Greg Blatt is the hardworking CEO of a company called Match Group. He is also the CEO of Tinder. He has worked with many different match making companies throughout the years. His biggest leap though was when he joined Match Group. This really got his career off of the ground and running and gave him a huge leap of success.

Greg Blatt says that becomming the CEO of Match Group was something that he never planned to do. He had decided to go to law school and was working a few different odd jobs including bartending, painting houses, and other jobs such as these. He eventually started working some jobs that involved law before being offered the chance to run a small dating business. After a few years of getting the business off of the ground and running he was offered the CEO position (MarthaStewart).

A typical day in the life of involves keeping his schedule flexible and trying not to be too busy. Having as much free time as he can allows him to be able to spend more time doing the things that he feels will help Greg Blatt be most productive at the time. He works hard every day to bring new ideas to life. He is always trying to do his best to move things in the right direction.

Greg Blatt has accomplished a lot of things during his very successful career. His success really would not have been possible without the dating business though. Blatt renewed the dating industry, although he did very well through college and lawschool the dating business is really what brought fame to his name. Greg Blatt did very well at getting the dating business off of the ground and running, and he is going to continue to help them move the dating business forward to nothing but shining success for many years to come.

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