Todd Levine is the kind of attorney who leverages creative and analytical skills to deliver winning strategies for his clients. His long track record of success speaks for itself.

As a founding member of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L., Todd Levine is a seasoned professional known for handling some of the most complex business disputes. He brings clarity and an inspired approach to untangling thorny issues and resolving entrenched disputes with a powerful, decisive clarity.

Much of Mr. Levin’s work has been in the realm of real estate litigation. Property managers, brokers, contractors, buyers, sellers and more have tapped him for legal help in some of the most challenging situations. In addition to real estate, Todd Levine has delved into cases within the entertainment and sports realm. Investment partnerships and handling financial arrangements round out his experience in law.

Todd Levine is a 1988 graduate of the University of Florida. He completed his undergraduate degree there in finance. He went on to earn his JD at the Florida Levin College of Law, graduating in 1991.

In 2018, US News and World Report named Todd Levine the Best Attorney for Real Estate Litigation. Other major publications that have recognized his achievements include the Super Lawyers Business Review and Florida Trend Magazine. Articles touting Mr. Levine’s achievements as an attorney have appeared in the Daily Business Review and the South Florida Business Journal.

In a recent interview, Mr. Levin said much of his success as an attorney results from his ability to look at complex and intricate situations and cut through all the noise. They key is to simplify, he said. That means reframing arguments so that they can be viewed in a new light. That, in turn, makes it easier to present clear-cut presentations to a jury.

It helps to have an in-depth knowledge of each case and the law, Todd Levine said. That can involve a huge amount of information that needs to be distilled down to key essentials. The more clarity and transparency you can bring to a case, the easier it is to explain your argument to judge and jury, he said.

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The technology industry has various individuals who made their names on a single company or product, with many of these including the likes of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. This has led to many people wondering whether or not these individuals could replicate their success with another business. One person who has been able to find success with a few companies has been Andrey Andreev, who currently serves as the CEO of social network site Badoo (LinkedIn). 

Before founding the company, however, the Russian entrepreneur had a string of successes that helped feed into the ongoing success that Badoo has been seeing in the past decade or so. 

The first of these was an e-commerce company that Andreev founded when he was 21. Named virus, the business sold computers and various related products. The firm was started in the early years of online retail and highlighted the innovation and creativity that Andrey Andreev brought to his roles, which are factors that he’s brought to each of the companies he’s started and worked with since. However, the success of many of these companies was somewhat local, with the largest barely becoming national. This changed in 2006, though, when the entrepreneur established Badoo, which was the first of his creations to truly go worldwide.

Much of this growth was driven by his dedication to improving user experience, which has meant that the social networking site has continually received new features and updates. The app, which is based on a freemium business model, has expanded to include users in both Europe and the Americas. Badoo, which boasts over 140 million users, has been able to institute a variety of features that aren’t seen in much of its competition, especially when combined. This includes the likes of finding people based on proximity and video chatting, which often haven’t overlapped in social sites.

Following up on the success of Badoo, Andrey Andreev has founded a few more companies, with one of the largest of these being Bumble. Believe or not, he has helped people to find their love of their lives.  The app has since become a worldwide phenomenon as a social discovery app and specializes in both business and social opportunities for users across the globe. 


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Hyland’s teething tablets are something that very few people can deny as a beneficial product to the state of the world. With many other family medicine corporations, there are constant accusations about the interests of the company not truly being for the sake of the customer, but those who purchase Hyland’s teething tablets know that this is absolutely not the case with them. They are more concerned about their public image than anything else in their business, as they believe that the customer’s trust is the best way to guarantee your business to have a future. Because of this, they are bringing ethical business practices back into style, and it would seem as though they are continuously trying to push this ideology further on a daily basis.

They see the world as their oyster, and they try to do everything they can to familiarize themselves with it, as they believe that far too many people spend their lives not living. Hyland’s teething tablets are one of the results of all the arduous labor they have put into the industry over the years. It is these teething tablets that have changed the entire state of the family medicine industry, and they are causing thousands of heads to turn across the country. This is not something that happens all the time, so when it does happen, it is important to acknowledge it. One can never know where a success story will begin and end, and it is always dependent on how long the individual is able to maintain their composure.

