Funding your business idea can be incredibly difficult for some people. While the idea that they have for their business is rock solid, they may be lacking the necessary funds in order to get it off the ground. This can leave many potential business owners frustrated and confused when it comes to getting their business ideas moving. Fortunately, James River Capital has some information that will change the way that you look at funding your business and give you some insights on how to get the funding you need.


Consider Crowdfunding

The internet is a powerful tool that brings together people from all over the world. Crowdfunding started a few years ago and has taken off ever since. It allows you to find people that will end up donating for your cause to get your ideas off the ground. All you need is a great pitch idea to get people’s attention and they will happily donate towards your business idea.

Venture Capital

James River Capital is a company that works with venture capital and knows its importance. Typically, venture capital is reserved for large scale businesses that need a lot of funds. Fortunately, James River Capital has the resources you need in order to get the large-scale funding that will help your business take off.


Finding an investor for your business can be incredibly tricky. Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there that can help you find an investor that will fund your business ideas. Angel investors have been known as a reliable source of investment that is open to new ideas out there. Fortunately, angel investors can be found online or through networking groups if you look hard enough. You will need a good pitch to catch their attention. However, this may be the right course of action for you if you are good at selling!

Sergey PetrossovRunning a business can be a challenge, especially for someone who is responsible for a large company worth over a billion dollars. Add to that challenge only being 28, and you begin to get a picture of the figure behind the success of JetSmarter, a type of “ride sharing” jet charter that has become real competition for commercial airlines and private jet charters across the country. Sergey Petrossov has managed to accomplish a task few will ever attain while still in his 20s. 

Humble Beginnings

Sergey Petrossov moved to the United States in his teen years. At some point in his 20s, he was riding on a charter jet and had a brilliant idea. He sat down with the CEO of the company and discovered how the business was operated and made sweeping, modern changes to the traditional way they do business. He saw a need for a more streamlined, technology-friendly private jet service, so he enlisted the help of a top app designer and created an app-based company catering to the affluent primarily.

In just a few short years, Sergey Petrossov was able to raise millions to expand his business and partnered with celebrities and the Saudi Royal Family. Today his company is continuing to grow and has upgraded the app to be more user-friendly and convenient. 


A Driven Entrepreneur

Sergey Petrossov currently serves as both the President and the CEO of his company. His shoulders most of the burden running JetSmarter day to day. His work ethic and determination to become one of the top airline companies in the world has helped his company to become wildly popular and allowed it to expand to some of the most popular destinations in the world. 

JetSmarter is currently on track to offer service to additional territories and will continue to upgrade their services and the flexible options it allows its customers to take advantage of, for less than traditional private jet charters. 


“So, what jet smarter really stands to be is what we call the world’s greatest travel and lifestyle community” – Sergey Petrossov

The Three Pillars of JetSmarter  


SERGEY PETROSSOVPredictive Hospitality

Predictive hospitality is using the social media presence and the feedback from JetSmarter members to hone in on: what they really like to do, who they want to meet and where they want to be in their lives both personally and financially. So as a result, JetSmarter can cater to them with predictive hospitality. Staffers find out where members want to eat, and where they like to stay. It is what JetSmarter calls an end to end experience. 


The social pillar of this three-pronged approach is who you’ll see on the flights and who you may interact with once you land. JetSmarter’s Sergey Petrossov feels that air travel should be a community experience from end to end.

Air Travel

Of course, this is the basis of what JetSmarter does. They don’t own their jets. What they do is provide access to private jet travel to two types of customers: 

One customer only flies private jets whenever possible. They’re very familiar with the experience. They know what they like, and they know what they don’t like. JetSmarter is trying to provide a superior experience to these customers to get them to become members and continue to use the service. Also, Sergey Petrossov wants them to tell their friends who are in the same financial situation as they are – wealthy.

The second type of customer that JetSmarter wants to attract is the customer who is wealthy, yet they have not experienced private jet travel before. The company mostly relies on word-of-mouth advertising, that is satisfied members to convince their friends to become members. 


They access the luxury jet experience via an Uber-like app on their cellphone. Members have this access to all three facets of the JetSmarter experience at their fingertips. 


The business story of Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is one that involves a lot of innovation and striving to adopt new technology to grow his wealth and portfolio. While most of his career had a focus on the energy sector, he has expanded his interests in recent years. Though his business interests are an important part of his life, so is philanthropy and giving back in a variety of different ways. As someone with so many ties to the energy sector, Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez does his best to ensure that the projects that he is involved with are as green as possible so that they leave a smaller footprint on the environment. Connect Linkedin to see Alejandro’s profile.

