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The private security industry involves providing clients with the necessary assistance they acquire. A training even held in North Carolina gave civilians a first-hand experience into what type of work occurs. The exercises involved engaging in a hostage rescue mission among other high-risk duties. For the civilian attendees, the event existed for their education and entertainment. TigerSwan employees take part in such tasks for real and to help protect people’s lives.

 James Reese co-founded TigerSwan, a top private security firm. He also co-founded the training facility referenced above. Today, he oversees 300 employees at the firm. The employees all handle different duties with the field operatives dealing with hands-on security details. Their work is hazardous at times, which is why only the most capable people can work as contractors.

James Reese revealed that TigerSwan, like other small businesses, is heavily reliant on hiring the right people. Experience plays a significant role in whether someone can perform as expected. Small businesses can’t survive unless employees commit themselves to do their jobs. Putting in the time isn’t enough. Neither is trying to do the right thing but falling short.

“james reese tigerswan”

At TigerSwan, a great many veterans boasting of prior military experience work for the firm. These professionals contribute valuable experience to the overall team of employees. James Reese, an 80% disabled veteran, suggests the veterans’ focus on completing their missions helps them perform well. That’s not to suggest Reese feels the civilian team members of TigerSwan lack value. They provide critical support in many areas.

James Reese does realize running a small business as TigerSwan comes with risk. No small business has any guarantees to survive. The CEO notes the right employees do help support the company’s potential for success. He also isn’t ignorant of market factors, either.

If there is no demand for a small business’ services, the business can’t last. A dangerous and complex world does create a need for what TigerSwan offers. In addition to hands-on personnel, the company provides consulting work, too. Considering how many new dangers arise around the globe, don’t look for the demand for private security work to decline.

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The future of the United States and the beyond is in the hands of the younger generations and Aaron Lupuloff is working to ensure that the children of Gwinnett County have access to a quality education that provides them with the tools that they need to succeed in their student and adult lives. One of the ways that the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation works to help these children is by supporting extracurricular programs and encouraging students to participate in them. With a diverse population in the county, Aaron Lupuloff knows that different children will need different tools to do well in school and he wants the district to do everything that they can to be able to provide these to them. The school district is located around Atlanta and contains some of the highest rated schools throughout all of the United States.

According to rocketreach.co, while the Gwinnett County Public Schools have already shown a lot of potential and success, Aaron Lupuloff wants to be able to do more as the Senior Executive Director of their Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. He has proven himself to be passionate about working to improve student achievement so that they can help support the leaders of the future from the area. The focus of the foundation and Aaron Lupuloff is that they want to ensure that these children are able to be successful in the future through innovations, scholarships, and other forms of support.

One of the ways that Aaron has been able to raise money and interest for the foundation and the initiatives that they lead is to ask for help from everyone that is part of his community instead of just the ones that are viewed as wealthy. Even the smallest donations can help and they all add up. He states that he is excited to see so many teaching professionals show more focus on the students that are considered more difficult than others. They are seeing great results that show that learning bubbles up to the other students and all of them are able to be more successful through these efforts. For more details about Aaron you can visit gwinnettdailypost.com


Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation Interview

Aaron Lupuloff, executive director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, discusses the organization during an interview at the Corky Kell Classic.

Nitin Khanna’s career as an entrepreneur is respected by many in the business industry. Nitin has the experience, knowledge, and skills to lead any company to success. He is part of Mergertech as the CEO in charge of the company’s development. Nitin is a talented growth strategist and plan executioner, two attributes that have contributed to his success. He was raised in India, where he was exposed to different businesses by his family. The many entrepreneurs in his family influenced Nitin to be one himself. There are many steps that Nitin Khanna follows to become a successful entrepreneur. Firstly, he believes that surrounding yourself with people that share the same vision and mission as you is the best way of succeeding. In his companies such as Saber Software and Mergertech, Nitin Khanna recruited people himself. By doing this, he identified the best people for the job.

Once the best employees are hired, Nitin’s next step is to mentor them. He loves mentoring people and sharing ideas with them. After mentoring the employees, Nitin Khanna encourages them to go and mentor other people so that knowledge can be shared at all levels of the company. Secondly, Nitin Khanna identified his capabilities and nurtured them. He knew that he was not very good at sales operation and therefore did not waste time on the subject. He was more of a strategy guy and focused on this area. Khanna’s central role at firms is to develop a growth strategy for them and to nurture and implement ideas. Entrepreneurs also have to nurture their talents and focus on using the skills to improve their businesses like Nitin.

Nitin Khanna is a massive advocate for managing time and planning ahead of time. Planning ensures that things are completed before deadlines, and they are executed flawlessly. Workers at Mergertech have to make to-do lists to manage their time effectively. Everybody has free time on their hands, but it all comes down to planning. Nitin Khanna is a father of four children and needs to manage his time well so that he can spend more time with his children. The to-do lists have helped Nitin in finding time to be with his children.

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ClassDojo is a place where students and teachers can get support for their education. It is very easy for people to get the results that they want when they work with ClassDojo, and they should see if they can work with this company to get the support that they need. This is a very simple thing to do when you are searching for help with your child, or this could be the right app to use when you are working with your class. There are some people who would like to use ClassDojo for simple things like conferences.

ClassDojo has recently done a training on mindfulness that will be very good for kids who are trying to learn about themselves, and this is also a very good way for these kids to learn how to manage their schoolwork.

The teachers that are coordinating with parents in the app can have a conference or just share information. Plus, teachers and parents get tips that will help them learn how to manage their children and their work. If you are hoping to do better for your class, you can use this program. If you want to get this app, you can also suggest it to the school.

