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OSI Food Solutions is a privately-owned world’s leading food product supplier. It has over 65 facilities in 17 countries around the world. It accommodates more than 20,000 employees, making it the largest privately held company in the US. The firm was founded in 1909 as a meat market in Illinois. An immigrant from Germany, Otto Kolschowsky, started a family meat shop in the local town in the US, two years after his arrival from Germany. The shop expanded by supplying more meat in the local community. In 1955, Ray Kroc acquired franchising rights from Kolschowsky to open up a burger restaurant called McDonald’s. By 1973, the partners had managed to open up a meat processing company which was able to freeze meat for transportation and storage.

OSI Food Solutions are customized to fulfill all the tastes that their customers desire. As the company expands, the market, services, and products also expand substantially. The firm is now able to produce range of products to suit the ever-growing demand and customer tastes. The firm has set aside a team whose central role is to keep the company updated in terms of the current trend in the markets so that they can produce goods that their partners and clients need. This is a strategy that has enhanced global recognition and expansion distinguishing it from its competitors.

Another factor that has made OSI Food Solutions remain a jargon on its operation is the ability to run the global company just like a local company. However, this does not mean that it does not establish unique strategies to venture into a global business. OSI Food Solutions employs staff from local people to ensure efficiency. Trusting the local management usually enhances autonomy, and in turn, high production associated with minimal oversight costs.

OSI Food Solutions has been in various acquisitions such as Boho Food, Chicago food processing facility, Flagship Europe and opening of the new Philippines joint company GenOSI. The company is working on expanding its operations throughout North America, Europe and the rest of the world. These expansion strategies will help the firm to develop new products that fulfill the local customer’s demand and taste. The firm plans to establish delivery services as a way of improving customer satisfaction.

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Most energy consumers in America are unaware that, according to NYC’s Agera Energy, using hot water accounts for nearly 18% of total energy use. There are many ways to create more energy efficient spaces, but Agera Energy knows that this is an easy one. Another easy way that Agera Energy recommends is by using energy efficient light bulbs such as LED’s. Switching to LED’s is a simple process which saves you money, reduces the risk of heated bulbs causing a fire, and also isn’t very costly.

But by far the coolest and most modern way to save on energy bills while helping the planet at the same time is by switching over to purely windmill-derived energy. Feeling guilt-free from sourcing your energy from non-renewable energy is something that the friendly employees at Agera Energy Company are ready to help you achieve and learn more about if you’re interested.

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Over the past decade or so, has been growing at quite a rapid pace; since initially being founded, it’s grown to become China’s largest e-commerce platform with over 100 million users. For the past several years, however, the retail giant has begun to expand into a few other countries, with the most notable of these being in Southeast Asia. One of the most significant of these initial investments was in Tiki, Vietnam’s leading B2C e-commerce business. This was subsequently followed up with an e-commerce platform in Indonesia, which has grown into quite a success in its own right. Now, however, is pushing into Thailand by partnering with the Thailand-based Central Group.

Since the beginning of June, the pair have been trialing a new e-commerce platform that they’ve called JD CENTRAL. During this time, the pair have noted that they’ve been improving and tweaking the platform based on consumer feedback. As a result, has instituted a variety of innovative features on the platform. One of the most notable aspects of JD CENTRAL is the fact that it boasts a direct sales and marketplace model feature when it comes to buying and selling. Throughout this trial, and the based Central Group have noted that sales have exceeded their expectations, and they’ve learned a few key things to help them moving forward.

Much of this information has been focused on consumer habits, and how they’re accessing and interacting with the platform. As such, has noted that 80% of customers access the site through a mobile device; they’ve also noted that some of the top-selling categories have been the likes of cosmetics and other FMCG products, as well as mobile devices and fashion items. However, they’ve also noticed that Chinese products seem to be among the most popular, with brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, and Lenovo were among the highest sellers.

JD CENTRAL is backed by a variety of’s innovative technologies. One of the most significant of these is the Warehouse Management System that invented. As such, they’ve also partnered with a variety of local delivery services to help implement same-day delivery.

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Globalization has been one of the emerging trends in the business world. Most businesses are also making use of technological advancements which have also helped to revolutionize the retail sector. Busy individuals now have access to modern shopping solutions. The modernization in the business world has been of great benefit; however, the major risks involved are such as the loss of human jobs, wasteful practices, environmental fallout, among other major effects.

