If you are a regular reader of the investment advice publications that are produced by Banyan Hill Publishing Company and the authors that work there then you are most likely already familiar with Freedom Checks. These are the investment opportunity that was first created by Statute 26-F which would allow individuals to receive regular payments from corporations in the oil and natural gas industry but would also help to minimize their overall tax burden at the end of the year. They were first popularized by Matt Badiali one of the leading commodities experts for Banyan Hill Publishing Company.

You may have also recently heard about the new Trump Bonus Checks which have been popularized by Mike Burnick. If you had success with the Freedom Checks than you may be thinking that this is the next big thing. However, unlike the Freedom Checks which were popularized by Matt Badiali, these Trump Bonus Checks are not really different from traditional investments. In fact, all these Trump Bonus Checks really are dividends that are paid out by hundreds of corporations across the country. While it is true that there are a number of corporations which have to begin to pay out larger dividends as a result of the lower corporate tax policy that has been enacted by the Trump administration most investors are already reaping the benefits of these investments.

If you are looking for new investment opportunities and are not already heavily invested in the Freedom Checks then it will probably be of more benefit to you to go ahead and invest in them. They present a unique way to create a regular stream of revenue that will be paid to you throughout the year. The most exciting thing about this investment is that the money that you receive from them is treated as a return of capital and not as new income. This means that instead of being taxed at the income tax rate they are only taxed at the capital gains rate of tax which is significantly lower. The savvy investor will most likely already have assets in both of these investment opportunities.

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What Is A Trump Check

A Trump Check really has nothing to do with President Trump. The Check was named such by Mike Burnick. To earn the check, you have to pay 99 dollars a year to join Mike Burnicks newsletter. Burnick claims that you get money when foreign investors put money back into the United States. To earn any money what you actually have to do is invest in companies that Burnick recommends.

What are Freedom Checks?

Freedom Checks, created by geologist Matt Badiali, is a different type of investment. The companies that these checks invest money in are called Master Limited Partnerships. The MLP’s are companies that produce, processes, storage, and transportation of oil and gas in America. The companies work like any other stock investment. To qualify as an MLP, the company has to pay 90 percent of their income to their investors. There are around 568 companies that qualify as an MLP. To purchase an MLP, you purchase it like you would for any stock. Money received from MLPs is considered a return of capital. Because of this, there is no income tax charged on earnings.

Which One Is Better?

Both checks are investments and require thought before purchasing. They both require an upfront financial investment. With any investment, there is a certain risk involved. Freedom Checks there is more flexibility about just who, and how much you invest. With the trump checks, you first have to pay 99 dollars to receive a newsletter showing what to invest. For some, the upfront cost is a turn-off, but for others, it might make them feel better having a guide through the investing processes. Freedom Checks counts on the American oil and gas boom to gain back on its investment. The trump check seems to depend on Burnick’s experience. There are pros and cons to each one, and it depends on what you feel more confident investing in.

Randal Nardone co-founded the Fortress Investment Group in 1998, along with his close friends Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman. They established the company with a lot of confidence, knowing that it would develop into a successful businessman in financial sector. Being a key figure in the company, Randal Nardone contributed his knowledge on how the company could develop unique strategies that would make them more competitive in the market. Randal Nardone also used his skills to persuade people in investing at the Fortress Investment Group, and years after the company was established, the assets that they are managing grew to a billion. Knowing that they can still earn more profit from their business, the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group started to become more aggressive when it comes to persuading investors in working with them, showing them how the company could change their lives. Many people were impressed as to how the company manage their assets, and because of word of mouth advertising, a lot of new clients came, willfully investing their assets to the company.

Their effective management at the Fortress Investment Group opened new doors for growth. Opportunities came left and right and the co-founders of the company grabbed everything for the sake of the company. The Fortress Investment Group debuted at the NYSE in 2007, and they sold 8% of the company to the public through an Initial Public Offering. It was equivalent to $600 million worth of shares, and it boosted the company’s performance in the market, drawing in additional investors as their company value skyrocketed. Through effective management and strategic development, the co-founders of the company managed to save the Fortress Investment Group from the global recession that crippled financial companies around the world. They have a detailed plan on what to do whenever a similar scenario took place, and they were awarded a few years on for their effective strategy in dealing with economic recessions.

The Fortress Investment Group is currently under the ownership of the Softbank Group, after the private equity firm was purchased for $3 billion. Randal Nardone continues to fulfill his role as the company’s chief executive officer.

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Rodrigo Terpins was destined for a career in professional athletics. Being raised by a father who had hit the highest level of basketball in Brazil helped to instill an ironclad work ethic into Terpins early years. He would follow his older brother into the professional rally car driving circuit and there he would ascend toward the top of his industry. Rodrigo would peak in 2014 with a 3rd place finish in the T1 Prototypes Class at the Sertoes Rally, one of the most difficult circuits in all of Brazil’s rally racing scene. Despite the 3rd place finish and the thrill that came with it, Terpins has seemed infinitely more excited about his work as an entrepreneur. Let’s learn about Rodrigo and see what plans he has for the future.


As an entrepreneur, Rodrigo knows that he can best do his job by identifying trends and looking for opportunities. Coincidentally, if you can find a field that you strongly believe in to invest in, all the better. For Rodrigo Terpins, data and analytics led him to work in the wood production field where Brazil is a major player in South America. Rodrigo Terpins noticed that Brazil’s wood production industry relied heavily on wood that was not produced with a certification, thus proving it to be procured without a mind for environmental sustainability. This led Terpins to establish Floresvale, a sustainable wood production company that sources wood from certified farms.  For more info you can visit 1000variedade.com



Floresvale helped to put Rodrigo on the map as an entrepreneur but we would be unwise to call ti his crowning achievement. Rodrigo Terpins knows that an entrepreneurs job is never done and so he is continuing to push forward in the industry while trying to establish himself as much as possible. Terpins is constantly doing research while looking into both international and national industries. Right now, Terpins is interested in technology and the potential for medicinal and recreational marijuana investments. As with any work as an entrepreneur, nothing is guaranteed but a lot is on the line. With Rodrigo Terpins’ current level of success, it should be easy to see him continuing to improve in the coming years.