The financial media has recently been debating the “inverted yield curve” which is considered a sign of inevitable economic recession. Some experts believe another recession is lingering, like the 2008 drop in the market while others are taking that idea to the next level and divesting from the market. Other experts believe this is not a major problem and advice to continue investing as usual. How does the average investor know who is correct? HCR Wealth Advisors is advising that this is not a yes or no answer.


The Inverted Yield Curve

A yield curve is defined as the expected return from a set of various investments. In general, investments have higher return rates for those with longer terms (a one-year investment will yield less than a 10-year investment). In other words, the longer you wait for your money, the more you will make. When the yield curve inverts, the short-term investment yields higher returns than the long-term investment. For the entire economy, economists analyze Government bonds and notes, focusing on the gap between the short-term and long-term bonds, and this is where the inversion occurs.

Does the Yield Curve Guarantee a Recession?

Although the yield curve inversion has historically preceded every recent United States recession, not every recession has been immediate. In 1965 and 1998, the yield curve inverted but the recession occurred two years later.

HCR Wealth Advisors is telling the American public not to panic. Recessions are the result of numerous factors and the impact does not emerge for several years. Therefore, HCR Wealth Advisors are telling clients to proceed cautiously and look for safer options but don’t move it around as a knee-jerk reaction.

What they do

HCR Wealth Advisors is a wealth management firm headquartered in Los Angeles, California who provides financial planning and wealth management advice. They operate based on creating strong relationships with their clients and a network of experts by building trust. The result is a high retention rate of clients. Trust is built by HCR Wealth using old-fashioned transparency and honesty regarding their fees and walking their clients through the various planning tactics, so they understand the process.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment advice.


Equities First Holdings was able to establish itself in the United Kingdom in 2013 by the acquisition of a company called Meridian Equity Partners Limited. The name of the company would be changed, and it will be the first entry into a new market located in Europe for Equities First Holdings. The success led to other offices and it helped with the production of over 650 transactions. The loan secured by most businesses from Equities First Holdings is considered a no purpose loan which allows the loan to be used for any purpose.

Sharon Prince is the Founder and serves as President of Grace Farms Foundation (Grace Farms) in New Canaan, Connecticut. The Foundation was created in 2009 with private operating funds. The vision for Grace Farms is to have a public space shared by not-for-profit organizations and individuals to engage with nature in a spirit of community, faith and justice. Ms Prince holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from the University of Tulsa in Tulsa, Oklahoma as well as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the same university. She received the Lives of Commitment Award in 2017 from Auburn Seminary and was privileged to be a Jury Member for the American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Honor Awards in 2018.

Recently the work Sharon Prince Grace Farms and the Foundation have been doing at Grace Farms was outlined in the online publication Architectural Record (see: “Grace Farms Foundation Aims to Combat Modern-Day Slavery in Building Materials Supply Chain,” by: Miriam Sitz, September 4, 2019 introduces-initiative-to-combat modern-day-slavery-in-building-material-supply-chain ). Following are a few highlights from this piece.

The Foundation has brought together a number of leading professionals in design, architecture and engineering to create a bold, altruistic venture aimed at combating modern day slavery in the construction industry. In the article, Ms Prince notes that slave labor is used in the global supply chains that are utilized in this field to yield greater returns on investment. Her goal, and that of the Foundation, is to start a movement, through multiple channels, leading to more ethical building supply chains in the design and construction arena. She likens this effort to that of architects and builders to create more environmentally friendly plans, processes and finished results. A developed list of “slave-free” project guidelines aims to help engineers and construction professionals avoid materials coming from forced labor.

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Because of the overwhelming amount of support GPB Global Resources has been lucky enough to receive since the start of their career, they feel an impending sense of responsibility looming over them in the workplace. To them, it is as though the world has granted them their blessing for pushing the industry forward, and because they are the type of people who want to support the human journey, they are proud to be in this spot.

That being said, it comes with a great level of pressure, and this can often be too much to bear when you are constantly working and looking for new ways to improve. This can be an obsessive field of work, but because of this, everyone involved with GPB Global Resources is truly invested in their work. Their emotional care for the investments they make show that they truly are working to create better relations between the company and consumer in investment. What they are looking for when they decide upon a new corporation to invest in is whether or not that corporation shows themselves to be capable of enacting further growth with the proper opportunity. View also on Forbes

Oftentimes, GPB Global Resources speculates that it is too much opportunity at once that can throw some budding businesspeople off. When a successful idea takes off, it often gives you an overwhelming sense of power the first time around, one that very few people are used to feeling. Because of this, it takes a moment to tame all of the power that comes along with being an international investor, and the type of employee they personally look for is that which will take great care to consider each possibility that stands before them before they choose upon any. This is the most basic principle of business, and through teaching people to do this, GPB Global Resources finds that they are able to push morale in the industry forward. In their minds, the basics are often what matter the most, and at the same time, it would seem as though they are the first part about a career that we choose to neglect.

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