Some corporations are beginning to consider the effects of some of their practices. To set an example for other companies that will venture into the e-commerce sector in the nearby future, corporations such as are dedicating a majority of their resources towards maintaining inclusivity and sustainability. China has a population of 1.4 billion people. If the e-commerce companies within the country come together, they will have a significant impact on the trends that are meant to re-shape the e-commerce industry. is also dedicated to ensuring that there is transparency. Under the leadership of Richard Liu, the company has grown extensively. Since Richard Qiangdong was knowledgeable about the e-commerce models, he has been utilizing the knowledge that he possesses to steer the company’s growth. He also made sure that the top shopping platform was user-friendly. The use of innovative technology and the formation of partnerships has steered the growth of the corporation. also ships goods to their clients on the same day or the next. Since 2004, the company has also gained a huge following. Currently, has more than 300 million active users. The company has also been delivering a considerable number of packages to more than one billion clients.

Jingdong also takes part in corporate social responsibility. They were also happy to release their corporate social responsibility report which is compiled annually. The company is also trying to reduce its carbon footprint by engaging in sustainable practices. Some of the environmentally friendly practices that has undertaken include the use of a power generation system that utilizes solar energy. They have installed this system in their logistics center located in Shanghai. is trying to set the standards when it comes to making sure that companies are engaging in environmentally friendly operations.

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Article Text: and its CEO and Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong just recently launched a collaborative project with a Japanese company Mitsubishi Chemical. The extensive collaboration consisted of the complex construction of the Chinese nation’s most large-scale hydroponic farm with the mutual assistance of Japanese technology. Richard Liu indicates he has expressed an interest in hydroponic farming for quite some time, and the partnership with Mitsubishi Chemical allows opportunity to branch out.

The CEO says he has long acquired an drive to bridge the socio-economic issues associated with organic food production and China’s sustainable land usage limitations.’s hydroponic farm fosters a possible solution to these fundamental problems and intentionally allows local consumers to once again reconnect with nutritious produce.
Richard Liu says reassuringly that no matter the product, strives to carefully make it affordable. What has undoubtedly kept’s business model strong has been the company’s specific emphasis on consumer trust.

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Article Text: is known for being the top retailer in China, now has its sights on something else. They are helping new AI startups to take their AI technology to the next level. Their accelerator services as an incubator for AI startups and new companies who would like to make an impact in the space. In May, JD’s AI group had an opportunity to show off the projects they have been working on.

The first group of startups is tapped into various industries. Some of those industries are retail, healthcare, legal and education. Some of the projects are even a part of the company now. FaGouGou provides legal consulting was a part of helping’s legal team to create a bot that will help people with legal services. They have been able to answer various questions from their partners about numerous legal things regarding business. They are helping people who need lawyers because there is a shortage of lawyers in China.

Another one of the startups is helping people in a different way. They are helping people to make fabulous wine choices. The Chinese wine app 9KaCha is helping by giving people the opportunity to get wine recommendations sent to them. Wine shoppers can upload a picture of wine to order it or they can upload the picture and the app will be able to give them different recommendations. is doing an amazing thing by giving the startups mentorship and the ability to bring their ideas into the marketplace. They started with sixteen startups. They have at least an eighty percent success rate. The new group of startups will be around seventeen. will work with them to make the best out of their technology. They will continue supporting the companies who are a part of their accelerator project.

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In today’s date, there is a digital solution available for just about any kind of problem. Whether it is medical or education or just about anything, there is a digital and technology-based solution available that wasn’t the case earlier. In the same context, there is a digital alternative available for traditional counseling and therapy. People who are hesitant to go to a professional therapist or cannot afford to go to one can now avail the help of Talkspace. It is a mobile app that can be easily downloaded on your phone or tablet. It would connect you to a professional therapist who would be more than happy to listen to your problems and provide you with professional counseling just like in traditional therapy.  Check out to read more about Talkspace

It has helped more than a million people already and with one of the fastest growing subscriber base, rest assured Talkspace is the brand you can trust when it comes to mental health treatment. It has some of the top counselors and therapists who are licensed and experienced, and you can be sure that the treatment you get here through text and call would be helpful in finding a positive direction to move ahead in life. Many young people who are suffering from too much stress or any kind of other mental health issues can use Talkspace to vent out negativity and find the right approach to deal with the stress and problematic situation they might be in. It always helps when you have someone to listen to and provide you a matured guidance.

People who have used Talkspace speak highly of their experience and believe that they will never want to return to traditional therapy because of the many benefits they enjoyed with it. Many feel that they are able to speak to their online therapist more freely than they do with their traditional therapist.

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The market is no longer a field for anyone who wants to earn money. Things have taken a different turn in the recent years. People who have the desire to go the extra mile are the ones who have managed to survive the tough times. The marketing department has had to take the bull by its horns. This industry has experienced so much change so that it can meet the complex demands from the customers. The competition in the market is one of the reasons why the marketing companies have had to embrace the latest technology advancements. There are so many marketing agencies.