While helping the environment is important, so are the people that are part of their projects’ surrounding communities. This is why Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez and his companies have put such a strong focus on education and other related projects. Not only have they offered opportunities for training and advancement in the energy sector, but they have also aided in the construction of a school in a developing region. Their involvement with these types of products does not just end when the building is completed, but they also provide help and guidance to ensure that they are successful for years to come instead of just at the beginning.

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez graduated in 2002 from Suffolk University in the state of Massachusetts. He began studying for his Bachelor’s degrees in International Economics and Business Administration in 1998 and after graduation, he decided to move back to Venezuela, his native country. Currently, the entrepreneur and oil industry expert is based in London, England, but he does business in many regions throughout the world. He currently serves as the President of Hawkers Co., an eyewear company that was founded on December 11, 2013. He made a 50 million euro investment into the sunglass startup back in 2016 and became President of the company later in 2016. After years in the oil industry, Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez decided to start working in the finance industry as well as fashion retail.

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Gustavo Martinez is someone who has had an enormous impact on the advertising industry with the numerous plans of action that he has implemented. Over the course of his thirty-five-year long career, he has worked with a wide variety of companies and names within this industry and has put forward several successful advertising campaigns using his knowledge of advertising and his understanding of customer bases.


One of the first companies that Gustavo Martinez worked at was Price Waterhouse. Soon after, he shifted to a company known as Henkel. It was here that Gustavo Martinez started to gain an incredible amount of attention to the work that he was doing. After spending some time working in this company, he decided to move to McCann World Group, which is where he rose to the role of President of the company. He also served in the role of President for Ogilvy and Mather. The most prestigious position that Gustavo Martinez held through the course of his career was when he was given the role of CEO of J.Walter Thompson Worldwide, one of the most notable advertising and marketing firms in the entire world. He spent a considerable amount of time within this position before he decided to branch out and take on newer entrepreneurial ventures. This move was a bold one, which has nevertheless proven to be incredibly beneficial for Gustavo Martinez and the progression of his career.


Gustavo Martinez has always wanted to revolutionize the advertising industry and always wanted to take on a new approach when it comes to advertising. He is well aware of the fact that advertising is a creative activity and is something that needs to pull on the heartstrings of those who need to hear a certain message. By doing this, he has always tried to put out some of the most effective ads which would work well on potential customer bases.


Gustavo Martinez has always believed that good advertising requires flexibility and creativity and deems the work done in an advertising agency to be significantly different as compared to that within an average corporate. He has always viewed advertising as a form of applied artistry, deeming it to be something that uses art in a way that captures audiences and draws them towards a particular product or service.


Gustavo Martinez is also incredibly knowledgeable about the business side of the industry and understands the role that good business relations can play in the establishment of a good advertising campaign or strategy. He believes that advertising industries need to find the right balance of attributes to ensure that they are operating at their most optimal and are being able to serve their clients in the best possible manner.


By being a consultant, Gustavo Martinez has been able to help brands reach their full potential and has helped them become notable names within their industries. The work done by Gustavo Martinez in this regard has helped them formulate a better business strategy and has enabled them to reach new heights with regards to the advertising and marketing work that they do.


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Darien Dash is an entrepreneur and business executive known as the CEO and founder of DME Interactive Holdings. Some of his notable accomplishments include making the first African American internet company to be traded on Wall Street. His company has been able to teach minorities essential computer and leadership skills to thrive in today’s economy. Dash grew up in an excellent family structure that started to deteriorate in his adolescence, however, he used it to make something of himself. The executive understands marketing concepts and technology. Being raised with a family of talented individuals in the entertainment industry only helped Dash excel as he created Roc-A-Bloc records alongside his cousin. In fact, the label was so successful that it raised over 100 grand during his second year of college and even signed rapper Jay Z.

