One of the most talked about HR software solutions, BetterWorks, is now promoting their Team Edition. This package is considered to be one of the most economical packages in HR solutions software, and now it’s now dominating the market when it comes to small and medium size businesses.

Organizations that are agile are relying on their people to get stuff done quickly. Using a software like this makes it easy. Utilizing performance management tools means it’s easy keep things organized amongst teams, as well as the management team.

The difference between those companies that make it and increase their agility as well as their productivity are those that rely on an HR solution like Betterworks. The workforce is riddled with companies and employees that are not prepared, nor are they adequately performing. One will enhance the others.

Some businesses may not have had access to a tool like this before where they could track by teams. BetterWorks Team Edition is in fact one of the finest choices ever to be put on the market today.

Managing performance is everything, and it’s the key to ensuring that your business is running like a well-oiled machine. What reports will help you focus as a business, or as the business owner.

There are tons of options for those who want to measure success by skill or by steps in the project, and it is built for scale.

Betterworks was started in Silicon Valley, and since that time it continues to be one of the top solutions in HR software solutions.

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 IP Geolocation is a computer software that can identify a user’s location using the IP address that is connected to the network. A process that LocationSmart has perfected through the years, IP Geolocation can assist a business in more than just knowing where a remote employee is activating a network or server from.

This technology can assist companies in maintaining a community within their workplace as well as aid in the overall quality of communication with its clients and employees.

LocationSmart provides programming to business that locates Application Programming Interfaces to vendors, clients and employees. This software operates on a cloud-based system that is secure and protects the privacy of both the company and each individual user. Each device that connects to a network platform has a unique IP address, which can be used to identify the particular user as well as their location.

However, this innovative programming can also be used to enhance many other aspects of a company. IP Geolocation can assist a business reduce risks of online fraud as this software is able to detect if a user is accessing the business’s network through an unauthorized device and has the ability to red flag certain software code that is being used intentionally to hide the user’s actual identity or location. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

In addition, this program can assist with keeping assets and proprietary information secure as well as protecting copyrights and other digital data that is stored at the network level.

Finally, by being able to pinpoint the areas that users are accessing the company’s information from, the business can tailor marketing and advertising campaigns that specifically meet the individual needs of the targeted area, thus increasing the possibility of profit for the firm.

Using IP Geolocation and other technology from companies like LocationSmart help businesses to not only secure their network, but provide data on the who, what when, where and how of a specific user’s activity on the site. This provides an eagle eye for the company to prevent data breaches all while enhancing the firm’s overall security.

By implementing IP Geolocation within its network, a business can collect more data on its users with minimal risk allowing freedom to connect with its consumers on a more personal and relevant level.

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Alex Hern is a “twitter comedian” known for his commentary on technologies and overflows to politics, music, entertainment and pop culture. His entrepreneur career in technologies reporting for the Guardian, UK, has put him in a position where he informs and guides consumers of such technologies. Going the extra mile is what most journalists have to do, to come up with the right story and at the right time to keep the general public aware. The following are some of the articles that the Uk guardian editor has written over the years.

Mumsnet Data Breach

The management of this platform reported themselves, after a data security breach, to the information commissioner. The data breach was caused by a botched upgrade had that resulted in users accessing strangers’ accounts. Such reports by different reporters are a very common thing in this time and age. In his recent article, Alex Hern addressed the apology by Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts of the guardian and ensured clients that their passwords were still secure.

He also informed users that the problem was taken care off and the platform restored to its previous operations. On his Twitter account, Mr. Hern informs readers on various topics by starting threads like twitter’s updated terms of service and a humorous conversation on the apple and android logos.


Alex Hern lives in California despite the fact that he actually rarely there because his working job means that he has to work all over the world. After years of working for other companies, Alex now works for himself helping other companies get off the ground and start to thrive. His unique way in which he does this is actually going to the company and working as a teacher and aide to the owner of the company while it is still in the baby stages.

The reason that expert Alex Hern acts more as a teacher is because he understands that it is vital for him to be able to leave the owner with the information they need to keep the business thriving or it will never have the ability to be independent of the services in which he offers. According to Alex, he always wants to see the owner succeed and will stay until they are prepared to keep going alone.

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In South Africa, some people would put Serge Belamant in the same league as Steve Jobs or Bill Gates because of the contribution he has made in the technology arena. However, he appears to be an inventor who is in his league. Although he was born in a place called Tulle in France, he grew up in South Africa. His tendency to succeed in his interests started early in life as he was given awards for his participation in sports such as athletics and rugby as well as other championships such as chess. It is, therefore, not surprising that he has succeeded in being part of numerous technological inventions in his lifetime.

Serge Belamant has never hesitated to take a path that was not popular. For instance, when in college, he changed from engineering to computer science when he realized that his interests were in that direction. However, he joined UNISA two years later to study information systems, when he realized that he had to redo courses he had passed, the institution could not allow him to transfer his credits. Nevertheless, his new endeavor was in the technological discipline.