Hyland’s teething tablets are not only supported by the vast amount of work the company does for the industry, but they are also proven to have legitimate effects. While there is a huge chunk of customers who buy from Hyland’s because they have familiarized themselves with the business to an insane degree, the majority of their customers are buying from them because they want their baby not to experience so much pain. This tends to bring in the most caring consumers in the market, and these are the exact kind of people you want within your market.

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Stanberry Research is a private company based in America that deals in doing research and publishing investment articles. This company gathers information from a various editors in financial issues. Its main objective is to ensure investors make informed investment decisions. The company also informs investment firms on the opportunities available in the market.

Through publishing business articles, Stanberry Research keeps investors updated. This company also provides information on valuable commodities like gold and offers price updates to investors in various sectors. The Stanberry Research Company generates high revenues through subscriptions. This is because it serves many individual investors and firms.

The Stanberry Research was founded by Porter Stanberry who is currently the chief editor of the firm. In his articles, Porter discusses various issues in the business world and gives his recommendations. He is an author who has written a book that offers strategies to prospective investors.He created the Stanberry Research Company with a mission to help predict what is to happen in the markets. This is by carrying out research, analyzing the information and providing advisory services to investors. Stanberry Research Company publishes articles on daily or monthly basis predicting the market trends.

The articles also express the views and opinions of the editors on issues pertaining to investments. Under the management of Porter Stanberry and his associates, the company has risen to be one of the leading firms in research in the investment industry. Stanberry Research invests heavily in research; this helps it provide reliable and credible information to investors. It also offers a guide to new people who want to venture into business.

This company has subscribers from all parts of the world. It has assisted many investors to decide on projects to take on or not. At one point, Stanberry Research Company helped establish that the rumors on the collapse of the United States currency were false. Their publications have also helped many subscribers manage their income.

Their credible sources and expertise in analysis of information have helped instill confidence in their clients. In conclusion, Stanberry Research Company has contributed immensely in the investment industry.

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Victoria Doramus is a career woman who has experience in market trend analysis by studying consumers all over the world. She has a long work history that started in the film and media industry. Her resume has associations with Stila Cosmetics, Creative Arts Agency and Mindshare to name a few. She was even the personal assistant to Peter Borg, noted film director and producer.

After going to the University of Colorado in Boulder, she graduated with a journalism and communication’s degree. She has always been creative and enjoys history and art. She started at the bottom as an assistant for Mindshare. She forged new relationships and learned the ins and outs of the media industry first hand. She moved on to Stila Cosmetics and was a creative consultant and here she flourished in her passion of art to work with the director for their marketing projects.

The next job that she had brought on some of the best experience that she needed for the progression in her field. At Creative Agency, she did scheduling, attended shows, interacted, and organized artistic content for The Cassandra Report. All at the same time, she managed an International system of people for work projects, research, and focus groups.

Because of her integration of all types of fields and industries, she has been able to excel in her career. Each position has been a stepping stone to the next level of challenges and growth. The consumer trends expert continued to build brands using social media outlets and was in charge of many workers to meet demands, due dates and be consistent with the brand’s standards.

Peter Borg is known for his movies like “The Rundown,” “The Kingdom,” and “Very Bad Things.” Victoria Doramus was his assistant and had to keep his household, schedule, business networks and all of his personal shopping together from Los Angeles to New York City.

Clearly, Victoria is an educated, smart and talented woman whose ambition has brought her to new heights in all areas of her vast career. Her knowledge of the arts, personality, and skills will only continue to propel her forward.

TeenSafe Gains Attention

TeenSafe’s attention to teen driving safety week has been recognized nationwide and got a mention on health day. Texting and driving is such a widespread issue that just about everyone has experienced it one way or another. Not all of the experiences ended in a good way. Annually distracted driving kills thousands of people and injures hundreds of thousands more. Studies report that teens were the biggest age group listed as distracted when there was a fatal crash. Beyond raising awareness with statistics, the goal of TeenSafe during teen driving safety week was really an attempt to put an end to risky driving amongst teens.


