It’s no surprise that Betsy DeVos has finally been praised for her educational choice reform. Many did not believe that educational choice was an option for them, but as the rise of virtual schools continues, more parents and teachers are liking the idea of sending their students to a school with a better curriculum. While DeVos says that she doesn’t have it out for public schools, she has stated that she wants to put students first.


By sending students to schools outside of their district, many in education feel that the new program torpedoes public schools and takes away funding. However, DeVos says that educational choice doesn’t use public funding. She has stated this over and over, including in a major televised interview on “60 Minutes” in 2018. While DeVos has many critics from the Democratic party, she has also received some support.


Elizabeth Warren has voiced support for educational choice. She has stated that it helps middle class families with two incomes as it ensures their children don’t have to settle for bad neighborhoods with failing schools because they can’t afford to live in a better area. While many oppose DeVos because of her background in business, this keen eye for strategy and philanthropy has allowed DeVos to campaign and be successful in several states.


When asked which states offered the most success from these programs, DeVos said that Louisiana and Florida are the states with the most educational choice options. In Florida, for example, students can actually apply for a tuition-based grant to go to a private or charter school. There are also virtual school options, where students can enroll in classes from anywhere. Homeschooling programs are still available for those who want to maintain a curriculum from home. Then there are the magnet schools, which allow students to go to another public school that has a special program. For example, a student may want to study law and think about going to a high school with a magnet program for business law.


Many states have yet to jump on board with educational choice, but that hasn’t stopped DeVos from campaigning. She recently toured the states with First Lady Melania Trump to support educational choice and hopefully get more sponsorship from education leaders. However, the progress has been slow she has taken office in 2017. Part of the slowdown was another movement to protect students from gun violence.


In 2018, DeVos started working on school safety reform to help students with safety problems. This would include a new campus guardian who would protect students against violence and stay vigilant for warning signs and gun-related activity. However, other school districts faced a decision on whether to allow teachers to carry guns as well.


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Despite being successful in most of her ventures, Isabela Dos Santos also had her share of misfortunes. She has been in the limelight more than once for the wrong reasons. Isabel dos Santos was demoted from being chairperson of the board of directors at Unitel International Holdings for mismanagement of finances. She also had several scandals as to her appointment to government offices just because she was the president’s daughter. She was appointed as chairwoman of the Angolan State Oil Company, Sonangol and was subsequently forced out of office only two months after the new president, João Lourenço, came into office.

She continues to open up investments to new ventures particularly in Portugal and never seems to be put down by any of the troubles she faces in the business world.


Betsy DeVos has worked within education reform for most of her career. She started at Calvin College, getting involved in student government early on, and then she joined the Gerald Ford campaign. While she has always been active in the Michigan Republican Party, it wasn’t until 2016 that she was able to hold an official political office. She had finally gotten her dream, to become the 11th US Education Secretary.


However, there were issues for the new secretary. For one, she had never been a teacher. Many believed that she didn’t have the experience. However, if you knew anything about Betsy DeVos‘ background, it was that she had been fighting for student education rights since the 1990s.


DeVos grew up with a public school teacher. Her mother had taught at the nearby school, and Betsy knew what it was like to want to do more for students. That’s why she says that she always puts students first when it comes to new policies. She also doesn’t seem to care about opponents who claim that educational choice is a slippery slope to paying for private schools with public funding. However, DeVos remarked in a recent interview with “60 Minutes” that people simply didn’t understand.


Philanthropy has actually been the biggest supporter for private choice. Now students are able to pick where they want to go to school. They no longer have to choose a school where they are zoned, but rather, they can go wherever they want. However, they still have to apply and get accepted into these programs. DeVos has been working with students across the country to get more educational choice options available, but it’s been difficult so far.


She has only been able to get a few states to keep educational choice options. These include Florida and Louisiana. Florida is the most successful, according to DeVos. This state has the most options, including magnet programs, homeschooling programs, virtual schools, charter schools, and private schools. In addition, Florida is the only state to have a tuition-based scholarship for students who apply and get accepted into private schools.


not everything is so cut and dry according to Betsy DeVos. She has been trying to help students understand their potential and do better in school, while also trying to affect gun safety and campus safety. She was placed in charge of school safety reform as well in 2018 by President Trump. Since then, new policies have changed the way that campus security is run and there are more safety drills. DeVos hopes that this will make it safer for students to go to school without having to add more guns onto campuses.


DeVos will continue to champion educational reform, believing that private choice is the best option for students in the country right now.


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