Many people always look for some insight into how they may succeed as entrepreneurs. In most instances, they often seek advice from investors who have managed to achieve their goals while also carving a positive portfolio for themselves within the business world. Some of the successful entrepreneurs who have been offering some insight into how to succeed as an investor include Isabel dos Santos. In a world where most of the opportunities are issued in a biased manner, she was able to succeed since she had a vision and a goal. She was also passionate about all her business endeavors.

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Penso muito sobre aquilo que nos distingue a nós angolanos, porque acredito mesmo que somos um povo diferente, especial. O que mais admiro é que somos positivos, felizes em todas as ocasiões. Nada nos abala porque temos uma força só nossa 💪🏾 E rodeados da nossa família, amigos e comunidade somos ainda mais fortes. Quem assiste a isso todos os dias sabe do que falo, ya? Por tudo isso falo que sou orgulhosamente angolana 🇦🇴 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Angola #fun #proudlyAngolan #inspiration I think a lot about us Angolans, because I really believe that we are a different, special people. What I admire most is that we are positive, happy at all times. Nothing shakes us because we have our unique strength 💪🏾 And when we surround ourselves with our family, friends and community we are even stronger. Those who see this every day knows what I‘m talking about, don’t you? For all this I say that I am proudly Angolan 🇦🇴

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Isabel dos Santos has managed to focus on different fields, including technology and philanthropy. She is an inspiration to many people. For starters, she emphasizes the value of quality education. Since she was from a well-off family, she was able to undertake her studies in prestigious institutions in England. She was also an intelligent individual, and that is why she was able to also pursue an engineering course. Her background and the knowledge she possesses about engineering has come in handy while investing in the field of technology. She has an overview of how the industry operates, and those are among the factors why she has been able to succeed in most of her business prospects.

As a businessperson, it is also important to understand your client base. Since Isabel dos Santos managed to study in England, she was able to also interact with people from different cultures. Her ability to understand people from different cultures has come in handy since she has a better understanding of how the global economy operates. As a philanthropist, she has also been focusing on ensuring that people can gain access to quality education.

Isabel dos Santos has been forming partnerships that are meant to make sure that people can gain access to scholarships so that they may progress with their education. Access to quality education helps to ensure that the knowledge base of the people of Angola improves and they can also gain access to employment opportunities easily. She has managed to work with companies such as Huawei when it comes to ensuring that people have access to quality education.

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One financial expert has a lot of experience on Wall Street building million dollar hedge funds. After 20 years of service, he was ready to give another career a go. The fast-paced environment of Wall Street was wearing on him, the financial expert changed things up. Paul Mampilly wads born in India, but moved to the United States to pursue a higher education, career, and new life.

Mr. Mampilly earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in finance and accounting from Montclair University. This would be only the first step of his educational journey as he would continue on to earn a Master’s degree in finance. He earned his Master’s at Fordham Graduate School of Business in New York City. This would be his foundation to a successful career in the financial world. Soon work was calling, and he got a job at Banker’s Trust as an assistant portfolio manager in the same year. Only a short time later, Paul was promoted to portfolio manager. Visit

With more experience, Paul Mampilly would edge his way up the career ladder. Within a short period of time, he was managing multi-million dollar hedge funds. He’s proven himself to be a worthy businessman, putting in the time and effort to excel at his craft. Mr. Mampilly was recruited by Kinetics Asset Management in which he single-highhandedly grew their hedge fund to become the best. The financial expert was also invited to perform in an investment competition, which he won. Soon, Paul Mampilly was on top of the world and was showing no signs of slowing down.