Training Starts At Home

Parents may have the biggest influence on their kid’s behaviors. Teens pick up what they are seeing their parents do, so parents must lead by example and put down their devices while driving. All teens should be aware of road rules while driving, especially involving cell phone use. Most states have tried to crack down on this issue as a whole by increasing fines and implementing worse punishments for driving and using the phone.


What’s At Risk?

The biggest risk of any type of distraction is a fatality. It only takes a glimpse away from the road to either take a photo, look at a friend or phone or other distraction and you can find yourself in a fatal crash. Communicate with kids about the importance of staying focused on the road, following the rules of the road, and putting the phone down and away from within an arms reach so it can’t temp them to be distracted.


Let’s Put An End To This

Fatal statistics shouldn’t happen and teens should know not to take their eyes off the road for anyone or anything when they’re driving. A text or photo can wait, it isn’t worth the risk. Even though teen driving safety week has finished, hopefully the thought of keeping everyone behind the wheel safe keeps going.


Betsy DeVos is a Michigan native who has spent several years assisting the underserved children and supporting school choice reforms for quality education. DeVos spearheads the American Federation for Children as the chairperson with the mission of improving K-12 education by upgrading systemic & sustainable public policy that gives empowerment to parents, especially to those within low-income families. The policy enables them to choose the type of education that is best for their kids.

DeVos is also the chairperson of the Windquest Group and as has served before on national & local civic and charitable boards of various associations, which include The Philanthropy Roundtable, Mars Hill Bible Church, American Enterprise Institute, and Kids Hope USA. Elisabeth Betsy DeVos is an innovator, a proven leader, an advocate, and a disruptor. In business, politics, and education, DeVos has been a leader in fighting to eradicate barriers, to bring change and to establish environments where different people can get the opportunity to thrive. DeVos has also served in various leadership roles with party organizations, campaigns, and political action committees. Presently, her political efforts are concentrated in advancing the educational sector. Check her website for more info at

While discussing education transformation in a philanthropy roundtable interview, DeVos responded that she is more optimistic as there are more than 250,000 students within 33 publicly sponsored private choice programs. The movement was accelerating, and by 2012, the program had reached other states like Pennsylvania, Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and New Hampshire, and expanded programs in Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Florida. DeVos supported homeschooling, which was referred by the HSLDA as an alternative and new idea to bringing transformation in the education sector. She acknowledges the rights of parents constitutionally to bring change in education while upbringing their kids.

According to Betsy DeVos, homeschooling was part of the school choice movement apart from vouchers and charter schools.  Previously, HSLDA lauded DeVos selection as the secretary of education sector for her support of homeschooling and Common Core State Standards skepticism, which HSLDA fears would dictate the parents to teach their kids at home. Betsy DeVos has also been advocating for charter schools for over two decades, in addition to assisting the passing of Michigan’s initial charter school law. The charter schools are funded publicly and are open to every student, which operates well than traditional public educational institutions.

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George Soros is a highly recognized Philanthropist. George was born in 1930 in Hungary and went through a lot of hardships after more than 500,000 Jews were murdered. His family suffered security problems due to lack of appropriate identity papers. They had to conceal their background and helped others in doing that same thing. Soros helped his people to resist against every evil force that was attacking his own parents and siblings.

George has voluntarily given out over 12 billion of his wealth to needy families out there. He has supported organizations and individuals. Many people have gained accountability, freedom of expression and transparency through his projects. Read his profile at Forbes.

In 1970, George came up with his own hedge fund called Soros Society Foundations. This is a network of projects, partners and network of foundations that operates in more than 100 countries to date. In other words, this project reflects about George Soros’ mind. Through his intelligent thinking, many schools have benefited with scholarships. A few years later, he helped in bringing about great ideas about Communist Eastern Bloc. He provided photocopiers to print texts that during that time. Know more on about George Soros.

George is also the founder of European University. In fact, exchange of ideas has been made from that time to date. This has resulted to expansions of his philanthropy in the United States of America. Lawyers and paralegals have been presented by this great politician. Marginalized groups and University students have been provided with school fees and personal needs fund. Some of the independent organizations are European council of foreign relations, international crisis group, and institute for economic thinking.

