Born in June of 1978 in New Delhi, India, Bhanu Choudhrie is one of London’s leading entrepreneurs. He is most notably known for his philanthropy, strategic investments, and support of the aviation industry. Bhanu began his career by pursuing his education at the University of Boston for International Business and Marketing.

Continuing his education, Mr. Choudhrie completed Harvard business school. Following this education, Bhanu relocated back to London in 2001. Upon returning to London and with extensive education in hand, Mr.Choudhrie would go on to be a highly profitable businessman and an active philanthropist. Visit Bhanu Choudhrie on facebook to learn more about his platform.

Investments, Growth, & Aviation

In 2001 Bhanu Choudhrie launched a private equity firm C&C Alpha group alongside his family in London. To this day, Bhanu still serves as the corporation’s Director. Following his early success in private capital, Mr. Choudhrie was named Entrepreneur of the Year at the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards in 2008. C&C Alpha currently invests in the industries of healthcare, real estate, aviation, hospitality, and utilities. In 2006 Bhanu Choudhrie founded a subsidiary group, Alpha Aviation Group Ltd. The main goal of AAG being to train commercially competent pilots. In his subsidiary group AAG Ltd., Bhanu and his team also aim to recruit women to compensate for a global female pilot shortage. With his experience in aviation, Mr. Choudhrie has also heavily influenced the development of aviation in emerging airline markets such as India. In addition to these business ventures, Bhanu Choudhrie currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Customers Bank as well as Atlantic Coast Bank.

Charitable Efforts

Bhanu Choudhrie is a known philanthropist and charity advocate. As a member of multiple charity organizations, he serves to make an impact within a variety of fields and communities. Currently, he serves as a director for Path to Success and as a member of the YPO Mayfair Chapter. Mr. Choudhrie is also known as the founder of Stellar International Art Foundation. Stellar International Art Foundation is a non-profit organization based in both California and Bulgaria. The charity aims to assist orphans, disadvantaged children, and their families.


“james reese tigerswan”

The private security industry involves providing clients with the necessary assistance they acquire. A training even held in North Carolina gave civilians a first-hand experience into what type of work occurs. The exercises involved engaging in a hostage rescue mission among other high-risk duties. For the civilian attendees, the event existed for their education and entertainment. TigerSwan employees take part in such tasks for real and to help protect people’s lives.

 James Reese co-founded TigerSwan, a top private security firm. He also co-founded the training facility referenced above. Today, he oversees 300 employees at the firm. The employees all handle different duties with the field operatives dealing with hands-on security details. Their work is hazardous at times, which is why only the most capable people can work as contractors.

James Reese revealed that TigerSwan, like other small businesses, is heavily reliant on hiring the right people. Experience plays a significant role in whether someone can perform as expected. Small businesses can’t survive unless employees commit themselves to do their jobs. Putting in the time isn’t enough. Neither is trying to do the right thing but falling short.

“james reese tigerswan”

At TigerSwan, a great many veterans boasting of prior military experience work for the firm. These professionals contribute valuable experience to the overall team of employees. James Reese, an 80% disabled veteran, suggests the veterans’ focus on completing their missions helps them perform well. That’s not to suggest Reese feels the civilian team members of TigerSwan lack value. They provide critical support in many areas.

James Reese does realize running a small business as TigerSwan comes with risk. No small business has any guarantees to survive. The CEO notes the right employees do help support the company’s potential for success. He also isn’t ignorant of market factors, either.

If there is no demand for a small business’ services, the business can’t last. A dangerous and complex world does create a need for what TigerSwan offers. In addition to hands-on personnel, the company provides consulting work, too. Considering how many new dangers arise around the globe, don’t look for the demand for private security work to decline.

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Nitin Khanna’s career as an entrepreneur is respected by many in the business industry. Nitin has the experience, knowledge, and skills to lead any company to success. He is part of Mergertech as the CEO in charge of the company’s development. Nitin is a talented growth strategist and plan executioner, two attributes that have contributed to his success. He was raised in India, where he was exposed to different businesses by his family. The many entrepreneurs in his family influenced Nitin to be one himself. There are many steps that Nitin Khanna follows to become a successful entrepreneur. Firstly, he believes that surrounding yourself with people that share the same vision and mission as you is the best way of succeeding. In his companies such as Saber Software and Mergertech, Nitin Khanna recruited people himself. By doing this, he identified the best people for the job.