Working in the financial world has been so rewarding for Mr. Mampilly but it was never about the money. It was about having financial security and peace of mind. Knowing that he wanted that for himself and his family, he decided to help others achieve it too. That is why he joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 as a senior editor. Paul Mampilly created Profits Unlimited to help average Americans get that piece of mind and financial security. Since launching the newsletter, Mr. Mampilly’s subscriber count has passed the 100,000 mark. Read more on

Investing is a professionals game only. You can’t go into thinking that you know what to do. As a matter of fact, investing requires professionals to not only know exactly what they are doing but, also be able to predict what others are going to do. Anything less than these skills will eventually result in a costly mistake. Having said that, perhaps no other investor or financial expert has built a reputation like the one Matt Badiali has. An investment prospector and researcher by trait, he has worked his way up to being an advisor in his field. In other words, other trained and highly qualified investors look towards him for advice. If that’s doesn’t show you how knowledgeable he is at what he does, who knows what else will. Nonetheless, he is in a position now where he is able to teach normal everyday income earners how they could and should invest their money. This is a priceless experience that is sure to positively impact those who are willing to learn from him. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at how Matt Badiali is teaching people how to invest their money. Visit Matt Badiali on Medium.

Investing And Other Wealth Strategies With Matt

In an article on Matt Badiali his take on how people should invest, more than anything, he gives us one tip that does more than any other investment tip could. As Matt Badiali puts is, this tip is the number one thing anyone can do for their investments today. As for what that tip is, Matt describes it as being able to sell stocks based on risk and not emotion. This is an error that, according to Matt, is one of the biggest errors plaguing even expert investors. It can be hard to shake off. However, Matt also makes it clear that once an investor can learn to do this, they are in for a huge hit. To be clear, this is not a way of ensuring success when you invest your money. After all, investing is all about risk. However, once someone makes this very crucial change, they increase the chances of success tremendously. Website:

Sustainable growth is a crucially important goal for many investors. They are looking for investments that make sense in the long run. This is a philosophy that investor Mark Holyoake understands very well. Over time, he’s learned exactly how to manage capital well. This is process that is ongoing. He continues to learn about markets and how to spot potential opportunity. Holyoake begin in many ways by investing in the private food sector. He quickly became very successful at it, earning a steady return on his income that did well no matter the present market conditions. He learned to spot opportunity in many places. One area of particular interest to him is the country of Iceland. He was a prominent investor in the country’s oldest and most admired fishing company. His insights rapidly paid off as he was appointed to the board of Seafood International. During his tenure, the company saw rapid and impressive growth.

Collaborate Effort

At the very heart of investment strategy is an understanding of the value of collaboration for all concerned. Collaboration means that all people involved share a common and ideal purpose. He helped bring together everyone for the same purpose. Rather than outsource things, he realized that many tasks could easily be done in-house for the benefit of workers and all outside shareholders. In doing so, he brought are more streamlined process to the entire organization. This allowed for greater control and allowed for reduced costs.

Each Day is Different

One of the many challenges that Holyoake really loves about his job as an investor is each day is different. For him, as for so many others who share passion for investing, he loves that each day is totally different. Each day brings new possibilities he gets to respond to and think about. In general, he finds that he is very productive early in the morning. As a morning person, he makes sure to begin his day when he is at his sharpest. Then it’s off to all sorts of different kinds of experiences every single day.

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In Angola, Unitel is one of the largest telecommunication firms. The firm has been making bold steps under the leadership of Isabel dos Santos. Currently, Unitel is being integrated into the WEF (World Economic Forum’s). While striving to grow further, Unitel is re-organizing the firm’s board. The shareholders will vote, and some members will continue serving within the corporation, and others will not. The shareholders are convinced that restructuring the company’s leadership is one of the ways in which they can enhance the growth of Unitel. Although not all shareholders were convinced about the voting process, the activity progressed as earlier planned. Most of the shareholders unanimously voted for Isabel dos Santos and four other people. A successful businesswoman would continue serving at Unitel.

The newly appointed board members will assume their roles within a month, and they will be assigned their board positions during that time. Most of the shareholders have showcased that they have a lot of confidence in Isabel dos Santos. Her expertise qualifications include the experience that she has garnered in the construction, finance, and education sectors. Her experience has allowed her to serve in various leadership positions in different firms, and that is why her leadership prowess is termed as invaluable, especially when leading large corporations. The voters kept all these factors in mind during the voting process, and they are confident they made the right decision.

