From outside help to inside jobs, inmates continue to find interesting methods to get illegal contrabands in prison. To them, cell phones are a primary livelihood to accomplish daily illegal tasks. Securus Technologies hear about these strategies and counter inmates’ attack with a defense mechanism. The latest strategy is using drones to airlift contraband cell phones, drugs, and weapons into the prison. If drones get in inmates’ hands, inmates, correction officers, and staff could be seriously hurt or exploited. Therefore, Securus is countering the strategy with drone detection technology. Similar to Securus’ Wireless Containment Solutions, drone technology uses a digital antennae infrastructure to detect drones flying inside and outside prison walls. It’s similar to a watchdog guarding a building. The device patrols the prison for drone movement hovering over the fence, near the fence, or around the facility.


Drone detection technology wouldn’t be possible without our customers. The innovative method came from test runs and trials over an 18-month period. While Securus is ready to add the feature to our list of products, the technology will continue to strengthen. Securus personnel, technology partners, and loyal customers will tweak the technology by enhancing positive solutions with the system while diminishing weaknesses. Additionally, drone experts fine-tune drone detection systems to be accurate. The result is a responsive and effective piece of technology complementing Securus’ other criminal and civil justice products seamlessly.


Customers are equally responsible for making Securus an award-winning company for customer service. On February 23 in Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace, the 2018 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service, one of seven Stevie Award ceremonies, occurred. Securus’ customer service team won its third Gold for Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year. Securus couldn’t accept this prestigious award without the support of civil justice and criminal justice personnel trusting our products to keep inmates separate from the outside world. Special thanks go out to law enforcement, investigators, and public safety professionals who use us to fight crime every day. Furthermore, the team won a Bronze for Front-Line Customer Service Team while the Silver for Customer Service Professional of the Year belonged to our own Zelperita Jackson.


In closing, drone detection technology expands our slate of products keeping people inside prison walls and society outside safe. A dozen attempts at illegal drone use occurred within five years, and while that isn’t much, Securus plans to stop this trend before it starts. Thanks to trial-and-error testing and amazing customer service professionals, the drone detection solution will be a success.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas based technological company that manufactures devices which are being used inside the correctional facilities either for communication or security purposes. The company has been recognized as one of the largest correctional facility communications provider in the United States, and they are regarded as one of the major players in the industry. Securus Technologies was founded in 1986, and they have been awarded several times because of their excellence in their chosen field. The company is responsible for providing communication kiosk among the correctional facilities in the United States, as well as providing biometrics and additional security upgrades to authorities who are taking care of these correctional facilities.


According to Securus Technologies, their company have seen a steady growth through the years. The demand for communication devices inside the correctional facilities is also increasing. According to them, what they are doing inside the correctional facilities is that they would install a small kiosk inside the places where the inmates usually go in their free time and they can use their video calling technology to call their loved ones. However, their families outside must have credits in order to call them, or vice versa. Securus Technologies are also selling signal jammers, and they stated that these devices are one of the most in demand devices being purchased by a number of correctional facilities throughout the United States.


The company is seeing a bright future, as they noticed that the trend with correctional facility communications is going up. The CEO of Securus Technologies is confident that the government will keep their deals with them, and in return, they will be providing the technology that they need to secure these locations. Securus Technologies is also hoping for the inmates to keep on using their products and to experience the best service that they can provide inside the correctional facilities.



My team of officers was hunting a wanted fugitive who wound up settling in my community. We knew the suspect had family here, so we were hopeful that surveillance would allow us to collect enough information to close this case quickly without incident. As with any case of this nature, things do not always go as planned, and we found out that no one was willing to help us get any types of leads on the suspect. It was time we had to dig deep into our resources before this suspect flew the coop.


With family in the city, we made the assumption he had to have friends or family in the local jail too. When we arrived at the jail, we did discover he had a bunch of friends behind bars, and a couple of cousins too. They were unwilling to give us any information, but that was not the only reason we raced to this particular jail. We were told by a corrections officer that Securus Technologies placed an inmate telephone monitoring system into this facility recently, and this could be the resource we needed to break the case wide open.


Securus Technologies CEO, Richard Smith, says that his employees are dedicating themselves to the goal of making the world a safe place for all to live. The company has these monitoring system in over two thousand prisons around this country, and they are key to helping officers maintain safety in and out of those facilities. The LBS software detected chatter from a cousin of our suspect, warning his family to hide our suspect because the fugitive hunters were on the call.


Despite him being told to not use the phone, his conversations gave up all the details we needed to set up a perimeter and clamp down on the suspect before he had a chance to run away.


The investigative tools and technology offered by Securus Technologies has greatly enhanced the ability of correction facilities staff to proceed with their attempts to keep the facility safe for inmates and staff along with insuring public safety as well.


Many crimes in correctional facilities have been prevented by using the tools that Securus offers such as the LBS software. This particular software enables correctional facility staff and officers to investigate inmate calls to cellular phones, identify locations of interest and identify calls between inmates and called parties. LBS is a very valuable tool to prevent crimes and track information. It is not dependent on GPS, which can be turned off, it works by tracking the location of a cell phone through the provider as soon as the call is accepted from the caller.


Many correctional facilities have reported much success with preventing incidences of contraband. The tools available have also helped make substantial recovery of illegal assets, drugs and cash.


Securus Technologies is highly praised and recommended by their customers for the outstanding technology they offer to prevent and solve correctional facility issues and outside crimes as well. Their vision is ongoing and they continue to develop tools for the reporting of data to help prevent and solve the criminal issues of today’s world.


Securus also offers an open invitation to visit their facility in Dallas, TX for more in depth information on what they have available to prevent and if needed solve crimes.


Securus technologies is a technology based company located in Dallas. It allows you to be connected with your family and loved ones through superior communication services. It is one of the largest inmate communication providers and helps on all levels to maintain and provide relationships between family, inmates, and friends inmate calling options that are very easy and accessible. It allows calling and video visitation no matter where you are, using an Android phone smartphones, tablets, PCs. It is also available on Apple devices. Its headquarter is located in Dallas, Texas and is serving more than 3,400 users regarding public safety, law enforcement and has also 1.2 million registered users across North America. Securus technologies provide various services to its customers. It includes various phone services, it allows you to connect with inmates and various services are available with this option such as advance connect, direct bill, traditional collect. Besides simple phone services, it also provides video services. This is also a very impressive option, as it allows us to connect with inmates and also lets us see them. Another service Securus provides is jail voicemail. If inmates are not available you can also leave a voicemail. One of the notable options of Securus Technologies is the ability to send money to inmates. Now you can send money to inmates that are far away from you. Securus understands the significance of variety and suitability when it comes to funding inmate telephone calls. Securus is also very flexible regarding various payment product options which allow one to consider, select and choose the most suitable option regarding your needs in order to stay in contact with your incarcerated loved ones.


Because of the new visitation system, Securus is now even accessible in prison. I believe this is a great option for people who are far away from home and spending Christmas with their family was impossible. Now with Securus video visitation you can be with your family and loved ones on Christmas and talk to them. Due to Securus latest system, you can savor the important occasion of Christmas with your family and be a part of the important moments that matter to you and your family.