Once the best employees are hired, Nitin’s next step is to mentor them. He loves mentoring people and sharing ideas with them. After mentoring the employees, Nitin Khanna encourages them to go and mentor other people so that knowledge can be shared at all levels of the company. Secondly, Nitin Khanna identified his capabilities and nurtured them. He knew that he was not very good at sales operation and therefore did not waste time on the subject. He was more of a strategy guy and focused on this area. Khanna’s central role at firms is to develop a growth strategy for them and to nurture and implement ideas. Entrepreneurs also have to nurture their talents and focus on using the skills to improve their businesses like Nitin.

Nitin Khanna is a massive advocate for managing time and planning ahead of time. Planning ensures that things are completed before deadlines, and they are executed flawlessly. Workers at Mergertech have to make to-do lists to manage their time effectively. Everybody has free time on their hands, but it all comes down to planning. Nitin Khanna is a father of four children and needs to manage his time well so that he can spend more time with his children. The to-do lists have helped Nitin in finding time to be with his children.

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Hailing from The Motor City of Detroit, Michigan, Eric P. Lefkofsky is a popular and leading innovator and IT guru. Sitting on top of a giant fortune that he has amassed over the course of his career, Lefkofsky is listed on the Forbes prestigious billionaires list. He has started or been a part of a long list of successful companies such as Mediaocean, InnerWorkings, Lightbank, and more.

Due to personal reasons dear to his heart and his overall philanthropic spirit, Eric Lefkofsky decided to leave the pure business realm and enter into life-saving biotechnology. He recently created a new biotechnology company called Tempus. Tempus is currently spearheading ways to vastly improve cancer diagnosis. Through innovative ideas and strategies, Eric has already lead Tempus to the forefront of early cancer detection.

Experts within the biotechnology industry and referring to Tempus as an end-to-end service that helps hospitals and health institutes work together to maximize common goals more efficiently. Tempus is currently building a groundbreaking data set that once fully realized will provide a huge step forward in the fight against cancer. The data set seeks to harness a massive amount of patient-driven data and run it through an algorithm that is able to read gene sequences. The algorithm reads data from thousands of patients and analyzes their genes, thus formulating much better detection protocols against the particular genetic profiles that are at a much higher risk for certain types of cancers.

Where Tempus will generate revenue is by offering select patients their gene-sequencings analysis. In partnership with the cooperation known as Northwestern clinic, Tempus will provide their software in exchange for as much patient data as Northwestern is able to provide. With this data, Tempus will continue to grow their already massive data set to further increase the accuracy of their cancer screening system. The more data Tempus has the more accurate their software will become at early cancer detection.

Many biotechnology experts have noticed that the activities of Tempus and Lefkofsky’s role within the company have largely remained a secret. Is thought that due to the philanthropic aspect of the company that Eric likely wants to pull as much attention away from himself and instead cast the brightest light he can on the battle against cancer itself.

Successful women are not common in the market. Leadership positions in prestigious companies have male leaders who take charge and make things run smoothly. Smita Shah, a woman leader in business, wants the culture that favors men in the corporate world to change. Shah is successful in male-dominated departments. The business leader believes that this culture can change when women get the right motivation. Having more women in leadership will not happen in a day. Smita Shah, however, is confident that things will be better when women learn the following secrets.

Separate professional and personal lives

To earn a role in the business world, Smita Shah believes that women have to work for long hours. Everything needs to be in the right order so that you can at least get a top role in the corporate industry. For women who need to go far and lead the business community, they need to know the rules of delegation. There are many duties given to women at home and work. Without help, these women are bound to fail in business. Do not carry your computer at home and continue working even when it is time to spend with family. Show your bosses and family that you can keep our business and home affairs separate. When going home, your office duties should be complete. Learn more:

Learn how to manage your time 

Smita Shah’s achievements did not happen in a day. However, after a long and exciting journey to become a woman leader, Shah knows that time management means everything to a woman. When in business, many demands need time and energy from the women in question. When you finally become a successful woman in the business industry, you will note that your responsibilities increase significantly too. When you fail to manage your numerous responsibilities well, you will get a burnout. Time is very precious to women in leadership. Learn how to manage the little time you have effectively. Do not spend hours, weeks, and months locked out in the office because you are in a leadership position. Sometimes, it is vital to take some time so that you can look and reflect on your personal life. Your family is an important part of you that needs all the attention you can get. Resting enough will help you to be more productive even when you have many responsibilities. 