Other factors that came in handy included her international upbringing. Isabel dos Santos has interacted with people from different cultures, and that is one of the reasons why her skill set is diverse. Her problem-solving skills are also good. As an investor in the telecommunications industry, her background in electrical and electronics engineering has helped to enhance the growth of Unitel. The telecommunication entity has also been implementing different forms of technological advancements throughout Angola. The firm has also managed to stay afloat since 1971. At the moment, Isabel can acknowledge that her unique innovation has played a key role in the growth of Unitel and other firms that are in technology-oriented fields. The standards of governance at Unitel are also admirable. The firm also values moral and intellectual integrity.

Igor Cornelsen is a highly experienced financial advisor who owns Bainbridge Investment Corp. His company, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, helps people grow their assets through investing. He entered the financial services industry in 1970 after graduating from college with a degree in economics. He spent 25 years as an executive at major investment banks before striking out on his own.

He has unique approaches to investing that have paid off very well for his clients. Igor Cornelsen says to never follow the crowd when it comes to investing is one of his rules. Most people want to invest in well-performing stocks which he says is completely wrong because the big money has already been made. He says to instead invest in damaged stocks, not damaged companies. This means the stock of companies who are currently undervalued by investors and will no doubt rise over time.

He says that any investor needs to conduct in-depth research into the companies they are thinking of investing in, their industries, and the overall economy of the country it is based in. One an investor has gained enough knowledge about the situation they can confidently invest their money accordingly. Igor Cornelsen says to keep emotions out of your decisions and just look at the facts. Emotional investing typically leads to disaster.

He says you also need to be very careful to follow the rules, especially if you’re investing internationally. When investing in your own country you know what the cultural norms are and the laws surrounding investing are pretty clear. You can easily mess up when investing internationally, though, as these aren’t familiar to you. He says to make sure you do your due diligence and find out the rules of the country where you are thinking of investing some of your money in a company.

Carrie Mae Weems is today one of the most influential artists in America. With her influence comes with a keen awareness of the kind of space she occupies. Her mere presence in whichever role she takes portrays often helps to tell a very compelling narrative about today’s society.

Her latest performance was at Sharon Prince Grace Farms Farm Foundation. During the performance, she was able to creatively encourage the audience to consider societal inequality, injustice, and race, as she continued to create space with her performance skillfully.

Using her powerful voice and her backup group of talented singers, dancers, and poets, Carrie implores us to take into account some of society’s relentless injustices and violent actions.

Using images, text, and words, Weems was able to take her audience through some of the most violent actions that have occurred in society in the past. By the end of it, she took the audience through what would happen if action was not taken to control what is happening in the society.

The performance helps bring the audience to the possibility of society becoming extinct. Weems goes on to inquire whether society would be willing to consider the value attached to a single life and to put an end to the relentless violence. By the end of the performance aptly titled Past Tense, she is able to leave some space for hope—as she herself remains hopeful that society will one day consider the impossible, and make a change for the better.

Sharon Prince Background

Sharon Prince serves as the President and Chairperson of the Grace Farms Foundation. The foundation was launched in 2009. Its sole purpose is to try and enhance lives through society’s engagement with faith, community, justice, arts, and nature. She is also credited with commissioning the River Building, which won the Pritzker award for its architectural design.

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Isabel dos Santos is one of the most successful businesswomen in Africa. She has for several years been appearing on the Forbes list of African billionaires. The latest news on this influential businesswoman and investor is that she has a disagreement with the Angolan President. In the Mid-May, President Joao Lourenco annulled the state’s contract with Isabel dos Santos’ company Urbimveste because he had discovered that it was overbilling the state. The contract had been entered when the government of Angola rolled out the Marginal da Corimba project and her company was among those contracted to deliver services and see the project through to completion.

