Steve Lesnard’s Two Key Points in a Marketing Campaign

Today’s social media is that, media. It’s plenty of light, sound and information, all at once. And it’s immediate. Which also means a LOT at once. Such are the internet and the question of how to be heard above the noise.

What is the media part of it good for? An experience, when used properly. Otherwise it adds to the sound and flurry of online information. Your message can get lost among the other various items. Digital and social media can work for or against you.

How do you get it to work for you?

Steve Lesnard, a marketing and consumer expert at Global Brand Marketing, identifies two key marketing principles.

1.Something to Talk About

What’s the real benefit in your product? What’s innovative or a new feature or application, a new tool in the set that no one has? Knowing these key elements helps to simplify and work out your product’s theme.

As an example, Steve Lesnard points to Apple’s marketing of its watch, basing it largely on the topic of safety. The wearer is more reachable in emergencies, while fitness monitoring systems help maintain health.

2.Bring That Story to Life

Once you have your signal clear, that helps you stand out from the internet noise. You can use the media aspects of social media to create an experience or context around your product and elaborate on the situations or possibilities it creates.

As an example, an outdoors company can use social and digital media, such as images and video, to demonstrate its product’s attributes at work in the activities of representatives who live an outdoor lifestyle, bringing that product to life.

The two questions to keep in mind, says Steve Lesnard, when setting up a marketing campaign, are the benefits that make the product unique and memorable and the creative use of social and digital media to bring that product’s story to life.

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Jana Lightspeed serves at a top-notch venture capital firm. It is certain that Jana Lightspeed interacts with a variety of people at her firm and as she does her job on a regular basis.

As such, it is important that Jana Lightspeed understands the concepts of a holistic life, understanding balance and providing value overall in every setting that she is a part of.

Being a responsible adult and being a responsible VC is very important to Jana. She knows that as long as she is keeping herself in check and keeping herself balanced overall, that she can live out a great life and do her job quite well.

As a part of her job, she might look at different studies, talk to researchers and learn.

On Mental Health Talk

One key trend in Silicon Valley is that of mental health. As such, she may look at a study by Harvard talking about mental health and joy. One particular study may be of interest. One noted in such a study that those happily married in their 80s tend to have minimal to no effects on their overall mood, even on days when they felt physical pain.

Furthermore, interesting insights on dating apps.

Dating Apps are Not the Only Answer

So what if you are aromantic, recently out of a relationship, or simply single by choice? Would you never be happy?

Thankfully, that is not how it goes.

As mentioned in the study’s findings, happiness is not only dependent on romantic relationships. You could find strong social support in platonic relationships as well.

The key is to find people that you can connect with, the ones you could rely on, and the ones you always have on your side during your highs and lows. Jana is quite likely to heed to these words and see how they translate in the real world.

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Mark Holyoake is an iconic investor, especially in the food industry. He is an investment genius who saw business opportunities where others failed to see. A perfect example is his investment in Iceland Seafood International. Mark purchased the company when the economic scene in Iceland did not look very promising. Iceland Seafood International was a top seafood company in Iceland, but the economic instability was taking its toll on the company.

Mark believed that under the right leadership, Iceland Seafood International had the potential to continue growing and expanding its areas of operation to Europe. Mark Holyoake provided the leadership that the company needed and after about nine years, the company is a giant in the seafood industry. Mark Holyoake has a wife and three kids. He attended the University of Reading and graduated with a business degree.

Running bis seafood companies is not easy and requires a lot of hard work. Mark Holyoake has directed various companies, and with his expertise, he has transformed them into reputable companies. Looking back to when he started his career, Mark Holyoake wishes that he had taken things slowly and with more patience. Being new to the industry, young entrepreneurs tend to rush things. Mark Holyoake advises against hurrying. According to him, approaching projects with patience yields better results than trying to rush things.

In a bid to be a better businessman, Mark Holyoake tries to share his ideas with as many people as possible. By sharing the ideas, he can get views from different people. Not everybody has the same take on the business. Ideas vary according to backgrounds and experience, Mark, therefore, sources Mark Holyoake’s information from a variety of people. Mark Holyoake works closely with a team of talented people on all his projects. He makes sure that his team members agree with him on different matters before embarking on a project to yield better results.

