Kisling, Nestico, & Redick is a law firm based in Ohio that wants to aid in the war against distractions while driving, especially texting among teen drivers. The firm set out with a competition for area teens to participate by creating their own unique letter or PSA involving the affects of texting and driving. The winner will receive the first ever, a $5,000 KNR Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship.

Research shows that any type of distraction can prove to cause an accident; and in some cases the accident may be fatal. From talking to adjusting the radio, and of course, texting can cause major problems when driving. Kisling, Nestico, & Redick law firm wants the citizens of Ohio to become more aware of what to avoid when driving; and they feel that this competition is just the thing to do it, especially for young drivers between the ages of 16 – 25 demographics.

Elianna Norin of Hudson, Ohio was announced as the winner of the scholarship and the $5,000 dollar prize money. Her PSA resonated with Kisling, Nestico, & Redick law firm members and was crowned the winning piece. Her PSA was edgy and clued into the youth of today; and it persuaded the now generation to avoid texting and driving in a most effective way.

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As an attorney, Bruno Fagali knows that first and foremost his job is to fight for the Brazilian public, especially in the realm of compliance in advertising. One of the main areas he looks at would be “common practices” in advertising. Because of these “common practices”, it can seem very frustrating to get an advertising firm to reach compliance. There are several cases to consider.

First of all, Fagali has identified a number of “vulnerability points” to ensuring that advertising firms remain in compliance. This list would be such things as the rules of engagement of the advertisers, media and agencies, and the appropriate remuneration model for different advertising companies.

For some perspective, consider the fact that Brazilian agencies make their money by bonuses paid by the media for advertising. This is called the agency discount, and it occurs when the agency provides the service to the advertising firm but is the recipient of payments from all of the communication vehicles regarding this relationship. Unfortunately, it is in this proposition that loopholes can arise that lead to abuse.


Of course, Mr. Bruno Fagali is working very hard to reform the system. Some of the abuses he note include situations where there is intermediation for a vehicle payment, media assignment criteria, plans for incentives, advertiser and employee relationships, and external services fees.

If this sounds complicated it’s because it is. However, if there is one man who is dedicated to leveling the playing field it is Bruno Fagali. He has extensive experience for the important role he plays, including being a member of the Corporate Society of Compliance and Ethics and a specialist in compliance with the FGV-Gvlaw entity. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in law from PUC/SP and a Master’s Degree from USP in Law of the State. Accountability has long been his main objective in the legal field. He works as a corporate integrity manager at Nova/SB.

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If you are diligent and truthful enough, becoming a whistleblower can be like finding money in the street; it’s that simple. At the same time the person who “spills the beans” on fraud, a violation of the law, danger to the public health or safety, gross mismanagement, gross waste of government funds or an abuse of authority would be an eligible party if they can provide proof. Ergo, with the assistance and help from a professional, legal and licensed SEC Whistleblower Attorney, this dream of plenty of green pieces of paper in your bank account with the pictures of dead presidents on the front, can be a reality.


In case somewhere along the path of riches you failed to received the memo, the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989, is a federal law that protects whistleblowers who work for the government and report various misconduct. And just so you know, there is a “gotcha” in the mix since you will be dealing with the government. However, whistleblowers government or not, may file complaints where they firmly believe evidence does exist where a violation of law, rule or regulation as well all of the other mentions are real and can be proved.


In March, 2015, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that well over a half million dollars had been awarded to a former company official. His success of awarding these funds was still made available even though the officer was months late and missed the deadline for awards. That said, it should be known that by the time of this reading, folks should know that $50 million dollars have been awarded to people like you who are reading this article.


Whistleblower Update!


In the past several years the SEC Whistleblower Office had received more than 3,000 properly filed “tips”.  And in case you are interested, the highest contributors were the state of California with nearly 19 percent of tips, Florida with close to 9 percent in tips and New York who was pushing the 10 percent mark. Internationally, the United Kingdom was first, Canada second and India third.

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