Isabel dos Santos was not pleased with the President’s course of action to take her company off the project based on false information. Such allegations also had the potential of destroying the reputation of the business and hers as well. On her social media account, she said that she was entitled to a good reputation and a good name just as everyone else and no one had a right to tarnish her reputation. She said she has several companies and has ensured that they all operate correctly, fairly and in a legal manner.

It is the second time that the actions of the President have been disappointing Isabel dos Santos. A while back President Joao Lourenco executed some measures that had a negative impact n the interests “clan of saints” which is made up of people from her father’s family. Urbimveste also responded to the allegations through a statement where they clarified that the President action was unwarranted and what he had said about the company was false.

It is through sheer hard work that Isabel dos Santos has become an influential person in Angola and also in the world. Currently, she is the head of Unitel, which is the largest telecommunications enterprise in the whole of Angola. She has also invested in numerous other sectors within Angola and abroad. She has implemented projects whose purpose is to promote economic development in her country. He has also been encouraging entrepreneurs in the grassroots as part of her strategy for the economic development of this country.

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HGGC on Bringing the Best out of People

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Something important to note when bringing up HGGC is that they have developed the industry of private equity drastically since the point at which they entered the race. This race often is so daunting that it scares off young entrepreneurs hoping to make a similar change in the world to what HGGC has been able to do throughout their lifespan. They are here to say, however, that no matter how low you are on the business food chain, you will still be able to find a way to succeed if you simply give it everything you have.

People who do this are exactly what big businesses are looking for when they are trying to hire new members for their board of directors. If you want to be able to utilize your opinions on the world to influence the current state of business, then familiarizing yourself with loss is extremely important. Losing is part of what makes a winner so good at winning. They are only able to reach that state after they have taken several falls, and the people who are more likely to do that are the same ones who put forth the energy HGGC looks for.

Because of this, it is not primarily about a person’s track record when it comes to employment. An employer simply looks at the potential you have for being a good employee, and if that potential appears high, then you have a good chance at landing yourself a career. On the other hand, if you are not willing to put forth any effort, then you cannot possibly expect to reach the level of influence HGGC currently possesses.

Besides influence, they want to ensure that they are making positive changes within their community whenever possible, whether that be going towards families, schools, or local businesses. The point is, they want to create a world where all people have the opportunity to succeed. In their eyes, this opportunity is essential in creating a perfect entrepreneur. Without that window of hope to push someone into pursuing a full-time career, it is difficult to expect anyone to reach their full potential. HGGC does their best to bring this out of everyone.

Isabel dos Santos is a businesswoman of Angolan descent. She was born in born in Baku, Azerbaijan SSR to the former Angolan president, Eduardo dos Santos who reigned power from 1979 to 2017, and his first wife. She is the eldest of her siblings. She studied in Kent, UK and later to King’s College in London to pursue electrical engineering.

According to Forbes, she has an estimated net worth of 2 billion US dollars and is by far the richest woman in all of Africa, therefore one of the most influential women in Africa. Isabel dos Santos has worked to accumulate the kinds of riches she now enjoys. She has worked in managerial positions in big companies including Netherlands based Unitel International Holdings BV, where she was chairman of the board of directors.


Unitel is the largest telecommunication operator in Angola and a company listed on European stalk exchange. Isabel dos Santos has also worked in a number of other sectors; entertainment where she opened a night club in Miami, energy, media, retail, banking and finance. She has made major business investments in Portugal and Angola.

Despite being successful in most of her ventures, Isabela Dos Santos also had her share of misfortunes. She has been in the limelight more than once for the wrong reasons. Isabel dos Santos was demoted from being chairperson of the board of directors at Unitel International Holdings for mismanagement of finances. She also had several scandals as to her appointment to government offices just because she was the president’s daughter. She was appointed as chairwoman of the Angolan State Oil Company, Sonangol and was subsequently forced out of office only two months after the new president, João Lourenço, came into office.

She continues to open up investments to new ventures particularly in Portugal and never seems to be put down by any of the troubles she faces in the business world.