Fighting the world’s most intractable problem is a commitment that George Soros has not deleted from his mind. Soros has worked and reached more than his own foundations. His hobbies are traveling and meeting problems of people and organizations in several parts of this Universe.

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Lori Senecal, the Global CEO of CP+B, is known for her insightful leadership and innovative campaigns that made her ruling the advertisement world. She worked with a number of ad firms during her more than a decade-long career. She is behind a number of highly impactful ad campaigns for global giants such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, BMW, American Airlines, Infiniti, etc. Her credentials are celebrated as an efficient administrator and innovative thinker in the advertisement industry. Lori’s impact in the industry can be seen as she was named “Women to Watch” by Advertising Age in 2014.

In her current role, Lori takes care of global growth and the expansion plans of CP+B. She coordinates the nine international offices of the agency by driving quality ad campaigns across the offices. She was named to the current role in 2015 by MDC Partners, the holding firm of CP+B, which can be found on her Crunchbase account. The movement was to streamline its global vision and expansion plans. It was a new position created to place Lori to impact the global growth of the firm. As a management specialist, she drove technology innovation, efficiency, integrated marketing, digital strategy, and world-class service to the clients. Her years at CP+B is proving to be golden days of growth of the agency. In September 2016, Lori helped the firm to open its Beijing office with significant global accounts.

Lori started her career with McCann Erickson as co-founder and TAG ideation, and later, she joined McCann World group as Global Chief Innovation Officer. After a year, Lori returned to McCann Erickson as the President of McCann NY. In September 2009, she joined KBS as President and CEO, and during the period, the ad agency showed quick growth in the market. The firm has grown from a size of 250 employees to 900+ headcount in a short span of time and increased its global presence. During her period, the firm was named by Crain as one the best agencies to work in New York. In 2012, she was named as the Chairman of KBS considering her role in expanding the operations of the firm. She joined MDC Partners as the President and CEO in September 2014.

While coming to her education, Lori completed her B.Com in Finance and Marketing from McGill University. In 2013, she received the Quantum Leap Award at AWNY Game Changer Awards for innovation and leadership drive at her offices. Lori is also a member of Ad Council Board of Directors. She was also a regular writer on fashion and ad industry in Forbes.

For more info about Lori, check out her aboutme profile.

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Lori Senecal is one of the most prominent and popular management specialists in the USA with an impressive career in her portfolio. He is considered as the face of woman empowerment in the corporate world where only a few could achieve such a success within a short time. Currently, she is serving as the Global CEO of CP+B and playing a vital role in its massive growth both in the home and abroad. She also served in some key responsible positions in some big organizations in the past.

Lori finished her Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Marketing & Finance from the prestigious McGill University. Since her childhood, she was involved in competitive gymnastics, and she became a coach as well. Her aptitude for strategic thoughts and people skills have helped to overcome her shyness. When she completed her studies, she moved to Toronto to work in the media department of Vickers & Benson on the Ford account. After working here for a while, she moved to Interpublic Group’s McCann Erickson Toronto to lead its Coca-Cola account. Later on, she was transferred to New York to assume a bigger and challenging role. This is where she launched TAG Ideation on, a successful young-adult marketing unit that made her become the worldwide lead on the Coke account.

In 2009, she joined KBS as its President, Partner, and CEO at Under her leadership, this dying agency became a global company with lots of modern capabilities. She worked for this company from 2009 to 2014 and doubled its gross revenue in the last year. However, her true leadership was evident when some ex-colleagues left Interpublic Group on Twitter to join her in the future endeavor. After she had left Interpublic Group, it lost of some clients and key accounts as well as some key staff.

In 2014, Lori Senecal became the president and CEO of MDC Partner Network where she worked for two years and drove the organization to a new apex of success. Currently, she is serving as the Global CEO of CP+B since 2015, and she has won accounts from some of the biggest companies in the country. Over her career, Lori Senecal has always been focused on the strategic transformation that would bring on global success for her organization.