The market is no longer a field for anyone who wants to earn money. Things have taken a different turn in the recent years. People who have the desire to go the extra mile are the ones who have managed to survive the tough times. The marketing department has had to take the bull by its horns. This industry has experienced so much change so that it can meet the complex demands from the customers. The competition in the market is one of the reasons why the marketing companies have had to embrace the latest technology advancements. There are so many marketing agencies.

Some have been promising their customers so many achievements instantly. With time, all the guarantees given to the client start fading away, leaving the customer in trouble. Finding a marketing firm that will deliver great results is becoming hard every day. The company that will manage to fulfill all its promises to you must have worked with other companies in the past, and it should have delivered the best results for you to choose to hire it. Edwin Miranda is an executive who owns the top marketing agency you have been searching for.

KOI IXS is the name of the company that was established by Edwin Miranda. The company is considered by many to be one of the best performance driven, full-service marketing firms in the United States. Edwin Miranda knows how hard it is to give customers the kind of services they need, and this is why he has been very keen when hiring creators, designers, strategists and thinkers to serve in his company. All of the people working for KOI IXS are passionate about their job, and they have played the biggest role in helping the company to achieve its goals in the market.

Being the founder and at the same time the chief executive director, Edwin Miranda has been very helpful in his company, making sure that customers get only what they have requested for. Edwin Miranda started company KOI IXS because of the passion he had for the market. To make sure that he was able to meet the demands of the customers, Edwin Miranda had to look for groups of people who shared the same passion so that he could achieve his primary goals.

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The task of finding richly qualified talents to serve a modern healthcare sector is a duty. It took the genius retrospect of one well-studied Philadelphia-based medical industry pioneer, author, and entrepreneur Brian Torchin to find a proactive recourse. His intelligence and insight into health systems have been instrumental in formulating impactful remediation. With critical professional experience spanning over 12 years, chiropractic doctor B. Torchin theorized the positive implications of healthcare recruitment counseling. This enterprising UDel (University of Delaware) graduate of exercise physiology launched HCRC Staffing. Read more about Brian Torchin at Glassdoor.

Since inception back in 2007, HCRC Staffing outreach has established international networks across Asia, Europe, Canada, and Australia. The developmental progress of its North American influence has not stalled either, with centers covering Pennsylvania, Florida, and Delaware. As HCRC Staffing founding father, Brian Torchin assumes a pivotal position as the agency’s president. He understands how hiring unskilled healthcare workforce creates a deficit that ultimately hurts business and marginalizes the profession. With this realization, he’s directed focus to streamline innovative efficiencies and productiveness through comprehensive staffing solutions. In turn, urgent care facilities, hospitals, and private practices get a fair chance in leveraging competitive compensation benefits retain skilled assets. Consequently, this refinement is likely to transform overall patient care, services, and operational processes.

Health systems have long faced incredible challenges, which countless studies relate to poor recruitment and selection. Being the zealous medical professional Brian Torchin, his keen eye for detail and diligence is a natural prowess. He’s long observed the dynamics of compensation trends and how it motivates skilled talent retention. With applied strategies of consultation, direction, and expediency, he’s devising practical staffing solutions to implement sustainable operations. As Mr. Torchin emphasizes such innovations attract qualified medical professionals, integrate services, shrink operating cost, increase patient satisfaction.

Further improvements include a drastic reduction in readmission rates and effective management of financial resources to bolster economic development. Torchin utilizes social media outlets like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to educate his audience about upcoming events involving HCRC Staffing endeavors. Additionally, Torchin lends himself as a mentor to future healthcare professionals, particularly physicians. He’s quite the scholarly practitioner, earning first-rate medical degrees from NYCC (New York Chiropractic College) and UDel.

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Everyone goes through struggles and some people go through more often than others. When you find that you are being tested by life itself, you need someone to be there to help you out. When Hurricane Harvey hit, Texas that was a huge struggle that nobody should have gone through, but most people could not get out the way of it. It is good to know that companies that creed did stand up to help out people who really needed it. Stream Energy was one such company. They have a charitable organization called Stream Cares and used it to help as many people as they could.

