Privinvest is a private manufacturer of military and private ships, and they have produced over 700 ships that are part of 38 navies throughout the world. The primary shipyard of the company is located in Cherbourg, France. Some of the highest quality and recognizable ships are made by this organization. They have facilities in Germany, France and other geographic regions that produce navy war vessels, patrol ships and private luxury superyachts.

Privinvest has six modern shipyards and 2,500 employees. The company has produced over 1,600 ships in total. The military ships are up to 95 meters in length, and they are fitted with a wide array of modern combat armaments and technology. The company also offers other services along with the delivery of their vessels such as training, refitting of combat systems, repair and overhaul of large ships.

Privinvest also produces renewable energy systems that are based on hydrokinetic turbine technology. Privinvest has garnered an industry-leading reputation for building top-quality ships. They have been creating vessels for over 68 years. The part of Privinvest that specifically builds ships is CMN.

CMN is known for their Combattante navy ship that is armed with missiles and is capable of high speed. These ships are one of their top-sellers to navies across several continents including Europe, Africa and other regions. Their patrol ships are also commonly seen, and the Vigilante ships are a popular model in this category.

Their latest military combat ship innovation is the Baynunah corvette class warship. It is a complex front-line military ship. CMN remains a leader in the field through constant innovation and optimization of production processes. Their reputation is built on their dedication to adapting their services to suit the needs of their customers.