The technology industry has various individuals who made their names on a single company or product, with many of these including the likes of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. This has led to many people wondering whether or not these individuals could replicate their success with another business. One person who has been able to find success with a few companies has been Andrey Andreev, who currently serves as the CEO of social network site Badoo (LinkedIn). 

Before founding the company, however, the Russian entrepreneur had a string of successes that helped feed into the ongoing success that Badoo has been seeing in the past decade or so. 

The first of these was an e-commerce company that Andreev founded when he was 21. Named virus, the business sold computers and various related products. The firm was started in the early years of online retail and highlighted the innovation and creativity that Andrey Andreev brought to his roles, which are factors that he’s brought to each of the companies he’s started and worked with since. However, the success of many of these companies was somewhat local, with the largest barely becoming national. This changed in 2006, though, when the entrepreneur established Badoo, which was the first of his creations to truly go worldwide.

Much of this growth was driven by his dedication to improving user experience, which has meant that the social networking site has continually received new features and updates. The app, which is based on a freemium business model, has expanded to include users in both Europe and the Americas. Badoo, which boasts over 140 million users, has been able to institute a variety of features that aren’t seen in much of its competition, especially when combined. This includes the likes of finding people based on proximity and video chatting, which often haven’t overlapped in social sites.

Following up on the success of Badoo, Andrey Andreev has founded a few more companies, with one of the largest of these being Bumble. Believe or not, he has helped people to find their love of their lives.  The app has since become a worldwide phenomenon as a social discovery app and specializes in both business and social opportunities for users across the globe. 


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