There were 10 little girls who had either one or both parents in the military. To make them feel good about themselves and show them they were appreciated, they each received the American girl life-sized doll and were taken out to eat. This was a true joy to their parents to now that anyone would take time out to acknowledge their children and do something really special for them. Of course, Stream Energy is responsible for this and have done other charitable things. They have done so much good as a company. It is easy to see why they have so many customers supporting them.

Stream Energy is an electric provider that has some very competitive rates and you can sign up with them to get a plan for yourself. They also have plans for people who use gas. You will love the money you save while being their customer. Plus, if you happen to fall on hard times, they will help with payment arrangements for your bill. They eased the financial burden for families that succeed during Hurricane Harvey which shows their true compassion for their customers. You should really consider signing up with them.

Stream Energy will continue to use their organization Stream Cares to help out people who need it most. They are truly bringing hope when the times are very dark. You will love how the company will come together and give to the people the care that they need.

Agera Energy’s primary center is to enable clients to deal with their vitality costs. Agera Energy offers different answers for help clients deal with these expenses. Agera Energy offers naturally benevolent items. They need to encourage their clients and staff, just as everyone around them roll out beneficial improvements. One of the manners in which that Agera Energy is ending up more eco agreeable is by gathering the intensity of wind. Unadulterated Wind is Agera Energy ecologically amicable item.

The Pure Wind program accessible through Agera, offers clients a chance to cover half to 100% of their vitality bill. Clients can buy racks from Agera vitality. Another way that business or private clients can diminish vitality utilization is through LED lights. A few states even have discounts accessible to help take care of a portion of the expense of LED establishment. Agera has been ensured “green.” The organization itself, has a water filtration framework that enables the staff to approach spotless and crisp drinking water, that they can put into their preferred reusable jug. Agera Energy is a power provider company, they offer power and petroleum gas, yet they additionally offer a great deal more. They offer an elective that is better for your condition.

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The recent acquisition of the Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank Group Corporation has indeed widened the investment scope of the group. The Fortress Investment Group has already set its footprint on the globe. Before the acquisition, the company was managing about $40 billion in assets all over the world. The strategy of acquisition is seen to bear fruits as both Softbank, and the Fortress Group work together on new projects.

The effects of the acquisition can already be seen. The decisions Softbank is making in regards to the tech startups they are looking to support hint of the experiences and interests in the real estate of Fortress. Such investments into the real estate sector by SoftBank include Compass and open door a real estate broker, Wework, a co-working space and Katerra, a construction company.

The Fortress Investment Group is also performing well with the help of SoftBank. One of the high profile projects the two entities are working together at is the $2.5 Billion TSX Broadway development. This project symbolizes the perfect union of the two groups. With SoftBank’s interest in tech and Fortress’s passion in real estate, the project is expected to be unlike anything ever seen. The most prominent strategy in the project is creating an out of this world retail space that people will view as a destination. Interactive experiences will as well be offered. Moguls in the tech industry have shown interest in joining the project.

While still under SoftBank, Fortress Investment Group were able to acquire Tiffany and Co. Building in Southern Florida. The investment group bout it at $20 million. With over 11,000 square feet the building is a historical gem along one of the most famous shopping streets.

Still, in Florida, the fortress Group used one of its affiliates, CF Grocery Distribution PropCO to get the SUPERVALU distribution center for $66.4 million. The area is 769,000 square foot at the Pompano Beach. It is another significant addition to the group’s portfolio in Southern Florida.

Even with the initial success experienced by the Fortress Investment Group, the acquisition by SoftBank has opened more doors for the investment group. Newsonomics: Softbank, Fortress, Trump – and the real story of Gatehouse’s boundless ambition

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Gareth Henry is the current managing director at a global investments firm. Henry born in London developed a passion for financial risk judgment and mathematics saw him enroll to Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh where he pursued Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statics in 2001.

