Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a leading national document processing firm that provides paperwork to retail mortgage companies all over the United States. Eight out of ten of the top retail mortgage companies in the United States uses Nationwide for their primary source.


Nationwide has been in business since 1991 and is located in Palm Harbor, Florida. Nationwide Title Clearing handles documents such as lien releases, assignments, nationwide abstractor services, document retrieval, final document processing, tax status reports, lien verification reports, current owner/O&E Reports, and many other valuable documents.


The big secret that is right out there in the open is the quality of the employees at Nationwide. People are screened very closely for positions and are hired based upon the probability of future success. Once hired, they go through a three-week intensive training program which is very thorough. Once they are “on the floor” working a supervisor monitors them until they master the work at that level.


Advancement is partially based on an additional 150 training modules that are voluntary, but very detailed. Time is set aside for employees to get through these modules and from 50% to 70% of the workers are involved.


In the mortgage business, there are two qualities which will put a company on top. They are accuracy and speed. If you have ever purchased a house, at the closing table, you had to sign some legal papers that verified that titles were clear, easements and property lines had been verified along with lots of other legal verifications and such. These documents have to be delivered on time so that the closing can proceed. The documents all come from a company like Nationwide, and in fact, they probably did come from Nationwide.


Nationwide has access to all of the 3,600 counties and jurisdictions where all of the documents are stored. Their advanced technology can source all the documents needed and get them verified and to the mortgage company that requires them, correct and on time. Nationwide has a .78% rejection rate, meaning a very small portion of the documents is not able to be found. They also have a compliance rate of 99.98% meaning that nearly 100% of the found documents are verified as being the actual document needed.


John Hillman, CEO of Nationwide recently said in a podcast that the “compliance” word is one that is frequently discussed in the industry. To have good numbers in that area, it is important to work with customers and deliver to them in a cost-effective manner what they order and train your employees to perform that task flawlessly.


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