One of the remarkable events “Edwin Miranda entitled as the VP of quality at Cytovance Biologics” being assigned to lead the entire quality function at the company. Edwin Miranda is highly qualified with an experience of 33 years in the field of bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. His remarkable achievements have brought a depth of knowledge and occurrences in the areas of quality assurance, surrounding solid and liquid verbal dose and biologics and cosmetics.

Edwin Miranda Biologics has become the fortune of Cytovance Biologics a contract-based development & manufacturing company. The company is reported to have said that Edwin Miranda is a seasoned and matured biologic who is an experienced executive to join motivated team of Cytovance Biologics. His wisdom and employee management abilities will serve as marvelous and valuable assets to the company.

Edwin Miranda has been serving the successful FDA quality management team with his tremendous skills before joining Cytovance. He is also entitled to launch the NDA that is a new drug application for Keppra. Moreover, he has also served his services at few known and successful pharmaceuticals such as URL pharma, legacy pharmaceuticals & primal care as the Director and VP of quality assurance. But what is to be highlighted is that in all these roles at different institutions he has been handling the:

• Quality management system
• Overseeing the compliance functions &
• Developing a successful plan of remediation

He has managed around 480 observations that resulted in proper standing acknowledgment of EIR (Establishment Inspection Report). An army trouper Edwin Miranda is a graduate of Angelo State University in BS Chemistry & Biology and has made remarkable efforts in the field of biologics. He has joined Cytovance as the biologics at the perfect timings of the year and has accelerated the success of the company by managing the quality assurance team.

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