’s discomfort. The program that you’re an authority and also an idea leader in your particular niche by using innovative options to your audience.

Create books as well as a white paper.

What exactly is a white paper? What paper is advertising as well as sales record that is made use of to convince prospective customers to purchase or discover more concerning a product?

Not a lot of marketing experts utilize white papers, unlike blog sites, social media posts as well as articles to generate leads. Nonetheless, when made use of the right way, it can a beneficial tool to encourage possible clients to have a solid desire to get your product before you also paid press release distribution service it.

Compose study.

Case studies have developed from being annoying to a beneficial material for businesses. It is thought to be an effective lead generation and also prospects nurturing technique.

Case studies are excellent to encourage the right customers to think that you are authoritative as well as the official brand name. When you require time to research something and also offer the results, people perceive you as a professional, so they trust you much more.

A growing number of brand names are leveraging case studies to boost their sales. One way to make this kind of content an effective technique to raise leads is to include images, video clips, infographics and also memes.

Highlighting Customer Endorsements.

Did you obtain a favorable comments or testimonial for your product or services? See to it that you share the great comments that your clients are sending out to increase your leads.

When even more people talk about your brand name favorably, possible clients are more likely to involve. They will develop their self-confidence around your brand, so it is easier to transform them right into purchasers.

If you don’t have testimonies that you can use, you might start a study to ask previous as well as current clients on their sights regarding your firm. It’s one sure way to recognize where you are right now in the industry.

Deal online programs.

As a type of e-learning procedure, offering an on the internet training course can aid you to generate top quality leads. Nonetheless, you have to use classes that interest your target market, examine your market as well as try out different subjects.

Supplying an insightful as well as beneficial program is not a guarantee that individuals will certainly get it. You have to market it. Make sure that you have an expert landing page to generate email leads.

Overall, material advertising and marketing are useful for attracting certified website traffic, showcasing your brand name’s expertise, show what you can provide, as well as highlighting the business’s success.

Are you utilizing content to drive bring about your brand? Inform us of other methods on how you make use of the material in creating prospective consumers.