This education background has facilitated his involvement in making various inventions in the finance sector. Serge Belamant is well-known because he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Net1 Technologies. However, before the creation of this company, some of his first known inventions entailed applications that could do dam-water-level analyses to prevent South Africa from experiencing future droughts. His interest in creating technologies for the financial sector emerged when SASWITCH employed him.

Through his company, Net1 Technologies, Serge Belamant was one of the first people to introduce blockchain technologies to the market by convincing banks to use his UEPS, which was an end application after using FTS. Through this technology, he was also able to present one of the first electronic purses to the market, which is currently associated with cryptocurrencies. Serge Belamant’s leadership in high school as a head prefect also provided a foundation in running his companies such as Zilch Technology Limited. Despite all these great inventions, he states that the most creative thing he has ever done was to create an entity that offered interest-free personal loans.

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One of the most lucrative businesses in the country, which most people never give a second thought to, is the home improvement sector. With more than $410 billion per year in total revenues across all aspects of the industry, the home improvement and repair industry ranks as one of the largest in the country, on the same scale as car sales, petroleum and medicine.

But the industry gets a surprisingly little amount of attention. This may be due, in part, to the fact that it isn’t as dynamic and interesting as some other huge-money industries. However, some very large fortunes have been made in this age-old business. One example of that is the incredible rise of David Zalik and his company, GreenSky Credit.

Spotting value where no one else can

Zalik’s great insight came when he was working as a financial consultant for a number of home improvement businesses. He spotted a leak in their business model that he instantly recognized to be so huge that it was difficult for Zalik to believe that no one else had ever tried to address it.

Many home improvement customers were coming into stores or calling contractors to get estimates on major home improvement projects, only to find out that their own ideas of what the projects would ultimately cost were so far short of the true estimates that they simply abandoned the projects outright.

Zalik saw as this phenomenon played out over and over, costing these home improvement retailers and contractors billions of dollars each year in lost deals. But Zalik noticed another recurring theme. The people trying to complete these projects were almost invariably top-end borrowers, meaning that they would be eligible for loans up to almost any limit. Zalik knew that if he could create a business, GreenSky Credit, that could offer instant point-of-sale loans to these customers, billions of dollars in additional jobs and sales would materialize.

This was the idea behind GreenSky. And Zalik quickly proved it to be a good one. Today, GreenSky Credit is doing billions of dollars in new loans each year and the company is worth an amount estimated at more than $5 billion.

Did you happen to miss the tweet storm by Shervin Pishevar? It was one for the ages that you do not want to have missed. He connected so many ideas and thoughts together about the economy and the political situation in the world right now. It was something to truly marvel at.

If you are not already a follower, you might not realize that Shervin Pishevar was an early investor in Airbnb. He put his money down in a company that had the potential to fail early on in its creation. However, his bet paid off and he ended up making a lot of money for himself on that particular deal. It also helped to solidify the idea that Pishevar knew a thing or two about making economic predictions. He clearly made good ones in his personal life that led to success, so why would we not trust him to also make some good ones on a more broad scale? That is what Shervin Pishevar attempts to do with his Twitter account these days.

The first tweet as part of his tweet storm was about the idea that Shervin Pishevar believes that the stock market is due for a correction in general. He thinks that the indicators are pointing to the idea that the market is overbought and in desperate need to come down in value a little bit. Not three days after he wrote this tweet, the market began to fall by over one-thousand points in a single day. Even Shervin Pishevar was surprised by how quickly this first prediction was coming true.

He went on to make other claims that he believes are true as well. For example, he says that Bitcoin is not the safe haven currency that some would so desperately like for it to be. He thinks that it could fall all the way down to between two-thousand and five-thousand dollars per Bitcoin before it starts to rebound once again.

These are the kind of concrete predictions that you could hear about if you were to follow Pishevar on Twitter. He does not hold back on those predictions, and he is frequently accurate when he makes them.

In an online corporate broadcast held in the summer of 2017, Bob Reina introduced a newly enhanced computer program for Live Meetings. He is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, the company which introduced Live Meetings to the market.


New Edition of Live Meetings is Now Available


The new version of the Live Meetings program uses WebRTC (Real Time Communications) technology and features an upgraded interface. It is a computer program in which users can utilize real-time communications in the form of video-based conferences, presentations or meetings. One of the many popular features of the prigram is that it allows up to 15 hosts or presenters and up to 500 guests to participate. The users can participate on their choice of a smartphone, a computer or a tablet.


The new enhanced version of Live Meetings virtually eliminates the need to use any third party plugins such as Adobe Flash Player. No other downloads are required. It allows users to simply enter the program using their web browsers, which makes it even easier and more convenient to access Live Meetings.


More About Bob Reina and Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is a global video marketing company with headquarters in Brandon, Florida. The owner of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina is a native Floridian, an ex-policeman and a star in the media. He has tremendous insight about the future of video marketing trends and

solutions. Bob Reina has authored many articles and he has also presented more than 100 video presentations that both educate and motivate others. Mr. Reina is a gifted entrepreneur who has taken Talk Fusion to the point where it is now as one of the leading video marketing companies. Learn more: