Betsy DeVos is a Michigan native who has spent several years assisting the underserved children and supporting school choice reforms for quality education. DeVos spearheads the American Federation for Children as the chairperson with the mission of improving K-12 education by upgrading systemic & sustainable public policy that gives empowerment to parents, especially to those within low-income families. The policy enables them to choose the type of education that is best for their kids.

DeVos is also the chairperson of the Windquest Group and as has served before on national & local civic and charitable boards of various associations, which include The Philanthropy Roundtable, Mars Hill Bible Church, American Enterprise Institute, and Kids Hope USA. Elisabeth Betsy DeVos is an innovator, a proven leader, an advocate, and a disruptor. In business, politics, and education, DeVos has been a leader in fighting to eradicate barriers, to bring change and to establish environments where different people can get the opportunity to thrive. DeVos has also served in various leadership roles with party organizations, campaigns, and political action committees. Presently, her political efforts are concentrated in advancing the educational sector. Check her website for more info at

While discussing education transformation in a philanthropy roundtable interview, DeVos responded that she is more optimistic as there are more than 250,000 students within 33 publicly sponsored private choice programs. The movement was accelerating, and by 2012, the program had reached other states like Pennsylvania, Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and New Hampshire, and expanded programs in Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Florida. DeVos supported homeschooling, which was referred by the HSLDA as an alternative and new idea to bringing transformation in the education sector. She acknowledges the rights of parents constitutionally to bring change in education while upbringing their kids.

According to Betsy DeVos, homeschooling was part of the school choice movement apart from vouchers and charter schools.  Previously, HSLDA lauded DeVos selection as the secretary of education sector for her support of homeschooling and Common Core State Standards skepticism, which HSLDA fears would dictate the parents to teach their kids at home. Betsy DeVos has also been advocating for charter schools for over two decades, in addition to assisting the passing of Michigan’s initial charter school law. The charter schools are funded publicly and are open to every student, which operates well than traditional public educational institutions.

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Betsy DeVos is a woman that has helped nurture education in the United States of America almost all her life. As a young lady, Betsy has always felt compelled to help individuals coming from low-income families gain a footing in life so as to succeed. Of all the possible scenarios available, Betsy has chosen to help people through education. To this end, she has used her wealth and influence to support programs that assist children from low-income families get through school and as well have access to a quality education. With Betsy being the wife of Dick DeVos, she has been able to share a common vision with her husband. Over the years, the couple together with their extended family has given $139 million in philanthropy. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

Mrs. DeVos has always been a woman with a loving and caring heart. Her drive to give started decades ago when Betsy and Dick paid an impromptu visit to the Potter’s House Christian School, an education facility where the couple witnessed parents going through a lot of financial obstacles so as to put their children through school. Since then, Betsy has been incredibly passionate about supporting the institution and others of its kind financially. Above all, Betsy being a reformist has helped shape the direction in which the educational system of America is now taking.

For a long time, American parents have been forced to take children to schools within their neighborhoods, facilities that may not be competent enough to cultivate success in students primarily because of past laws. However, Betsy has seen to it that such restrictions are brought down and has thus allowed students to go to schools of their choosing. As a result, she has helped children become the best of the best, qualified students for that matter. Betsy’s passion for education has made her support art. Through her donations and events meant to award the best artists, Betsy Devos has brought the profession back to life. She has shown talented individuals that they have the ability to succeed in America based on talent alone.

Betsy’s endless devotion to philanthropy has made her a national figure, a character that even the President of the Free World trusts. A few months ago Betsy was appointed by President Donald Trump to be part and parcel of his young administration as the eleventh Secretary of Education. Since then, Mrs. DeVos has performed a lot of exemplary work in this department proving to the world that she has better things in store for the American community. Because Betsy is a woman that embraces change, she is currently considering to integrate technology in her education reforms. Betsy feels a conviction that with the use of technology, the sky is the limit for all American citizens. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Bruce Levenson ran several businesses over the course of his career including both an industry news publishing corporation and an NBA basketball team. But, according to Forbes Magazine, a after selling that team just two years ago Levenson is making the non-profit world his new home and is encouraging young people to enroll in the University of Maryland’s Do Good Institute. The reason Levenson has started this place isn’t because he feels businessmen should be obligated to give to charity, but because he feels their leadership in the business world can be used to guide non-profit groups that sometimes fail due to not having experienced leaders there. Read full article:

Levenson’s new school includes a regular curriculum with the basics of philanthropy and what students should know about getting involved with charities. But it also has labs where they can put their imagination to work and use solutions they might have otherwise used in business and show how a non-profit group could use them to change their community. Levenson himself has been a part of these endeavors in the past including at Washington D.C.’s Holocaust Memorial Museum where he’s been a trustee for many years and has also gotten young people involved through the Bringing the Lessons Home initiative.

Bruce Levenson grew up in Washington D.C. though he attended college at St. Louis’s Washington University prior to going into journalism. After several years of contributing to a public newspaper, Levenson wanted to start a private news company and in 1977 he and his friend Ed Peskowitz started publishing papers in their small apartment. That was the start of a business that grew into a large international technology news source subscribed to by many energy, banking and high tech companies called United Communications Group (UCG). In 2004 Levenson and Peskowitz decided to use the profits they had made with UCG to buy the controlling shares in the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and they owned the team until 2015.