After observing the world’s population and the things that affect the youth, Bhanu Choudhrie noted that though the young population was burgeoning, many challenges affect them. He was astonished to note that university graduates are working as casual laborers in China, young alcoholics in Russia, and ‘surplus young men’ in India. Because of this, he opted to start the C&C Alpha Group. It is an organization that partners with various other parties to come up with solutions that affect multiple countries. They do this through several events called the Emerging Markets Symposium.

Creating better education strategies

Bhanu Choudhrie noted that one of the reasons the young population is a troubled lot is a problem with the education systems. Some of them are outdated while others do not address the real issues that affect the leaners. Because of this situation, most learners who go through such education systems end up with nothing useful to do and therefore, they sink into desperation. Through Emergency Markets Symposium, these entrepreneurs hope to come up with better education strategies so that learners can get the necessary skills that will help them to cope with modern life challenges.

Overhauling health systems

Another thing that the organization hopes to achieve is an overhaul of health systems in the countries where they operate. They say that some of the health systems do not address the kinds of health issues that are troubling society. For instance, they use outdated treatment techniques and therefore, they do not offer the type of quality treatments that people deserve. With the use of modern science and innovation from the best minds in the world, people should not be suffering from health conditions that they can avid with ease.

Although Bhanu Choudhrie lives in England, he has spent his life in other parts of the world. After he was born in Delhi, India, Bhanu Choudhrie moved to America after completing his education. There, he studied international business and marketing at the University of Boston and was an intern as JP Morgan Group. It was after his internship that he moved to England to start his career and investment journey. To know more Bhanu Choudhrie just visit

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In the blockchain technology, Serge Belamant holds the patent. Through his career, he has shown his boldness and being a pioneer. He has been involved in the co-founding of different companies. Two of the companies he has founded are Net1 UEPS Technologies and Zilch Technologies Limited. Alec Hogg who is renowned as a financial expert referred Serge Belamant to a Steve Job based in South Africa. The experience that he has in technology and architecture has been the reason for receiving different awards. The awards included one he received in 1980 for Analyst of the Year and in 1982 System Analyst of the Year. Learn more about Belamant at

At the blockchain technology, Serge Belamant is an investor. The company has made some impacts in the financial sector. Many experts have talked about blockchain is the future of financial and banking industry. Serge was born in Tulle France, but when he was 14 years, his family moved to South Africa. That’s where he attended Highlands North High School and Witwatersrand University. While at the university, he was not sure of the course he would study the reason why he changed course thrice. At the beginning he started with engineering, the second was computer science, then he settled for the information system.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get to finish college, and at the age of 22, he had entered the workforce. Surprisingly, that was not a hindrance to him being the best in technology and gaining an excellent reputation in the financial industry. Through his career path, he has been involved with different companies in handling different situations. He offered his services to Matrix Company and Control Data. In 1989, Serge Belamant decided that it was time to quit employment to enter entrepreneurship. In 1989 October, he founded the Net1 UEPS Technology that gained recognition after it made the first blockchain debit cards. The company was based in South Africa and Johannesburg. Though they still have other operations in Botswana, Mozambique, and Namibia. The technology has been of help to many because it is time-saving, user-friendly, and cost-effective. In 1995, Net1 was contacted by Visa to design a new Visa that was referred to as COPAC.

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Over the past decade or so, has been growing at quite a rapid pace; since initially being founded, it’s grown to become China’s largest e-commerce platform with over 100 million users. For the past several years, however, the retail giant has begun to expand into a few other countries, with the most notable of these being in Southeast Asia. One of the most significant of these initial investments was in Tiki, Vietnam’s leading B2C e-commerce business. This was subsequently followed up with an e-commerce platform in Indonesia, which has grown into quite a success in its own right. Now, however, is pushing into Thailand by partnering with the Thailand-based Central Group.

Since the beginning of June, the pair have been trialing a new e-commerce platform that they’ve called JD CENTRAL. During this time, the pair have noted that they’ve been improving and tweaking the platform based on consumer feedback. As a result, has instituted a variety of innovative features on the platform. One of the most notable aspects of JD CENTRAL is the fact that it boasts a direct sales and marketplace model feature when it comes to buying and selling. Throughout this trial, and the based Central Group have noted that sales have exceeded their expectations, and they’ve learned a few key things to help them moving forward.

Much of this information has been focused on consumer habits, and how they’re accessing and interacting with the platform. As such, has noted that 80% of customers access the site through a mobile device; they’ve also noted that some of the top-selling categories have been the likes of cosmetics and other FMCG products, as well as mobile devices and fashion items. However, they’ve also noticed that Chinese products seem to be among the most popular, with brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, and Lenovo were among the highest sellers.

JD CENTRAL is backed by a variety of’s innovative technologies. One of the most significant of these is the Warehouse Management System that invented. As such, they’ve also partnered with a variety of local delivery services to help implement same-day delivery.

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Globalization has been one of the emerging trends in the business world. Most businesses are also making use of technological advancements which have also helped to revolutionize the retail sector. Busy individuals now have access to modern shopping solutions. The modernization in the business world has been of great benefit; however, the major risks involved are such as the loss of human jobs, wasteful practices, environmental fallout, among other major effects.

Some corporations are beginning to consider the effects of some of their practices. To set an example for other companies that will venture into the e-commerce sector in the nearby future, corporations such as are dedicating a majority of their resources towards maintaining inclusivity and sustainability. China has a population of 1.4 billion people. If the e-commerce companies within the country come together, they will have a significant impact on the trends that are meant to re-shape the e-commerce industry. is also dedicated to ensuring that there is transparency. Under the leadership of Richard Liu, the company has grown extensively. Since Richard Qiangdong was knowledgeable about the e-commerce models, he has been utilizing the knowledge that he possesses to steer the company’s growth. He also made sure that the top shopping platform was user-friendly. The use of innovative technology and the formation of partnerships has steered the growth of the corporation. also ships goods to their clients on the same day or the next. Since 2004, the company has also gained a huge following. Currently, has more than 300 million active users. The company has also been delivering a considerable number of packages to more than one billion clients.