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There are two criteria for determining if the company is on the right growth path — annual revenue and the number of employees. According to 2018 reports by US Business journals, Spaan Technology is one of the few companies that are redefining growth, primarily on the annual revenue and more importantly, the growth in its number of employees.


The growth of the above company is as a product of better policies and more importantly, the leadership of Smita Shah. As a product of the best universities in business (Oxford University) and MIT (Engineering), it is correct to state that she understands what it takes to run a company — that is a hybrid of the two disciplines. According to NYT, for example, her mastery of business and the construction market have made Shah a brilliant mind in this sector.


For example, she understands that an ideal company appreciates the importance of employees in its growth. In the last 20 years, she has invested in her employees in diverse ways. She has invested in in-job training, where her employees learn from experts already in the construction market. Shah is also keen on paying for conferences for her employees and therefore expanding their understanding of the market.


Apart from her commercial works, she is part of other assignments — as an engineer and as a policy analyst. Smita Shah understands the importance of better policies in the contraction market, and she uses her understanding to help government agencies in different policy formulations. In most cities in the USA, for example, her contributions are visible, especially in designs and world-class renovations.


She has also worked with various political figures in different projects — on subcontracts and through their offices. One of the most prominent political figures she has worked with is Barack Obama — when he was a senator. Due to her brilliant approach to renovating the then-senator, different entities approached her on similar projects but in different capacities.


Although the world of engineering and contraction is not synonymous with awards and recognitions, different entities have recognized Smita Shah for her contributions in injecting professionalism in this market. Smita Shah believes that these recognitions are perfect indications that her contributions are visible — not only in the engineering world but also in the general service market. Learn more:


Ellis Island Medal of Honor, for example, has identified her as one of the most passionate private citizens in the construction world. Different commercial magazines have also nominated her for her work in redefining the construction industry — which most professionals have termed as rigid to technology and commercial trends. Her versatility in this niche has earned her different appointments in different advisory boards in the USA. Her understanding and approach is a rare gem in this vast market. Follow Smita Shah on Twitter

Isabel dos Santos is a businesswoman of Angolan descent. She was born in born in Baku, Azerbaijan SSR to the former Angolan president, Eduardo dos Santos who reigned power from 1979 to 2017, and his first wife. She is the eldest of her siblings. She studied in Kent, UK and later to King’s College in London to pursue electrical engineering.

According to Forbes, she has an estimated net worth of 2 billion US dollars and is by far the richest woman in all of Africa, therefore one of the most influential women in Africa. Isabel dos Santos has worked to accumulate the kinds of riches she now enjoys. She has worked in managerial positions in big companies including Netherlands based Unitel International Holdings BV, where she was chairman of the board of directors.


Unitel is the largest telecommunication operator in Angola and a company listed on European stalk exchange. Isabel dos Santos has also worked in a number of other sectors; entertainment where she opened a night club in Miami, energy, media, retail, banking and finance. She has made major business investments in Portugal and Angola.

Despite being successful in most of her ventures, Isabela Dos Santos also had her share of misfortunes. She has been in the limelight more than once for the wrong reasons. Isabel dos Santos was demoted from being chairperson of the board of directors at Unitel International Holdings for mismanagement of finances. She also had several scandals as to her appointment to government offices just because she was the president’s daughter. She was appointed as chairwoman of the Angolan State Oil Company, Sonangol and was subsequently forced out of office only two months after the new president, João Lourenço, came into office.

She continues to open up investments to new ventures particularly in Portugal and never seems to be put down by any of the troubles she faces in the business world.


After observing the world’s population and the things that affect the youth, Bhanu Choudhrie noted that though the young population was burgeoning, many challenges affect them. He was astonished to note that university graduates are working as casual laborers in China, young alcoholics in Russia, and ‘surplus young men’ in India. Because of this, he opted to start the C&C Alpha Group. It is an organization that partners with various other parties to come up with solutions that affect multiple countries. They do this through several events called the Emerging Markets Symposium.