Having served in various capacities in the alternative assets industry, Gareth Henry has developed robust experience in advising on investment strategies that can be used to diversify one’s portfolio. In this piece, in particular, he is talking on Hedge Funds which have risen in popularity and offer solutions such as going short and investing in non-traditional asset classes which promise investors higher returns.

Gareth Henry asks stock, bond and hedge fund investors to have a right mix of allocation strategies through first analyzing their characteristics from a risk standpoint. Hedge funds manager he says can perform in both bull and bear markets. That is to mean these investment vehicles not only play well when the market is up but also when it is down.

Hedge funds performance appears very volatile, and Henry thus says it is crucial for an investor to understand both past performance and strategy when investing. Bond and equity investments are also unstable but are known to follow predictable investment patterns.

When comparing hedge funds performance to equity markets, Gareth Henry noticed that hedge funds outperformed equities in the long run in terms of absolute risk and adjusted reruns. Equity markets have been known to perform better at a significant rate in bull markets, however, sophisticated investors know for a fact that such conditions don’t last forever and thus hedge funds work as leverage in bear markets.

Market fluctuations order the day in investment which in turn affects interest rates. Gareth Henry who has experienced these market cycles says that hedge funds flourish in market dislocations that cause rising interest rates and market crashes. Hedge funds in such situations of negative rate impacts they take a macro approach of shorting stocks or focusing on less correlated markets.

Henry thus advises investors to invest in hedge funds in cases when traditional equities are struggling to improve portfolio performance.

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In NYSE, the best performing company in REIT section is New Residential Investment Corp. The performance of this stock according to pundits is as a result of different factors in the company’ operations, management and more importantly, the company’s adaptation to changes. According to their annual 2018 report, the company challenged many realities in real estate business and therefore being one of the best companies in 2018 in the investment world.

On operations, New Residential Investment Corp is a productivity hub. The company has in the last 12 months worked hard to put their clients in profits paths. Although the company was a hub for many activities, the operations department pointed out that all the plans went as planned. This approach to productivity according to pundits makes the company a reference entity in productivity discourse.

The success story in the productivity of this company is however incomplete without acknowledging the management of this firm. Unlike other entities, New Residential Investment Corp is fortunate to have some of the best professionals in this industry. Michael Nierenberg, for example, is an expert in planning and productivity in this niche. As the face of this company, he has successfully led company to a new dispensation of better returns and productivity.

Finally, New Residential Investment Corp has the best operational structures. Apart from being the reference point for unmatched management of properties, they have an unmatched approach in investments. These contributions have helped the company to contribute to the fast-growing USA property market that, in 2018, was estimated to be more than $20 trillion.

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What is InnovaCare Health? And why do 70% of people in North America seek their services? InnovaCare is a popular organization that provides quality clinical programs to more than 70,000 people in North America. What makes them so successful? Well, the organization has a culture that puts patients first. They also believe in innovative medical practices and quality medical care. The organization also has an exceptional management team. They recently added three members to their executive team to help the organization become more effective and innovative.

One of the new team members is Penelope Kokkinides, who serves as serve as the Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope Kokkinides is talented and is helping InnovaCare Health achieve its goal of becoming the undisputed leader in the provision of quality healthcare programs. Now that you know what InnovaCare is and why they are gaining popularity in North America, let us focus on Richard Shinto, the man who helped make InnovaCare Health the giant it is today.

Who’s Richard Shinto?

Richard Shinto, also known as Rick Shinto, is InnovaCare’s President and Chief Executive Officer. He is the man who came up with innovative health programs and strategies that have helped InnovaCare reach more patients and penetrate more regions. What was Richard Shinto doing before he joined InnovaCare?

