Business thrives through the identification of an existing market gap, or even creating one. It involves providing a solution to an existent problem or that which was not met with the current market supply such that its demand was by far more than its supply. In Baltimore, the real estate business was going down the drain until a change in regulations came about, and that’s when Todd Lubar ventured into the enterprise.

It was in in 1995 that Todd Lubar started his career in the industry. From the word go, he found the endeavor fascinating due to his passion for the business and his desire to help people. He at first worked as a loan officer with Crestar Mortgage Corporation, and it is here that he learned the art of mortgage banking. The knowledge would later turn invaluable in his real estate business. He also built bridges with major real estate agents, financial planners, insurance agents and CPAs’ who now serve as a base for his business.

In his quest to advance, Todd Lubar joined the Legacy Financial Group in 1999 as a capital officer. It formed a platform for him to develop his knowledge and experience in credits by lending to investors and other small financial institutions. You can visit his linkedin account

Three years later, Todd Lubar opened up Legendary Properties, a residential development firm. He focused on the purchasing, developing and selling of single family units to many multi-family properties aimed at gaining profits. The exposure helped him gain experience with people in all walks in the building and construction sector that he assisted him to produce quality structures timely. Also, his business led to the establishment of significant relations with the banking institutions making it easier to source financing.

In 2003, he opened up Charter Funding that has grown to be one of the largest private companies in America. This work-action helped him to gain unlimited access to wealth product. With his vast experience in the business, ranging from over 12 years, Todd Lubar identified a market gap that involved the less-fortunate clients. For this reason, he formed Legendary Financial which is a commercial lender for companies and individuals who were previously overlooked by other existing lending sources.

Currently, Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures. Just like many business people, he has ventured into other activities like demolitions whereby he has obtained large contracts in the country. Moreover, Todd is into automotive scrap metal recycling which has been successful enough to enable the company to trade publicly. His objectives and goals revolve around helping and adding value to individuals and institutions that are in association with him.

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