Impossible burgers had a very stressful summer this year. They launched a new burger that had customers demanding more. They came out with a meatless burger that sold in various fast food chains across the country. In April, they announced that they were running out of the plant based meat. Customers fell in love with the burger and immediately started demanding more.

The meatless burger was first launched at Burger King. They were added to the restaurants in certain areas like California and Chicago. A few more fast food chains started to spark interest in the product. White Castle was one of the few interested in adding the meatless burger to their menu. Another popular fast food chain that has sparked interest and is considering adding the burger to their menu as well is McDonalds. McDonalds claims that they are interested in a plant based burger, and are currently trying to create their own to add to their menu.

Impossible burgers had to come up with a plan to make enough products to satisfy their customers needs, so they teamed up with OSI Group in order to take on the task. OSI Group is one of the top food suppliers in the world. OSI Group have supplied McDonalds with their meat for years. They have ordered the equipment they needed and are prepared to increase the inventory of meatless burgers every week. Various workers have also volunteered to work 12 hour shifts in their 38 degree warehouse just so they can supply enough meat for their customers.

Teaming up with OSI Group will be tricky because teaming up with partners usually is, but they believe it’s what’s needed to take care of this serious supply and demand issue. They have a large quantity needed for the busy Burger King chains in places such as California and Chicago, but they are already on their way to success.

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Sheldon Lavin is the chairperson and the CEO of the OSI Group. He is currently the President of OSI International Foods Limited. Throughout his life, Sheldon has achieved an incredible profile in the food and meat processing industries. He continues to get involved in all the universal activities the OSI is engaged in. His ideas and great leadership skills have enabled the OSI Group to advance to becoming an international processing company. This was his main vision after joining the OSI Group. More information about Sheldon Lavin at Bloomberg.

OSI’s global reach

Sheldon Lavin in a recent interview said that the company is present in seventeen countries and have more than eighty facilities. The company mainly focuses on protein products. The company also produces vegetables, baked goods as well as sauces.

He manages to create such a global force by various methods. He ensures that the rules set are followed and strategies are implemented. Together with his team, they operate as a family despite having different levels of responsibilities. They also work within their budgetary limits. This culture is very different from others thus making them stay ahead of their competitors. It has also worked on helping them succeed in doing their businesses. Innovation is something he believes is in his DNA. However, he acknowledges the OSI Group for nurturing it.

Family Culture at OSI

Sheldon Lavin says that as leaders of the group, they are proud of the people who work with them. Their loyalty and skills have helped them to be successful in the sector. His office doors are always open, and he puts to consideration everyone’s thoughts. At his company office, he haves’ lunch with his team and addresses each other with their first names. In this company, they believe that they are each one is part of the big family. Therefore, they are concerned with the welfare of their employees as well as their families.

Involvement in Charities

Sheldon Lavin says they are always enthusiastic in giving back to the community in which their organization is based. They always encourage people to be charitable within their reach.

Vision for the future of OSI Group

He envisions continuing the expansion of the company and ensuring it has some profitable growth. He looks forward to continue being leaders in the universal food industry.


OSI Group, a global food manufacturer that’s based in the state of Illinois, has reached an unprecedented height in global food services. This amazing food giant has helped to revolutionize the food industry in a number of ways, and the company dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. OSI Group is a juggernaut of a company as it’s quite immense in physical size. This particular company is basically a conglomerate of pilot plants, test kitchens and culinary innovation centers. At each one of its main facilities, you’ll be able to find its extraordinary R&D specialists. These specialists are highly trained in a wide variety of global cuisines. From a more traditional standpoint, OSI still produces copious amounts of foods. This includes ribettes, Tofu, fritters, cooked sausage links, onions, fruits, pasta, bacon bits, chicken wings, steak, beef patties, pot roast, marinades, soups, beans, chili, desserts, chicken fried steak, hot dogs and many more.

Fast-forward to 2019. OSI Group has accepted a new challenge that’s quite different from its standard approach. Plant-based food solutions is literally changing the game, and Impossible Foods is one of the companies that is leading the charge. This California-based company is the creator of the popular Impossible Burger. OSI has come into the frame to provide production capability. With that being said, OSI will be mass producing meatless burgers for national consumption. Impossible Foods was founded back in 2011. Thanks to receiving such a great response to its Impossible Burger that’s being sold at Burger King, this company has gained more and more clients in the process.