Career History

After graduating, Shinto went to work as a pulmonologist in Southern California. A few months later, he joined MedPartners and served as their Corporate Vice President. After one year, he moved to Orange County to join Cal Optima Health Plan. At Cal Optima Health Plan, the exceptional leader served as Chief Medical Officer. He then went on to join the team at NAMM. In 2008, his leadership skills and expertise secured him a post as a CEO of Aveta.

Education And Awards

Rick Shinto received his B.S degree from the University of California. He also holds a medical degree from the States University of New York. But that’s not all. The medical expert also holds an MBA from the University of Redlands. Shinto’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. He has been a recipient of many awards. For instance, he recently received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his exceptional leadership skills, commitment, and cerebral strategies.

Aside from being the President and CEO of Innovacare Health, Shinto also writes informative healthcare articles. The articles mostly emphasize the development of healthcare options that focus on the needs of the neglected patients.

Talos Energy is an iconic oil and gas company focusing on offshore exploration and production in the Gulf of Mexico. The company specializes in acquiring assets for optimization, exploitation, and exploration of natural gas and oil. The management team of the company has notable expertise and vast experience in geophysical and geological operations. The company has a strategy of maintaining and improving every aspect of its operation to boost their production, performance, as well as increase hydrocarbon recovery. To do this, the company ought to develop and utilize modern specialized drilling techniques and completion strategies. However, Talos Energy seeks to fulfill all its operations in full compliance with health, safety, and environmental protection regulations.

Over the past few decades, Talos energy has experienced massive transformations. Also, the company has undergone a dramatic expansion through acquisition of other oil companies as well as other private properties. Talos, under the current leadership, has depicted a unique ability to seize and capitalize on emerging opportunities. As an independent oil company, Talos has made some significant milestones and discoveries and most notably, The Zama-1 discovery. This was a discovery that was surrounded with a high-risk factor, but in the end, it paid off handsomely as the company got to discover one of the largest oil deposit in the Gulf of Mexico. The company has established an excellent reputation in the strategic acquisition and responsible development.

Talos Energy, a company that has always been on the move and rise to greatness, has consistently ranked as a top workplace. Through technology and innovation, the company, has been able to discover highly valuable resources that most people thought they did not exist. The company aims at developing innovative reprocessing techniques and thus have multiple career opportunities in technology, production, corporate disciplines, and exploration. The company offers flexible working schedules with highly competitive allowances, benefits, and programs to enhance a superb balance between profession and life. Besides, the employees are granted with opportunities to learn more, advance, and establish their careers. The company has always been ranked as a top workplace with most referrals to job opportunities coming from the company’s employee’s base.

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Americans have a very hard time when trying to get an investment profitable. With people from all over the world running into this nation so that they can invest their wealth, earning profits has become so challenging. In order to become a top successful businessman in the United States, it is very important to seek assistance from experts who will guide you and show you the path that will never make you regret. Ted Bauman is among the people who are willing to help Americans invest wisely. The finance executive wants all people to have financial freedom that is only possible when people have a great business. Bauman was born in the US, and he spent childhood in Washington. This means that he understands the struggles his people have to deal with by the time they are making it in life.

Ted Bauman found a way to leave his country when he was at the university. Bauman settled in South Africa where he went to complete his studies at the prestigious Cape Town University. When at this learning institution, the businessman concentrated on economics and history. Living in South Africa was the right career choice for Ted Bauman. The country has so many opportunities to offer. Bauman chose to assist the low income families in the country with their housing needs. Ted Bauman lived in South African for more than twenty years, and by the time he was leaving; he had worked with many non-governmental companies to bring change in the African country. The finance expert had also made a significant impact on the lives of immigrants by offering them advice.

When Ted Bauman arrived home, he felt that he would make a bigger impact on the society through writing. Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publications where he has been writing several newsletters. People have benefited from the expert advice offered by the businessman in the recent years. The people who have taken the advice from Ted are enjoying a good career life with the great incomes. The editor has also been advising his followers about international immigration issues. According to him, immigrants have a right to a good life just like any other person.

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