The entrepreneur also worked with President Bill Clinton to expand internet access to everyone. He also worked with the CEO of HP to create a firm named Places of Color that won an award for the firm of the year. The company was formed to sell low-cost computers to minorities. Darien Dash accepts that The Movement Management Firm was created by working with clients for many years. The business executive recounts that his day to day activities start by waking up early, working with clients, traveling, and handling other duties. Some ways that they have been able to bring ideas to life is by not discriminating against anyone of stature or background, and instead, working with clients individually to execute goals. One trend that has excited him tremendously is seeing minorities elevate their status in the work world and work with one another. He has personally seen different movements to address injustice and inequality at its roots; that is what pushes Darien Dash. To know more about Darien visit

The individual mentions that he is a creature of habit, and he believes in the process. Some advice that Darien Dash shares are for people to continue to accomplish their goals and build for the future. He recommends that entrepreneurs keep a track of their finances because it can destroy a business or impact its success on the market. He reflects that his strategy of holding the clients to utmost priority has gone a long way to his success. Darien Dash finds excel useful and recommends that communities read the bible simply because it is the book of life.

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Is there anything sadder, or more frustrating, than seeing a seed of an idea you came up with for a product or service bloom into a successful and profitable reality for someone else who also came up with it? But, unlike you, they had the financial backing to grow it. And therein lies the answer — funding. The problem is money doesn’t find you. You have to go out and find it. 


You could say that Paul Saunders knows a bit about funding, having traversed a successful career in finance that led to his current success as founder, chairman, and CEO of Virginia-based James River Capital, an investment advisor firm that focuses on a variety of asset classes including fixed income arbitrage, global macroeconomics strategies, managed futures trading, and asset-backed securities,  corporate credit, and more. So, if you’re ready to secure the money you need to move your idea off the drawing board, or out of the lab, and out into the real world, here’s a treasure trove of options he’s seen work for other entrepreneurs. 

Tried and True Sources of Funding

While not every one of the following tips may work for you, there’s sure to be one suited to your situation and goal.  Mr. Saunders wouldn’t have included any had he not seen them work for some enterprising entrepreneur like you.


Like charity, bootstrapping begins at home. It involves using your own sources, be they savings accounts, credit cards, or funds borrowed from family or friends. And as a bonus, you may attract investors who, seeing that you have used your own money, take it as a sign that you will do everything you can to protect yo ur vested interest as well as theirs.


The opposite of bootstrapping, crowdfunding depends on contributions from strangers who have one thing in common — they see promise in your project. As proof of the effectiveness of crowdfunding, several online platforms, such as Kickstarter, have achieved their own financial success in bringing together entrepreneurs and small investors. But before it will work for you, you need to have a marketing plan in place so you can make believers out of those who are willing to contribute with no expectation of being paid back, other than perhaps a token of appreciation.

Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists

Both of these types of investors are on the lookout for companies with promise. The difference is whereas angel investors are interested in your ideas and may be willing to help out with direct loans or connect you with  potential investors in their networks,  venture capitalists have their investors interest at heart and so are looking for companies that can give them a  high rate of return, as much as 3 to 10 times their investment in as little as 5 to 7 years.


If your credit is good, you can apply for a bank loan, a line of credit, or if you’re willing to pay a bit more in interest, or submit to more scrutiny, an SBA loan. And don’t overlook your chamber of commerce who may be able to advise you on how to secure a local loan.

Trading Equity

If you’re averse to incurring debt, you can issue stock in your company in return for investor funding. The good news is that you need not pay it back. The bad news is you’re ceding some of your ownership and with it, sole control.

Look Before You Leap

The key to creating a successful and prosperous business is to first decide on what you want your business to look like before you decide on the best funding option for your situation. It’s how Paul Saunders has been able to build a flourishing empire that has prospered for more than twenty years.


There has been a lot of talk about diversity and the need for businesses to embrace it, but is this currently being done? Even more so, several business and activist leaders feel it’s even more important to state the benefits of having a diverse workforce including QI Group Executive Chairman Vijay Eswaran. Eswaran stated to a World Economic Forum research panel that businesses who have more diversity also foster more innovation, creativity, and have environments where empathy tends to prevail a lot more. And many business owners who have embraced diversity in the workplace have noticed that morale and overall cultural appreciation tends to be higher. Eswaran does believe that progress is starting to be made in certain cultures for fostering women and minority opinions and opportunities in entrepreneurship, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

Vijay Eswaran is Malaysian by birth, but Indian by ancestry. He developed a strong work ethic and strong spiritual beliefs from learning from his father and uncle. Eswaran studied and worked abroad for several years in the UK, France and eventually the US. He decided to return to the Asia Pacific region to try and help cultivate a business community there, and it was an interest he found in multilevel marketing business models that he decided to use. QI Group Ltd. was officially started in 1998 beginning with a few products that were sold through QNet, its chief flagship company. Over time, Eswaran overcame debt and cash flow shortages to fund QI Group, and today it has several other subsidiaries managing luxury brands, credit access services, and even vacation resort real estate. Another key project Vijay Eswaran has been overseeing is QI City, a development of green energy buildings and transportation services that’s a part of QI University-Perak in Malaysia.