Clients like Red Robin and White Castle will be selling these tasty meatless burgers in the future. OSI Group has gotten in on the ground floor so to speak. The market for meatless products is looking to explode over the next few years, and this food giant is looking to capitalize from its vital services.

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OSI Food Solutions is the number one supplier of processed meat, fruits, and vegetables to the Asia-Pacific, the United States, and European food service market. Recently, OSI disclosed that it had opened a new facility, upgraded an existing processing plant serving its customers in Spain, and made several acquisitions.

OSI Food Solutions’ management said that these recent developments would help it outwit its competitors, as well as satisfy the ever increasing demand for its innovative value-added meat product.

Some of these recent developments are:

Upgrade of OSI Food Solutions processing plant in Toledo, SpainIn 2018, OSI used over €17 million in upgrading its chicken processing plant in Toledo. OSI used the fund to expand the processing plant’s floor space, as well as acquire new environmental friendly processing equipment.

Moreover, OSI used the funds to hire 20 new experts who would collaborate with existing employees to develop a new product line of value-added poultry, beef, and pork products.

Establishment of GenOSI

In 2017, this prominent food processing plant started GenOSI, a food processing plant that would manufacture and supply meat, vegetable, fruit, and wheat-based products to the Philippines’ foodservice market.

Acquisition of Baho Food

OSI purchased Baho Food in its effort to expand into Germany and Netherland’s market. Baho Food specialized in the processing of roast poultry, hot dogs, meatballs, burgers, bacon, and cheese. It served thousands of wholesalers and food outlets.

Acquisition of Flagship Europe

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions acquired Creative Foods Europe, formerly known as Flagship Europe. Established in 1991, Flagship had developed a reputation for supplying frozen poultry, dressings, and other convenience products in the United Kingdom.

Acquisition of Tyson- affiliated food processing facility

After acquiring Flagship Europe, OSI Food Solutions acquired a Chicago-based food processing plant affiliated to Tyson Foods, an international company that supplies chicken and beef to the global market.

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Since its entry into the market as a family meat shop serving Chicago’s neighborhoods in 1909, OSI maintains unmatched dedication towards customer success. Today, OSI Food Solutions operates as a leading firm in the global food processing industry. The world’s leading brands have entrusted OSI with the provision of edge-food solutions to meet their food processing and product development needs. OSI is committed to ensuring the delivery of high-quality, valuable, and streamlined processes at optimum costs.

With its head offices in Aurora, Illinois, OSI is primarily involved in the processing of meat products for both retail and food service sectors. The company produces a wide range of products including fish, poultry, meat patties, and bacon. It also produces hot dogs, pizza and various vegetable products on the market. In 2017 Forbes listing, OSI ranked position 58 among the largest private companies in America. It boasts of about 6.1 billion dollars revenue as of 2016 fiscal year.

Over the years, OSI has managed numerous milestones and achievements in its growth and development efforts. Among them is the contract to supply meat products to the McDonald’s first restaurant chains during its early stages of operation. Following its environmental preservation efforts, OSI Food Solutions received the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor prestigious award.It is one of the 18 organizations to receive the honor in 2016 globally. The award goes to organizations with exemplary performance in the management of risks related to the environment.

Following the rise in demand for chicken products in the market, OSI Food Solutions is implementing plans to double its production and distribution in chicken capacity. Many fast food restaurant chains rely on its chicken products such as patties and nuggets to serve their customers. As such, due to the growing demand for these products, brands such as the McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Papa Jones among others need to meet the changing needs of their clients; hence the plan for OSI to raise its production efforts on the same.

In its efforts to gain a huge presence in the European market, OSI successfully managed the acquisition of Baho Foods Company. It also acquired the Tyson Food processing plant based in Chicago to expand its production. Additionally, OSI gained the ownership to Flagship Europe in 2016 for the UK foodservice industry.

OSI Food Solutions continues to enjoy a strong international heritage and quality service delivery. OSI owns about 65 food processing facilities based in 17 different countries all around the globe. As a result, more than 20,000 people gain employment to enhance quality services in these facilities.