Creating better education strategies

Bhanu Choudhrie noted that one of the reasons the young population is a troubled lot is a problem with the education systems. Some of them are outdated while others do not address the real issues that affect the leaners. Because of this situation, most learners who go through such education systems end up with nothing useful to do and therefore, they sink into desperation. Through Emergency Markets Symposium, these entrepreneurs hope to come up with better education strategies so that learners can get the necessary skills that will help them to cope with modern life challenges.

Overhauling health systems

Another thing that the organization hopes to achieve is an overhaul of health systems in the countries where they operate. They say that some of the health systems do not address the kinds of health issues that are troubling society. For instance, they use outdated treatment techniques and therefore, they do not offer the type of quality treatments that people deserve. With the use of modern science and innovation from the best minds in the world, people should not be suffering from health conditions that they can avid with ease.

Although Bhanu Choudhrie lives in England, he has spent his life in other parts of the world. After he was born in Delhi, India, Bhanu Choudhrie moved to America after completing his education. There, he studied international business and marketing at the University of Boston and was an intern as JP Morgan Group. It was after his internship that he moved to England to start his career and investment journey. To know more Bhanu Choudhrie just visit

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As blockchain technology continues to revolutionize different aspects of life as we know it, Serge Belamant keeps finding new technologies that have the potential to do the same. Serge is the holder of the patent for the first incarnation of blockchain technology which he developed in 1989. He is a tech expert who was born in Tulle, France, a businessman and also an entrepreneur. When he was 14 years, his father decided to move the family to South Africa in search of greener pastures. This businessman and entrepreneur was a very brilliant student and graduated from Witwatersrand University with a degree in Computer Science and Technology. In a recent interview with, Serge Belamant about entrepreneurship and success. Visit

Becoming an entrepreneur

In his interview with, this tech expert revealed that he became an entrepreneur to satisfy his goal of inventing and coming up with solutions for different problems. He pointed out that it was not possible for him to execute some of the ideas that he had when he was employed, so he decided to go ahead and become an entrepreneur. Serge Belamant stated that in his recent business endeavor, Zilch, his son was his inspiration. They teamed up together to try and find a way to provide financial solutions to the young generation through interfaces that they are much more familiar with. This tech expert stated that through Zilch, he was looking to offer financial tools to people through their smartphones.

Becoming successful

Serge Belamant pointed out that every entrepreneur looking to become successful should clearly lay down how their idea would make money at the concept stage. He pointed out that some entrepreneurs end up failing because they have a business that does not have a clear strategy of making money. Once the money-making strategy has been identified, the entrepreneur should now move on to chasing profitability. Serge Belamant stated that it was not enough for a business to make money. It has to be profitable if it is to survive. He went on to mention that depending on the business and what it offers, the duration it takes to become profitable may vary. Read more on

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Glenn Schlossberg has had a very successful career over the past few decades; over that time, he’s been seen as a leader and an innovator in the fashion world. After holding some positions in the fashion industry, Mr. Schlossberg felt an entrepreneurial itch that he needed to scratch. However, he knew he couldn’t do it himself and turned to his wife Zena, who has an MBA from Cornell University. She helped him to write a business plan so that he could attract potential investors.

Eventually, Glenn Schlossberg got the financing he needed to found Jump Design Group in 1990. Over the past thirty years, the company has gone on to become one of the most significant suppliers of quality clothing in the fast-fashion industry. Brands under Jump Design Group’s banner include the likes of Bebe, Marina, Tiana B. and Macy’s spanning formal and everyday wear. Glenn Schlossberg has also run his business somewhat differently than many other American fashion manufacturers; instead of outsourcing the development of products, they’re made domestically.

