If you are of interest when it comes to constitutional politics, then the freshly edited Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions may provide some significant insights regarding various governmental power related topics. Sujit Choudhry had a key role in the development of this text, and so did his partner on the project, George Anderson. Accredited to both, the co-authored political masterpiece covers some case studies of varying governmental levels, and the compilation of these is sure to lend both governmental and regional insight for its eager politically minded readers. Myanmar is one of the territories discussed, and so are Libya and Yemen. The analysis of constitutional transitions that can be found inside is quite enlightening and comprehensive.

Countries that Sujit Choudhry mentions throughout are of several sizes and power levels. Policies can differ in vast manners when talking about politically rigid territories and also areas where multi-communal considerations must be acknowledged. Adding to the group, Sujit Choudhry also writes at length regarding Ukraine, Iraq, Spain and even Sri Lanka. Moreover, there is a detailed policy paper that Sujit worked diligently on, and its accompaniment to the Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions release is well-performing. Through Anderson’s and Choudhry’s policy paper, much can be inferred regarding what goes into the evolving constitutional developments, which will continue to be made globally.

Prior to his privilege of working on the aforementioned texts, Sujit Choudhry earned his high political regard by serving in slots like the Center for Constitutional Transitions‘ founding director, a WZB Berlin Social Science Center researcher and even and International IDEA constitutional adviser. Even earlier, Sujit Choudhry fulfilled his political education at places like Harvard Law School, Oxford University and the University of Toronto. It is understandable why many deem Mr. Sujit Choudhry so very capable in this sphere.

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Professor Sujit Choudhry’s Role as a Constitutional Advisor

When it comes to being recognized as the preeminent authority on comparative constitutional law, there is no one who comes to mind quicker than Professor Sujit Choudhry. His impressive career in has academics has allowed him to change the course of history by consulting as a constitutional expert to governments of countries in major transitions. He provides analysis and insight on the types of constitutional principles that will serve to protect the rights of all citizens and prevent the government from erupting into chaos the minute there is a change in political parties. What sets the study of comparative constitutional law apart from other legal scholarly pursuits is that it focuses on how to design the best outline of government without focusing on the particular leader in power or what individual laws should look like. It takes a much more holistic and impartial view of the needs of a society to be able to survive and even thrive over the long arc of history.

Professor Sujit Choudhry’s Views on How Populism Can Threaten the Existence of a Constitution

Given the perception that populism is taking hold of many societies around the world, Professor Choudhry was consulted on how a country’s constitution might be designed to maintain the existing governmental structure in the middle of a populist takedown. It goes without saying that this is certainly not the most streamlined issue that constitutional scholars have considered. As a starting point, Professor Choudhry recommends that we take a step back from the alarmist view about populist movements and calmly assess how much of a threat they really are. His position is that it is far more troubling to be in the midst of an autocratic transition than a populist movement because populism only seeks to disrupt current political institutions for the sake of making government processes more accessible and responsive to the people.

Professor Choudhry insists that constitutions that center around protecting human life and controlling the government from taking too much power away from the people have the best chance of surviving and maybe even reducing the possibility of a populist rebellion. There is no surefire constitutional design that will protect every country from the turbulence of populism, but Professor Choudhry advises that it is much more productive to focus on constitutional provisions that restrict the government from becoming autocratic and placing undue restrictions on their own people. The climate for populist change will never entirely disappear because many followers simply want to express frustration that they are outsiders to government processes. This movement thrives on the collective resentment of a political system and those in power who seem to benefit personally from being elected to office and maintaining the institutional status quo.

Professor Sujit Choudhry’s Outlook on Future Projects in Comparative Constitutional Law

Given the international nature of Professor Choudhry’s specialty, he has to be well-versed in the major geopolitical events happening all at once so that he can determine whether they will have an impact on major constitutional issues. For this study, Professor Sujit Choudhry relies on trusted news sources each day. But when it comes to having a comprehensive collection of important constitutional drafts and records from all countries, Professor Choudhry thinks this is an area for improvement for the next generation of international constitutional scholars. Centralizing these critical documents could be invaluable in providing a broader understanding of political and constitutional dynamics to comparative constitutional academics.

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The Political Action Committee that is in the fight with Big Money of corporates, End Citizens United declared that it would support two more liberal senators in the upcoming elections. It is revealed that both of them are supporting the efforts of the PAC to come up with campaign funding reforms to control the access of corporate entry into the mainstream political arena. The candidates supported by ECU are Kirsten Gillibrand, the senator from New York, and Cory Booker, the senator from New Jersey. Interestingly, they are contesting from their respective constituencies and known for pro-people administration in their constituencies.

They were also known for working tirelessly to serve the respective communities in their best capacity. Also, they were known for raising the political standard and integrity through their commitment to the mandate without working for the dark money forces, which is currently ruling Washington. Their association with End Citizens United started after both the senators pledged not to seek the funds of corporate PACs. The move by the senators is largely praised by independent analysts and considered as a people-centric stand. It is also considered as a change in the wave against the political and corporate nexus that is always disadvantaging the common man in the policymaking.

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Tiffany Muller, a reputed political activist and President of ECU, responded that both the senators were known for setting themselves by example. The decision of the senators to reject the corporate money showed their commitment to the people of the respective states. They also showed the red flag on the threats of corporate funds and how mega-donors ensure legislations made in their favor with the help of corporate-funded politicians. The President of End Citizens United said that one of the extreme cases of the flawed administrative policy was the recent tax bill, and both the senators raised their voice against the pro-corporate tax reform. With the pledge, the senators took a tough stand against Big Money in politics.

Most importantly, both the senators were working hard to ensure accountability and transparency in the elections of the country, for long. The support of End Citizens United is expected to boost the campaigns of both the senators significantly since it has massive grassroots campaigners. It can also leverage the candidates by the power to churn significant amount through small donations. When it comes to New York, the PAC has nearly 265,000 members to execute the campaigns.

End Citizens United has already communicated its aim to collect $35 million before the 2018 elections for ensuring maximum pro-reform representatives in Congress as well as Senate. The PAC was established by well-wishers of transparent politics in 2015. By electing maximum campaign fund reform candidates, the PAC hope that it can make legislation to control corporate entry into the arena.