In the past few years the conversation of mental health has come to the forefront of our society, however, many of its stigmas still linger and often keep those who need the most help from seeking it. In hopes to remove negative stigmas and reach as many people as possible, TalkSpace, an app-based therapy provider that allows its users to directly connect with a licensed therapist via text or video chat has recently announced that they will be partnering up with Olympian gold medalist Micahel Phelps in order to further spread the message that aid is available, anytime and anywhere. Check out to read more about Talkspace reviews.

Michael Phelps who himself has previously spoken about his struggles with mental illness will provide a connection to those struggling with mental illness through a nationwide television campaign. Phelps stated that throughout his career he would struggle with mental illness, however, he never had a private outlet to deal with it, not until he discovered TalkSpace. His goal through this campaign is to make the public aware that there is helps readily available and at an extremely affordable price. The inclusion of Phelps into the TalkSpace team will convey the message that mental illness does not discriminate and can affect anyone of us.

In addition to his role as a spokesperson for the company, CEO Oren Frank has announced that Phelps will also work with the Talkspace advisory team in order to provide insights on the struggles of mental illness and suggestions on how the company can better there service. Talkspace VP of Marketing Michael Kuznetsov stated that Phelps story is a powerful one and his own experience with mental illness will aid in the companies goal to reach as many people as possible in order to provide them with the help they need. The partnership will include not only a televise campaign but will also include social media ads featuring Phelps.



CEO Oren Frank of TalkSpace an online therapy service provider, recently announced that the company will be bringing in a chief medical officer to assist in further improving the service of TalkSpace. CEO Oren Frank hired Neil Leibowitz, the former United Health chief medical director. This addition to the company comes in the wake of widespread speculation that TalkSpace is prepping up for an IPO or Initial Public Offering in the near future and of course anything that improves the company only adds value to potential investors seeking to be apart of one of the fastest startup companies in years. In fact, CEO Oren Frank speaking on CNBC stated that the company recently hit their one-millionth member this past year and that they are now generating tens of millions of dollars. Follow Oren Frank on Twitter for updates.

The addition of Neil Leibowitz to the team by Oren Frank was essentially for two reasons. One is that the addition of a chief medical officer now allows Talkspace physicians to prescribe medicines to their users via video chat. Of course, TalkSpace will have to follow strict federal and state laws when it comes to medical advice and prescriptions. The second reason is to kick-start an initiative to offer employers their TalkSpace service. As a former insurance executive, Neil Leibowitz brings a plethora of experience to the table in regards to negotiations and suggestions. Oren Frank states that he hopes that in the near future half of the revenue coming in will be due to this method. Oren Frank strongly believes that this next move will be a success due to employers taking mental health more seriously.

Although Neil Leibowitz said that he was initially skeptical about coming on board, the more he spoke with the TalkSpace team and all the great things they were working on, he quickly became a believer in the service and opted in to assist in any way possible.

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At different stages of life people often face issues that lead to depression and anxiety. If not urgently and professionally handled these issues can lead to hazardous mental problems. However, most people shy off from seeking assistance from therapists due to stigma and also due to the lack of knowledge on how to reach to a professional therapist. For this reason, Talkspace was developed.

Talkspace is an online therapy service that offers professional and affordable confidential therapy services. It is a network of highly skilled and licensed therapists available to provide their services without needing to have made a prior appointment. The mission of the company is to bring help and happiness to millions of people applying modern technology in therapy. Read more reviews at

In a recent campaign to promote therapy activities, Talkspace partnered with an international professional swimmer Michael Phelps who shared his experience. Despite achieving all the dreams he ever wanted and attaining incredible success, Michael Phelps still struggled through depression and anxiety. This was to a point he even questioned whether he wants to live anymore. Unlike most people who struggle with mental problems, Phelps decided to seek a professional therapist’s help, and he met one at Talkspace. Michael credits Talkspace for saving his life. Finding help was a sign of courage that turned things around in his life.

According to research, one out of four people in the world suffer from mental illnesses. It is advisable to seek health as soon as you feel you need it. Michael Phelps is a living proof that therapy works and is helpful. Talkspace is one of those platforms where you can get the help imminently. The platform is highly convenient, confidential, and offers affordable professional therapy to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. The app has a criterion of matching each to a licensed therapist who will help them change their mental state and hence lead to better lives.

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Roseann Bennett is the the executive director and founder of the Centre of Assessment and Mental Health Treatment in Hackettstown, New Jersey, United States. Roseann Bennett has established this help and treatment center in order to help hundreds of individuals suffering from the struggles in their marital life. She holds expertise in the area of marriage and relation issues and provides therapy to those who need counseling in that sector. She provides marital therapy and prescribes treatments and ways of dealing with depressive state of mind. She started out her career serving in the family crisis sector as therapy provider. Roseann Bennett is extremely dedicated towards the work she does of helping others. She is also renowned for being a successful business leader and has been working as a therapist for more than 10 years.


Roseann Bennett’s main objective has been to provide assistance to individuals who fight with life everyday regarding marital issues and other relationship strains. Roseann has provided therapy sessions to numerous people suffering from depression and challenges in their personal life that had derived from that depression. Depression can be an alarming contributor to an unsuccessful marriage and is a very serious mental health issue. Roseanne Bennett is also a blogger and owns her blog where she writes about mental health awareness provides the public with helpful resources to overcome depression. Visit This Page for more information.


Almost 15 million people of America suffer from mental depression in a regular basis. When it comes to marriage, if one person is stressed and depressed then the other is certain to be bothered and stressed too. As a result, the whole family falls into a state of stress and depression and suffers in the long run. Roseann Bennett believes that depression is not what contributes to divorce but the stress that builds up between couples for not discussing that problem is what creates the gap and space which leads to separation. Hence, deriving a proper communication channel is what can save many marriages and broken families form suffering in the long run form mental health issues.


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