Gustavo Martinez is among the global leaders in the advertising consultancy and marketing industry. Martinez has worked in the industry for over 35 years. During his tenure in the industry, he has played a significant role in the sector by coming up with innovations and memorable ads that shaped the marketing industry in a big way.

He served J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, a renowned marketing company that stands among the top leaders in the industry as the CEO.

Gustavo worked as the president of two giant companies in the marketing sector. Serving Olgilvy and Mather in such a senior post honed his marketing skills tremendously.

Besides, the experience from McCann Worldgroup positioned him in a better place to master the skills of coming up with brands that would help any company remain at the top.

As an expert in marketing and advertising, Gustavo Martinez notes that the current state of consultancy would affect both of them in different ways.

He notes that in the present world, consultancy is very crucial as far as marketing and advertising is concerned. The reason is that customers’ trends keep changing at a fast rate owing to global digital evolution. In that connection, every company and business must find ways of retaining its market share and growth. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench and Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

Therefore, Gustavo Martinez adds that the companies that couldn’t position themselves to sustain the current trend must look seek professional help. The contractor or consultant would provide the required operational and strategic advice for helping them catch up with the trend. He added that creativity is the secret weapon of surviving in the current competitive advertising and marketing industry.

According to Martinez, the advertising and consultancy guru, the industry embraces different rules to success compared to other sectors. He admits that any company that intends to prosper in the industry must seek help from professional marketing and advertising consultants. The professionals would help the company achieve its goal by providing proper guidance according to the changes in the advertising market.

Due to the dynamic change in technology, advertising and marketing have better days ahead. More products continue entering the market, making the industry better.

Additionally, the Internet of Things is changing every sector for the better, and the marketing industry is not an exception. Martinez is optimistic that the Internet of Things would revolutionize the marketing sector hence attracting more players.

Concisely, Martinez advises the players in the industry to embrace generosity and patience in their daily duties. He continues to address the young generation to learn from talented people and be good listeners. Gustavo notes that hiring top talent is very crucial in every business. He admits that he invested a lot in recruiting professionals in the industry that paved the way for his success.

Gustavo Martinez has spent three decades in the marketing and advertising industry. So, it is safe to say that he knows what he is doing. He has been a part of the teams who were responsible for creating ads that had people talking and helped some of the best firms in the industry. At one point, he was the Chief Executive Officer for J. Walter Thompson Worldwide.

It is one of the best-known firms in the world. Now, Gustavo Martinez is taking a different approach in his career. He has entered the world of entrepreneurship as a consultant. He believes that consulting has been a part of this industry for a while. He worked as a consultant before becoming part of the leadership teams of companies. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench and Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

Gustavo Martinez’s day is structured overall. Most days he gets off and has breakfast with his family. Then he goes into work mode and often does twelve hour days. He believes in the work he does. Martinez understands the importance of having a team behind him.

He never takes credit for the success he has because he knows it was a team effort. It was many people working together to create ideas. It is good to have a diversity of thought and people from various backgrounds within the team.

When it comes to keeping his team motivated and focused, he thinks that recognition is a part of that. It is good to recognize people when they do great work on a project. No one wants to feel overlooked.

Active listening is one key to the success of his team. He listens to the business owners he is helping and also listens to the members of his team. Active listening keeps him focused on what they are truly saying. It actually makes people feel heard and like they are a valuable part of the team.

Gustavo Martinez understands the importance of being genuinely interested in other people and getting to know them for who they are.

Gustavo Martinez has accomplished many things and will continue to inspire others through entrepreneurship. He is a true leader who cares about helping others.

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The chainsmokers have been around the music scene since 2012 and have had a ton of success with their music. They just released their newest summer anthem “Side Effects” and recently talked to about their growth as artists and where they are at in their careers now.

The chainsmokers are used to playing huge concerts in the club every weekend but they recently played at the Hollywood Palladium and they loved it. Drew Taggart told Billboard that “it’s really fun anytime we play a show in LA” while Alex Pall mentioned how often they get to play in clubs so the smaller venue was a good change of pace for them. That change of pace has spread to their newest song, “Side Effects” which released in Late July and has a very disco feel to it. The rest of their songs this year have been more mellow, low key jams while this song is “definitely funky” according to Taggart.

This song goes along with their general pattern of writing about what they feel, what they observe and especially about millennial relationships. They love thinking about things near and far and are very interested in sci-fi and the internet. Within this age of ultra-connectedness they enjoy looking at things everyone is doing online and poking fun at it without condemning it. The song also features Emily Warren, who is a frequent collaborator with the duo. The Chainsmokers love working with Warren as they find her funny and very intelligent and easy for them to get along with.

The Chainsmokers first found fame with their hit song “Closer and that song still holds a significant place in their hearts. They view that song as the middle point of their growing up as artists and a very personal song. It was actually the first song that Taggart had ever sung on and he has continued with his singing, singing more and more in recent years and really enjoying his time doing it. One thing is guaranteed with the Chainsmokers: They aren’t going to slow down anytime soon.

Halsey, the fast rising star, featured in Chainsmokers recent track “Closer”. The track that was released in mid 2016 was one with a number of firsts. Andrew Taggart sang at some point. “Don’ t Let Me Down” along with “Roses” their other popular singles did not have any of these features.

The DJ duo leaped into an unknown territory with this move. Their contemporaries are known to come up with great sound scapes but call on vocalists to bring on board the human element.

Alex Pall and Andrew are keen on rebranding themselves. They are looking to join the league of real artists as they work on shedding off the faceless DJ tag. It won’t be a walk in the park but the duo are ready to pursue this to the very end. They intend to revolutionize dance music. The drug-like euphoria that is a common feature of this genre will soon be coupled with emotion if their plans sail through.

Their audience and support base has been on the rise in the recent past. As time goes by, they’ll need to keep stepping up their game. It is their only option if they hope to keep growing in popularity.

Alex Pall was active in the DJ world for a long time before meeting up with Andrew. He was doing this on the sidelines while in New York but loved every minute. His love for dance music stemmed from an art gallery.

It was about this time that his manager introduced him to Taggart. They easily clicked and a partnership was birthed. Taggart had only completed his college education. His love for electronic music was demonstrated by his playlists. He had also taken part in the production of a number of songs.

Taggart’s experience in production together with his songs was enough to prepare him for what was to come. Their music background made things relatively simple. They were able to assess their current situation and chart a way forward. They spent long hours together and it paid dividends.

The future holds a lot of promise for the duo who have been in partnership for more than four years. It took a lot of time and resources to get to where they are. More sacrifice will still be required for them to achieve their dreams.