Vogue recently received international fashion labels for an organized dinner DonataMeirelles in Sao Paulo.

The dinner was inclusive of a buffet prepared by We Cook Buffet, by chefs Raphael Ramos and Lais Villa Real. Brothers Bar catered the drinks with the most popular drink of the night being the combine rose-orange, pitaya sorbet, Monkey gin, pink pepper, and Riverside tonic. For the wine, it was Terrazas de Los Andes and champagne for Perritt-Jouet toasts.

DonataMeirelles is a fashion expert who happens to be one of the most sought-after fashion influencers in her country, Brazil. With comprehensive experience in the fashion industry, which spans over thirty years, she has managed to carve a name for herself. She began from humble beginnings in the fashion world in her early twenties. Visit her on Instagram for updates.

Her first spell was as an international buyer in Daslu, which was a hallmark that cemented her career. The stint at Daslu amassed her into global recognition. DonataMeirelles later progressed to turn into one of the five best international buyers in the world based on the French fashion magazine, L’Officiel.

With her broad global experience,reputation,and fashion networking, Donata Meirelles earned another opportunity with Vogue Brasil seven years ago. Currently, she serves as the head style director, and over seven years she has assisted in the development of the brand into one of the world’s most revered and recognized international editions of Vogue Brasil. She is backed with massive support from her Instagram account handle with over 500,000 followers.

She hails as the founding member of the Women in the World Foundation, which supports various NGOs such as the Brazil Foundation and amfAR. In addition, Meireless was honored for her philanthropic efforts and activeness. Furthermore, she scooped a Humanitarian Award for her public advocacy for people living with HIV/AIDS.

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Also known as John, Ryan Seacrest, 45, was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a respected American radio as well as a television personality. He is also a revered producer who has spearheaded the production of different programs. He hosts On Air with Ryan, American Idol, in addition to American Top 40. Ryan Seacrest has appeared on numerous television shows (Facebook).

Early Life

During Ryan’s school years, he served a local radio station before joining the University of Georgia for a course in entertainment. He moved to Los Angeles and took over ESPN as the sport’s host. Two years later, Seacrest appeared on Gladiators 2000 as the show host. In 2002, he co-hosted the singing talent competition American Idol. Until 2016, the show was aired on Fox. It returned on air through ABC in 2018. Seacrest became a significant household name. His positive outlook attracted masses of audiences. In 2003, Ryan Seacrest started hosting American Idol alone. He then launched his show, On Air with Ryan in 2004. However, the show ended a few months ago.

Contribution to Philanthropy

Seacrest has since continued to host different radio shows. One made it to the list of syndicated shows in 2008. Two years later, Ryan Seacrest established a personal brand, Ryan Seacrest Productions. The organization has overseen reality television programs such as the famous “Keeping Up With The Kardashians’’ in 2007, Khloe and Lamar in 2011, and It’s Complicated by Denise Richards. Seacrest has also taken other responsibilities including hosting the American Top 40 since the initial host retired. Seacrest has also hosted E Live!

In business, he believes that success hinges on being positive when it comes to solving issues. Employers hire individuals with solutions to problems. Therefore, it’s essential for a prospective business professional to respond with a yes when pitching an idea.

Ryan Seacrest founded the Seacrest Studios to help in forming broadcast media centers. The organization helps patients in pediatric hospitals to explore different creative realms in radio and television. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation also positively impacts their lives by bringing uplifting energy into the community. 
More about Ryan´s awards at https://www.instagram.com/ryanseacrest/?hl=en

Over the past few decades, the Brazilian fashion world has always had a few standout figures. As of late, one of the more eminent of these has been Donata Meirelles who has held a couple of positions in the industry over recent years. Perhaps one of the most notable of these has been with Vogue Brazil, where she could discuss fashion with the publication’s readers, as well as to get feedback on recent styles and trends. Moreover, she’s likewise been known to feature a number of outfits and styles have been grabbing her attention. Through the majority of this, Ms. Meirelles has had a couple of fashion items that she couldn’t live without. Visit her facebook account to learn more about her platforms.

One of the most noteworthy of these may also happen to be one of the more surprising, Ankle Boots, although Ms. Meirelles has a couple of reasons why she’s become hopelessly enamored with them. When it comes to style and outfits, they offer a greater range of hues, textures, colors and more to match practically any outfit. Because of this, Ms. Meirelles has claimed that in addition to the fact that they help add another layer to various outfits, they can likewise be worn practically any season. This is because, as she’s highlighted over the years, the different styles that are on offer with Ankle Boots imply that they can be worn all year.

As examples, you could use Spring and Summer Dresses, where the boots can add an extra layer to the outfit. Nonetheless, she’s noticed that they can look incredible with Autum outfits, as there is an assortment of Autumnal colors to choose from. With this, Donata Meirelles has noticed that they can be a somewhat versatile boot. In that capacity, she’s said that people would be able to last year-round with a few pairs of Ankle Boots. Over this, Ms. Meirelles has also noted that she’s been a fan Bucket Bags recently.

These were initially well known during the mid-1990s, although they’ve become popular in recent years. Quite a bit of this can be because of the diverse looks that are offered by them. Nonetheless, Donata Meirelles has noted that they can be a lot more functional than others, without loosing style. This is because they’re relatively small and lightweight, so there shouldn’t be an issue with holding it all evening. Moreover, they’re additionally amazingly simple to organize and root around through while looking for something. To find more details on Donata’s profile, you can visit her at https://br.linkedin.com/in/donata-meirelles-74b604a1

The RealReal is an online e-commerce consignment company specializing in second hand high end fashion. The e-commerce industry continues to gain momentum, and market forecasters predict this trend to continue well into the future. According to a recent report, companies like The RealReal have helped to make the online consignment industry worth more than $41 billion dollars and is expected to exceed this amount by 2022. This is in part, thanks to millennial shoppers who value a good bargain as well as recycling. This new wave of shoppers has helped to make second hand fashion more than acceptable. By 2027, market forecasters believe that more than a third of the population will be shopping at companies like the RealReal.

The San Francisco based company the RealReal has recently secured $115 million dollars from venture capitalist, bringing the total raised from private capital to $288 million dollars over the last seven years. With this new capital CEO Julie Wainwright plans to expand her footprint in the e-commerce industry. Currently the company has stores in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco. These store fronts offer a no pressure atmosphere where customers can bring the items they want to sell for evaluation and consignment. With the new capital the company will open more fulfillment and authentication centers as well as open new stores across the country.

RealReal stores, like the one in Manhattan, offers far more than just high end consignment and vintage shopping. At this location shoppers get more than just a luxury shopping experience. To keep customers coming back they also offer jewelry and watch repair, jewelry cleaning services, handbag repair, an onsite cafe with free WiFi, and a flower shop. Workshops are also available on how a Rolex works or on how they authenticate items. The team at the RealReal is excited to open more stores like this in New York, and looks forward to a future as a major contender in this unique industry.