Vijay Eswaran often writes about how you can improve your lifestyle, find more fulfillment in life and learn how to sacrifice for the benefit of others in his books. One of his first bestselling books was “In The Sphere Of Silence” which included sayings from famous civil rights leaders. Eswaran makes philanthropy a priority at QI Group and has even dedicated his own salary to many important causes through the RYTHM Foundation wing of the company. His family foundation known as the Vijayratnam Foundation has helped many disadvantaged special needs children over the years, and even helped communities affected by two major tsunamis over the years. Find out more about Vijay Eswaran:

HCR WEALTH ADVISORSHCR Wealth Advisors is a financial advisory firm based in Los Angeles, California. The company focuses on establishing a strong relationship with its clients while at the same time, giving them financial advice and helping them reach their financial goals. Many of their clients have been working with them for more than ten years – a testament to the quality of work that they demonstrate.

HCR Wealth Advisors offers advice in a variety of areas, including life insurance policies. Life insurance is a financial product that can be bought to provide support for beneficiaries in case of death. Life insurance lessens the impact of one’s passing, and it can be used to eliminate debts, pay expenses, cover lost income, and maintain your family’s lifestyle. Getting life insurance is a part of preparing for the future because no one knows what will happen. HCR Wealth Advisors is ready to help their clients choose which insurance policy works for them.

A life insurance policy works as a contract with the issuing insurance company. A lot of families have benefited from the financial assistance offered by financial firms. Most of the time, the money that they receive as insurance proceeds is tax-free, and it is fully paid to the beneficiaries without extra costs. However, the estate that will be handed to the beneficiaries might require estate tax. HCR Wealth Advisors can help one plan for life insurance, and they can offer advice to clients on the best deals. The company will also help a client understand how life insurance policy works and what its benefits are.

In general, life insurance policies are classified into two types – term and permanent. Term insurance policies are on a time-period basis, usually paid between ten to twenty years. When the term ends, the coverage terminates. People are getting a term life insurance because they wanted to ensure their loved ones of continuous income whatever happens to them.

Permanent life insurance, on the other hand, should be paid for a lifetime. The premium is higher because the insurance is being invested as well. Talk to the HCR Wealth Advisors and see how they can help.

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.


“james reese tigerswan”

The private security industry involves providing clients with the necessary assistance they acquire. A training even held in North Carolina gave civilians a first-hand experience into what type of work occurs. The exercises involved engaging in a hostage rescue mission among other high-risk duties. For the civilian attendees, the event existed for their education and entertainment. TigerSwan employees take part in such tasks for real and to help protect people’s lives.

 James Reese co-founded TigerSwan, a top private security firm. He also co-founded the training facility referenced above. Today, he oversees 300 employees at the firm. The employees all handle different duties with the field operatives dealing with hands-on security details. Their work is hazardous at times, which is why only the most capable people can work as contractors.

James Reese revealed that TigerSwan, like other small businesses, is heavily reliant on hiring the right people. Experience plays a significant role in whether someone can perform as expected. Small businesses can’t survive unless employees commit themselves to do their jobs. Putting in the time isn’t enough. Neither is trying to do the right thing but falling short.

“james reese tigerswan”

At TigerSwan, a great many veterans boasting of prior military experience work for the firm. These professionals contribute valuable experience to the overall team of employees. James Reese, an 80% disabled veteran, suggests the veterans’ focus on completing their missions helps them perform well. That’s not to suggest Reese feels the civilian team members of TigerSwan lack value. They provide critical support in many areas.

James Reese does realize running a small business as TigerSwan comes with risk. No small business has any guarantees to survive. The CEO notes the right employees do help support the company’s potential for success. He also isn’t ignorant of market factors, either.

If there is no demand for a small business’ services, the business can’t last. A dangerous and complex world does create a need for what TigerSwan offers. In addition to hands-on personnel, the company provides consulting work, too. Considering how many new dangers arise around the globe, don’t look for the demand for private security work to decline.

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