Unitel has been one of the biggest and most influential telecommunications companies in all of Angola, and the company has had a considerable impact on the development that this sector has been seeing for the past several years. Unitel is being led by Isabel Dos Santos who stands as the leader to this company. Santos has been in the driving seat for several of Angola’s top industries and companies and has an incredible recognition for the kind of business that she partakes in. She has been a key part of the development progress that the company has witnessed and has played an influential role in the development of the different sectors within the country. Her success story is nothing short of remarkable, especially because of all that she has been able to achieve.


The background and education opportunities that Santos has had have played a significant role in the development that she has experienced. She is the daughter of the President of Angola and is someone who had the good fortune of going to some of the best schools and colleges in the entire world. In spite of this backing, she knew that if she wanted to be independent and make a name for herself, she would have to step up her game and truly stand out. She was always interested in being an entrepreneur and decided that she would one day lead her own company. Santos had to work incredibly hard to be able to achieve this and believed that her hard work is what led her to the position that she currently holds.


The field of real estate was one of the few that Santos decided to start a company in. This was one sector that was experiencing an incredible amount of growth during that time, and Santos capitalized on this opportunity and started up a successful company there (Everybodywiki).


The experience that she gained working in different positions is what enabled her to be such an efficient leader. Isabel dos Santos has divulged into a number of different industries and has worked at several well-known institutions all over the world. When she led her own company, she knew exactly all that she wanted to achieve and working towards those goals.


Information about Dos Santos´worldwide speeches at http://www.itwebafrica.com/ict-and-governance/523-africa/245313-africa-has-to-become-digital-unitels-dos-santos-tells-europe

Lovaganza is a worldwide celebration and tribute to all the cultures on the planet. The spectacular one of a kind celebration is scheduled for 2020. These celebrations come from the entertainment brand Lovaganza and have been named ‘The Bohemian Adventure.’

Lovaganza Celebrations will entail a worldwide tour that will run for over four months from May through to September. This tour is called the Lovaganza tour and will be experienced in over 50 cities across the world. The audiences will experience the cultures of the world through works of art, dance films performances and exhibits. The celebrations were scheduled for 2015 but were rescheduled to create ample time to incorporate the latest technologies in filming.

The Lovaganza show will also include a display of its Cinematic films. This will be done through their glassless 3-D technology as well as 2D technology. The films in the Lovaganza tour have been set in the cultures they are to represent. This means that they are creating celebrations that everyone in the globe will be part of. They have chosen original and outstanding locations for their films. The Lovaganza trilogy entails three motion pictures which will be displayed to the world through a breathtaking filming technology that has never been experienced before. The trilogy will be shown to the audience by traveling theaters moths before the official launch of the celebrations. It will be presented again during the celebrations in all the locations.

Lovaganza 2020 world celebrations remind us that we are living in a small world. The diversity of our cultures should therefore not come in between us. These celebrations on Wikidot.com are going to bring people much closer to a global level by promoting peace, love, and tolerance amongst the different culture of the world. They are going to bring the global village an experience that will change their perspectives on others quite significantly.

Lovaganza supports a foundation called Lovaganza foundation; this is an organization that uses the success of the Lovaganza in filming to make a positive impact on the world. Lovaganza Foundations also aims to ensure that all children get quality healthcare, education, security, and access to clean water. Their 2020 celebrations are going to inspire the world to live a with more understanding for we are all the same, and culture is just a shade unique to all of us making our world a beautiful place to be in.

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