The investigative tools and technology offered by Securus Technologies has greatly enhanced the ability of correction facilities staff to proceed with their attempts to keep the facility safe for inmates and staff along with insuring public safety as well.


Many crimes in correctional facilities have been prevented by using the tools that Securus offers such as the LBS software. This particular software enables correctional facility staff and officers to investigate inmate calls to cellular phones, identify locations of interest and identify calls between inmates and called parties. LBS is a very valuable tool to prevent crimes and track information. It is not dependent on GPS, which can be turned off, it works by tracking the location of a cell phone through the provider as soon as the call is accepted from the caller.


Many correctional facilities have reported much success with preventing incidences of contraband. The tools available have also helped make substantial recovery of illegal assets, drugs and cash.


Securus Technologies is highly praised and recommended by their customers for the outstanding technology they offer to prevent and solve correctional facility issues and outside crimes as well. Their vision is ongoing and they continue to develop tools for the reporting of data to help prevent and solve the criminal issues of today’s world.


Securus also offers an open invitation to visit their facility in Dallas, TX for more in depth information on what they have available to prevent and if needed solve crimes.


Securus technologies is a technology based company located in Dallas. It allows you to be connected with your family and loved ones through superior communication services. It is one of the largest inmate communication providers and helps on all levels to maintain and provide relationships between family, inmates, and friends inmate calling options that are very easy and accessible. It allows calling and video visitation no matter where you are, using an Android phone smartphones, tablets, PCs. It is also available on Apple devices. Its headquarter is located in Dallas, Texas and is serving more than 3,400 users regarding public safety, law enforcement and has also 1.2 million registered users across North America. Securus technologies provide various services to its customers. It includes various phone services, it allows you to connect with inmates and various services are available with this option such as advance connect, direct bill, traditional collect. Besides simple phone services, it also provides video services. This is also a very impressive option, as it allows us to connect with inmates and also lets us see them. Another service Securus provides is jail voicemail. If inmates are not available you can also leave a voicemail. One of the notable options of Securus Technologies is the ability to send money to inmates. Now you can send money to inmates that are far away from you. Securus understands the significance of variety and suitability when it comes to funding inmate telephone calls. Securus is also very flexible regarding various payment product options which allow one to consider, select and choose the most suitable option regarding your needs in order to stay in contact with your incarcerated loved ones.


Because of the new visitation system, Securus is now even accessible in prison. I believe this is a great option for people who are far away from home and spending Christmas with their family was impossible. Now with Securus video visitation you can be with your family and loved ones on Christmas and talk to them. Due to Securus latest system, you can savor the important occasion of Christmas with your family and be a part of the important moments that matter to you and your family.