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Dick DeVos was there when Detroit began to fall apart in the early 1990s. He saw the metropolis fall into an economic crisis, and he couldn’t help but wonder if things would have been differently with a better location of the Pontiac SilverDome. The teams had left the city, and now it was an abandoned ghost town with little to no business activity in the main centers of commerce.


There were problems across Michigan at the time due to the economic crisis caused by manufacturers closing down factories across the state. West Michigan was hit hard by this, but DeVos saw that he could pull Grand Rapids out of the muck just by making a few phone calls. He started by talking to the business leaders in downtown Grand Rapids.


While he had just come off a period of working as the Vice President at Amway Arenas, he was now focused on helping his hometown out of their struggles. He saw that he could help the most by partnering up with the business leaders and taking part in a group called Grand Action. This group would lead the way in re-building Grand Rapids, adding in new areas like the DeVos Performance Hall, convention center, and Andel Arena. These new buildings were meant to bring back the commerce to the center of town.


DeVos knew that there had to be more than one way to bring in new traffic and business. He saw a huge potential in business flyers or business travelers who were looking for new conventions and conferences to go to. He wanted to bring some of that business to Grand Rapids. While theyhad just built up the convention center, he knew that if the airport could add on some new flights to Orlando, Vegas, Denver, and St. Louis, he would be able to capture the market.


So he worked with the CEO of AirTran Airways to open up new destinations, including all of the ones on his list. This allowed the airport to sell more tickets and accelerated the growth of the airport for many years. In fact, the airport has gotten so popular that it has now won awards for its technology and convenience. It also surpassed 3.26 million passengers in 2018.


DeVos has been working hard with the FAA to help other airpots and provide advice on how he was able to achieve this success in his hometown. He wants to strengthen the industry as a whole and plans to help with budgeting, future growth plans, policies, and regulations as part of the Management Advisory Council.


In addition, DeVos has been working hard to ensure that his hometown continues to have big business gains. He meets with the council every quarter.


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ClassDojo is a startup that has created a platform for teachers and students to communicate updates with each other. ClassDojo has come up with $65 million and has made a massive leap in terms of its valuation rising from its value of $99 million in 2015. This boost arises from the impact and proper use of ClassDojo. It is used in over 95% of the k-8 grade in the United States. Out of 6 families that have a child in primary school, one family uses ClassDojo daily.

The largest market for this startup is the United States, but ClassDojo is deeply growing roots in 180 more countries. In countries like Hongkong, Singapore, the UK, Spain, and the UAE. Its usage is by 25% of primary school teachers. ClassDojo’s growth has majorly been from the word of mouth and organic ways. It is an employer of only 40 people.

ClassDojo has been consistently focused on its mission that entails finding the barriers that may prevent teachers from teaching children and doing its best to resolve and eliminate the obstacles. ClassDojo has made communication between teachers and parents more effective. Teachers get to share photos and videos of their class twice or thrice a day. Teachers also get to keep track of the student’s performance and any positive traits. Messages from parents are also sent and received via the platform, noting down absenteeism for reasons such as being ill. Generally, ClassDojo has increased the positivity and engagement of students. Behavioral problems have also significantly reduced.

We may never know what has driven Betsy Devos to be one of the most persistent political voice, and especially with her unorthodox opinions. One might say she is a typical Republican, yet she does not see eye-to-eye with the current establishment. This is especially the case when it comes to education reform, in which she has a preference for funding charter schools.


As reported in this New York Times article, Betsy had been quite involved with the transgender community over Trump’s removal of Obama’s policies. On the other hand, she does publicly agree that Obama’s attempt to legalize the allow of transgender individuals in whichever bathroom that they choose.


The different stances that she has may perplex many in the mainstream media. According to this article in The Atlantic, she is perceived to have different personalities when seen in the political arena. No matter if it is the truth, President Trump must have seen something in her personality to make her the education secretary.


While involved in various political and religious causes, she also has a generous side to her political appearance. Her main devotion has seen towards market-oriented educational reform, as seen in her push for government-funded charter schools.


She comes from a well-off conservative background, which explains her preference for market-based results. While attending her all-Christian college, she met Dick DeVos, a man that shared similar political and religious beliefs. This union of these two individuals became a powerful political force that actually made changes in both her state and the nation.


Betsy Devos also has strong family ties to the Netherlands, which is why she is so fond of their policies. Like the Netherlands, she believed that Christian schools should receive the same funding as secular schools, which is not exactly popular in the United States. Ironically, the Netherlands is a Left-leaning country yet Christian schools receive fair treatment.


Of course, the Netherlands require all schools to follow strict teacher training and other guidelines. Betsy believes that schools should not require regulation to the extent of this country, which may lead to mixed results.


While some may see it as a violation of the separation between Church & State, Donald Trump is allowing Betsy to fulfill her non-secular vision. In reality, it may be fair that all schools receive funds without discrimination between teaching curricula.


Betsy has a profound presence in Michigan as a persistent fighter to achieve goals that she believes in. When she has a goal, she will usually make it come to fruition, even if it takes a while to achieve. As an education secretary, she holds a significant amount of power to help with educational reform that this country desperately needs.


In the meantime, she will still have to compete for attention from bigger players in the white house, like Jeff Sessions or Mike Pence. Especially with the issue of transgender rights in public bathrooms, she struggled to get her opinion across. With her success in funding charter schools, she still has plenty of admirers that have benefited from uplifting impoverished communities with bad public schools.


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