Some have been promising their customers so many achievements instantly. With time, all the guarantees given to the client start fading away, leaving the customer in trouble. Finding a marketing firm that will deliver great results is becoming hard every day. The company that will manage to fulfill all its promises to you must have worked with other companies in the past, and it should have delivered the best results for you to choose to hire it. Edwin Miranda is an executive who owns the top marketing agency you have been searching for.

KOI IXS is the name of the company that was established by Edwin Miranda. The company is considered by many to be one of the best performance driven, full-service marketing firms in the United States. Edwin Miranda knows how hard it is to give customers the kind of services they need, and this is why he has been very keen when hiring creators, designers, strategists and thinkers to serve in his company. All of the people working for KOI IXS are passionate about their job, and they have played the biggest role in helping the company to achieve its goals in the market.

Being the founder and at the same time the chief executive director, Edwin Miranda has been very helpful in his company, making sure that customers get only what they have requested for. Edwin Miranda started company KOI IXS because of the passion he had for the market. To make sure that he was able to meet the demands of the customers, Edwin Miranda had to look for groups of people who shared the same passion so that he could achieve his primary goals.

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The task of finding richly qualified talents to serve a modern healthcare sector is a duty. It took the genius retrospect of one well-studied Philadelphia-based medical industry pioneer, author, and entrepreneur Brian Torchin to find a proactive recourse. His intelligence and insight into health systems have been instrumental in formulating impactful remediation. With critical professional experience spanning over 12 years, chiropractic doctor B. Torchin theorized the positive implications of healthcare recruitment counseling. This enterprising UDel (University of Delaware) graduate of exercise physiology launched HCRC Staffing. Read more about Brian Torchin at Glassdoor.

Since inception back in 2007, HCRC Staffing outreach has established international networks across Asia, Europe, Canada, and Australia. The developmental progress of its North American influence has not stalled either, with centers covering Pennsylvania, Florida, and Delaware. As HCRC Staffing founding father, Brian Torchin assumes a pivotal position as the agency’s president. He understands how hiring unskilled healthcare workforce creates a deficit that ultimately hurts business and marginalizes the profession. With this realization, he’s directed focus to streamline innovative efficiencies and productiveness through comprehensive staffing solutions. In turn, urgent care facilities, hospitals, and private practices get a fair chance in leveraging competitive compensation benefits retain skilled assets. Consequently, this refinement is likely to transform overall patient care, services, and operational processes.

Health systems have long faced incredible challenges, which countless studies relate to poor recruitment and selection. Being the zealous medical professional Brian Torchin, his keen eye for detail and diligence is a natural prowess. He’s long observed the dynamics of compensation trends and how it motivates skilled talent retention. With applied strategies of consultation, direction, and expediency, he’s devising practical staffing solutions to implement sustainable operations. As Mr. Torchin emphasizes such innovations attract qualified medical professionals, integrate services, shrink operating cost, increase patient satisfaction.

Further improvements include a drastic reduction in readmission rates and effective management of financial resources to bolster economic development. Torchin utilizes social media outlets like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to educate his audience about upcoming events involving HCRC Staffing endeavors. Additionally, Torchin lends himself as a mentor to future healthcare professionals, particularly physicians. He’s quite the scholarly practitioner, earning first-rate medical degrees from NYCC (New York Chiropractic College) and UDel.

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Everyone goes through struggles and some people go through more often than others. When you find that you are being tested by life itself, you need someone to be there to help you out. When Hurricane Harvey hit, Texas that was a huge struggle that nobody should have gone through, but most people could not get out the way of it. It is good to know that companies that creed did stand up to help out people who really needed it. Stream Energy was one such company. They have a charitable organization called Stream Cares and used it to help as many people as they could.

There were 10 little girls who had either one or both parents in the military. To make them feel good about themselves and show them they were appreciated, they each received the American girl life-sized doll and were taken out to eat. This was a true joy to their parents to now that anyone would take time out to acknowledge their children and do something really special for them. Of course, Stream Energy is responsible for this and have done other charitable things. They have done so much good as a company. It is easy to see why they have so many customers supporting them.

Stream Energy is an electric provider that has some very competitive rates and you can sign up with them to get a plan for yourself. They also have plans for people who use gas. You will love the money you save while being their customer. Plus, if you happen to fall on hard times, they will help with payment arrangements for your bill. They eased the financial burden for families that succeed during Hurricane Harvey which shows their true compassion for their customers. You should really consider signing up with them.

Stream Energy will continue to use their organization Stream Cares to help out people who need it most. They are truly bringing hope when the times are very dark. You will love how the company will come together and give to the people the care that they need.