Ignore feminine stereotypes all the time

Many feminine roles exist in the community. If you plan to become a successful executive in business, ignore the stereotypes around you. Do not go to the kitchen to prepare a cup of coffee for your male colleagues just because the role is feminine. Do not ask for special favors from the men just because you are a woman in the workplace too.

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Gustavo Martinez is a multi-talented businessman from Barcelona, Spain who has worked in the advertising and marketing industry for over 30 years. He is also a globe-trotter, traveling to countries all over the world to see all kinds of different cultures.

Mr. Martinez was born in Argentina, but moved to Spain in his youth. Gustavo earned a PDG, General Management Program at the University of Navarra’s IESE Business School. From there, he continued on to earn his Doctor of Philosophy in economics at Universitat de Barcelona.

Gustavo Martinez has worked as a marketing and advertising consultant for decades now. He truly understands what it takes to bring good ideas to light, and how to make them profitable. Mr. Martinez is a team leader, so it’s his job to facilitate productivity and creativity.

Gustavo refers to himself as a workaholic, so he is always on the go, getting things done. Regularly, the advertising consultant works a 10 to 12 hour day, starting at nine in the morning. After working a long day with his team, Gustavo goes home and relaxes.

When it comes to the marketing and advertising industry, hiring the best talent is the upmost highest goal. This means any agency will give everything and their bathroom sink to find the best in the industry. Because creativity is the essential factor in this industry, keeping your team motivated and inspired are crucial. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Wikipedia  and Gustavo Martinez | Lanacion

The team brainstorm ideas throughout the day, and Mr. Martinez makes sure to validate all their ideas. He focuses on generosity, active listening, and validation to be a good leader. This is what creates true success in his line of work. If he did not exude these qualities, Gustavo would have not had a career lasting over 35 years.

Learn from people different from you and be more patient, would be some advice Gustavo Martinez would give his younger self. Most people could relate to having more patients in their youth. There is something that is very important to the marketing and advertising consultant, but may not be for others. Charity is a way of life for Gustavo.

He believes that kind acts of generosity are essential in life. The one thing that sets him apart from others is Mr. Martinez gives when no one is watching. He does not do it to raise his public image or for social status. He does it because he really cares in helping those less fortune.

Mr. Martinez recommends others to not put their name on a plaque to show off they donated. Do it humbly, he says. Being generous and kind should be a necessity in business, not something that you are being told to do. Gustavo has continued to donate to good causes and will so into the future.

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Marc Beer is an iconic and legendary figure in the healthcare industry and has led to the development of new treatment methods for diseases and conditions in the medical industry. Beer has served in the industry for over three decades and has made a name for himself in the industry. Many know him as a serial entrepreneur and a healthcare startup who has founded and helped established several startups. Beer Journey in the industry began way back in the 90s when he joined Abbott Labs, a leading pharmaceutical drug and device manufacturing company. Since then, Beer has remained in the industry and has played pivotal roles in the growth and development of the healthcare industry. Some of the healthcare companies that Beer helped establish and served in senior leadership positions include Genzyme, ViaCell, and Good Start Genetics.

Marc Beer currently serves at the helm of Renovia Inc Company as CEO and Co-founder. Beer, alongside two others, founded the company in 2016. The company is a healthcare startup company that focuses on device development and commercialization. Renovia Inc., since its founding, has revolutionized the treatment of pelvic floor disorder, a health condition that in the US affects over 13 million. The firm has developed a treatment method that helps improve the lives of women without necessarily having to go through surgery. Learn more:

Marc Beer, in an interview with inspired, said that what made him join the healthcare industry was the fascination of what modern medicine could do. Modern medicine, according to Beer, does not only heal the sick but can change the very course of nature. Beer added he could not imagine that there would come a day where people with severe health conditions such as diabetes or cancer that were considered to be incurable could this day be wholly cured. To Beer, that was a miraculous thing that Beer wanted to be part of. Beer was so inspired by the amazing things that modern medicine could do and wanted to also contribute to the industry.

The idea of starting Renovia Inc Marc Beer said came from Dr. Sam Pulliam. Dr. Sam approached Beer and told him that there is a condition that affects millions of women in the US and that he and Dr. Jose Bohorquez have identified an evidence-based approach to treating the condition. The condition was pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. The two Doctors had devised a treatment method that did not require surgery, and Beer thought it was an excellent Idea. The Doctors wanted someone with both the technical know-how as well as top managerial skills, and they could think of no one else but Beer. Beer ever since founding the company has been very pivotal in providing leadership and has helped the firm in securing both Series A and Series B funding.

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