Throughout this time, Schlossberg and the Jump Design Group has largely focused on creating quality products in an efficient way; this has led to the company being able to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Mr. Schlossberg has also noted that building the company from the ground up is probably his greatest accomplishment. He’s also noted that he’s extremely proud of the philanthropic work, but has said that much of this wouldn’t have been possible if not for Jump. As successful as he’s been, Glenn Schlossberg has learned a variety of lessons that have helped him over his career. One of the most notable of these is the value of hard work; to properly succeed in business, potential entrepreneurs need to be dedicated enough to put in extensive hours of hard work every week. This will often involve putting in a lot of long hours while establishing a business, reports by

Persistence and determination will eventually make the business a success. With all of the success that Glenn Schlossberg has achieved, he’s frequently been asked what advice he would give to someone looking to establish a business. Looking back on his career, he noted that he had very few financial commitments when he founded Jump. Because of that, he was able to take more financial risks during the early part of his career that ended up being successful. Because of that, he’s said that you should start your business as early as possible when you have very few responsibilities outside of the business.

From young passion to growing entrepreneurial powerhouse, Lime Crime Cosmetics founder, Doe Deere, has proven to be a force to reckon with. Staying true to her own tastes and natural talents, she’s managed to catch the attention of so many women who love life and are learning how to show it! One of her main objectives; don’t fear color! Which can be seen in her beautiful makeup line for “unicorns,” as she has humbly been credited for.

Her creative edge doesn’t end at vegan, cruelty free cosmetics for the bold.. With an ever-growing, world wide following, Doe is fortunate to have an abundance of creative leeway to experiment and live out her visions. Her newest endeavor; Poppy Angeloff. A vintage, heirloom-esque jewelry line inspired by her own family’s antiques. Upon finding her family’s collection of heirlooms she decided to revive the classic, vibrant looks women in the Victorian era adorned so elegantly and effortlessly.

Bold, bright and fashionable pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation; that was a driving force in her design choice. Heritage, history and timeless class that tells a story all on it’s own. She wants women to exude this fierce confidence every single day and without doubt in who they are. She wants women to be unapologetically themselves in all they do and it shows in her mindful work.

We can’t be sure where the young Doe Deere’s creative mind will take her next, but she shows no desire to slow down just yet. Amongst actively designing and creating, she found time to give 3 key pieces of advice that she believes are pivotal to success for any young entrepreneur.First, Always make passion your number 1 driver. Second, Become a customer & familiarize yourself with your industry. And Lastly..”Take the risk. The only way you’ll know if your vision will work is to try it.” -Doe Deere

Shafik Sachedina is an experienced dental surgeon and a joint chairperson with Shiraz Boghani at Sussex Healthcare. The company work towards providing specialized support and care especially to people with Dementia and Alzheimer in South England. Shafik was initially from Dar es Salam, Tanzania before moving to England. He is an alumnus of the University of London where he got his dental surgeon degree. He has since become a British national and has held many positions in different healthcare companies. Shafik Sachedina also serves at the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan as the head of Department of Jamati Institutions.

Shafik Sachedina uses his vast experience to impact lives through Sussex Healthcare. He has also been involved in philanthropic activities by volunteering in big healthcare organizations in Europe. Sussex Healthcare has over 20 residential -care homes in the United Kingdom. The organization provides educational and recreational healthcare services that prioritizes on the quality of life for the patients. Senior citizens in the organizations care homes are provided with physiotherapy and reflexology services. The facilities also have a well-equipped modern gym in commitment to the wellness of the patients. Visit Shafik Sachedina on facebook to learn more about his platforms

Shafik Sachedina offers leadership to experienced medical professionals at Sussex Healthcare. The team has greatly offered quality services towards their patient’s wellbeing. The organization has also benefited from medical professionals graduating from the University of Chichester who offer their services at the institution. In return, the institution awards these individuals with a diploma from the University. This is a motivation of the students who have offered their services to Sussex Healthcare organization through an internship to proceed with higher studies.

Many people continue to choose Sussex Healthcare facilities either for themselves or their loved ones. Besides the relaxing services, the organization provides other services that keep the patients active. The services include swimming, sewing, gardening, and crafts. The patients are served by certified and highly trained caregivers. Shafik and members of the top management value the impact of human resources in the line of caregiving. To enhance this, they provide constant training and competitive compensation to keep the staff motivated.

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