They say it takes a lot of ambition and guts to make it in the entertainment business, especially in the world of television- and that’s true. But, if you’re ready, willing, and are stockpiled with talent. then just maybe you can stake your claim with success. And award winning Executive Producer Bennett Graebner is a perfect example. 

The Buffalo, New York native dreamed of working in the film and television industry while attending Vassar College, where he graduated with a degree in English and made Phi Beta Kappa. After relocating to the West Coast, he enrolled at the University of Southern California to continue his studies and got a MFA in Film Production. After graduating, Bennett Graebner landed jobs in a garden variety of projects in Hollywood. Acted in a short, directed, worked in the camera electrical department, and managed quite nicely as cinematographer on a couple of films. 

No doubt, Bennett Graebner’s jack of all trades, wealth of experience helped the brown-eyed creator collaborate in a host of popular reality television series and other film projects. Graebner worked as Executive Producer on ABC’s The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and TLC’s Love at First Kiss. Graebner’s openness to new ideas and strong work ethic helps him achieve the kind of success all of us strive for in the rough and tumble entertainment business (Vassar). 

The entrepreneur has been asked a host of times what it takes to make a popular reality television show thrive and stay alive. And the 47 year old film producer has expressed that it’s basically all about creative storytelling put to action, which at times can be “challenging” especially in reality tv. because of it’s real life characters and the fact that nothing is so-called scripted. However, Bennett Graebner enjoys seeing each production come together when the people connect and inspire their t.v audience in a bigger way than imagined. 

Graebner’s creative talent hasn’t gone to his head either. The happily wed man and his wife, Vanessa Aberman have been married since 2003 and have two beautiful children. The visionary says that he looks to his family and friends many times for inspiration and creative ideas. Bennett never looks down on anyone and keeps an open mind when it comes to collaborating to bring about successful film or television production. 

Graebner’s typical day starts at 6 AM, with a vigorous 4 mile run and an enormous amount of coffee. Then, the rest of his day is filled with an array of either off-set production duties or camera ready ones. No matter whatever detail is needing attention, Graebner is ready for action. And keep the coffee coming! So, with all that said- it’s not hard to see how this talented creator works. Bennett’s experience and technical skill is a result of talent, leadership, and openness. And that is what keeps creativity in motion. 

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