Jingdong also takes part in corporate social responsibility. They were also happy to release their corporate social responsibility report which is compiled annually. The company is also trying to reduce its carbon footprint by engaging in sustainable practices. Some of the environmentally friendly practices that has undertaken include the use of a power generation system that utilizes solar energy. They have installed this system in their logistics center located in Shanghai. is trying to set the standards when it comes to making sure that companies are engaging in environmentally friendly operations.

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From young passion to growing entrepreneurial powerhouse, Lime Crime Cosmetics founder, Doe Deere, has proven to be a force to reckon with. Staying true to her own tastes and natural talents, she’s managed to catch the attention of so many women who love life and are learning how to show it! One of her main objectives; don’t fear color! Which can be seen in her beautiful makeup line for “unicorns,” as she has humbly been credited for.

Her creative edge doesn’t end at vegan, cruelty free cosmetics for the bold.. With an ever-growing, world wide following, Doe is fortunate to have an abundance of creative leeway to experiment and live out her visions. Her newest endeavor; Poppy Angeloff. A vintage, heirloom-esque jewelry line inspired by her own family’s antiques. Upon finding her family’s collection of heirlooms she decided to revive the classic, vibrant looks women in the Victorian era adorned so elegantly and effortlessly.

Bold, bright and fashionable pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation; that was a driving force in her design choice. Heritage, history and timeless class that tells a story all on it’s own. She wants women to exude this fierce confidence every single day and without doubt in who they are. She wants women to be unapologetically themselves in all they do and it shows in her mindful work.

We can’t be sure where the young Doe Deere’s creative mind will take her next, but she shows no desire to slow down just yet. Amongst actively designing and creating, she found time to give 3 key pieces of advice that she believes are pivotal to success for any young entrepreneur.First, Always make passion your number 1 driver. Second, Become a customer & familiarize yourself with your industry. And Lastly..”Take the risk. The only way you’ll know if your vision will work is to try it.” -Doe Deere

Over the past few decades, the Brazilian fashion world has always had a few standout figures. As of late, one of the more eminent of these has been Donata Meirelles who has held a couple of positions in the industry over recent years. Perhaps one of the most notable of these has been with Vogue Brazil, where she could discuss fashion with the publication’s readers, as well as to get feedback on recent styles and trends. Moreover, she’s likewise been known to feature a number of outfits and styles have been grabbing her attention. Through the majority of this, Ms. Meirelles has had a couple of fashion items that she couldn’t live without. Visit her facebook account to learn more about her platforms.

One of the most noteworthy of these may also happen to be one of the more surprising, Ankle Boots, although Ms. Meirelles has a couple of reasons why she’s become hopelessly enamored with them. When it comes to style and outfits, they offer a greater range of hues, textures, colors and more to match practically any outfit. Because of this, Ms. Meirelles has claimed that in addition to the fact that they help add another layer to various outfits, they can likewise be worn practically any season. This is because, as she’s highlighted over the years, the different styles that are on offer with Ankle Boots imply that they can be worn all year.

As examples, you could use Spring and Summer Dresses, where the boots can add an extra layer to the outfit. Nonetheless, she’s noticed that they can look incredible with Autum outfits, as there is an assortment of Autumnal colors to choose from. With this, Donata Meirelles has noticed that they can be a somewhat versatile boot. In that capacity, she’s said that people would be able to last year-round with a few pairs of Ankle Boots. Over this, Ms. Meirelles has also noted that she’s been a fan Bucket Bags recently.

These were initially well known during the mid-1990s, although they’ve become popular in recent years. Quite a bit of this can be because of the diverse looks that are offered by them. Nonetheless, Donata Meirelles has noted that they can be a lot more functional than others, without loosing style. This is because they’re relatively small and lightweight, so there shouldn’t be an issue with holding it all evening. Moreover, they’re additionally amazingly simple to organize and root around through while looking for something. To find more details on Donata’s profile, you can visit her at

David holds a profession in animal science. He began his career journey after finishing school with North America Meat Institute. He founded the OSI group while he was acting as the chairman of the institute. During this time, he acted as the manager of the project.Over the time, David McDonald showed a continuous support in which drove him to the president of the group. Under his leadership, David  has managed to grow the company to one of the most recognized food processing companies globally.

OSI Group works to deliver food products to its customers globally. Over the 30 years, David has managed to drive this company into higher heights of success. He has a well-set logistics team which is concerned with constantly changing international market. This team operates closely with local marketers to make sure the requirements as well as the needs of the customers are met with ease.

What inspired David McDonald to venture in business is his much interest in biology and agriculture subjects. His major in animal science gave him chance to join OSI whereby he strived from low worker to higher level of management.The high-quality standards of the OSI group gave them a big chance in getting their first customers. the staffs and workers of the company are termed as one family. The OSI family. They produce products which is much suitable for personal use. This gives satisfaction to the customers therefore giving them chance and interest of coming back to buy the product again. To know more about him click here.

OSI company has capability to manufacture products which have high value and quality. This is where the success of David  comes from. The company is subdivided in groups which specializes in a particular aspect of production. With implementation of this, the company is able to manage the budget as well as making reliable decisions. The success of each established group is termed as the global achievement of the entire company.

David McDonald has created a new food facility In China. This has marked one of his satisfying moments in business life. This denotes hard work and devotion they have invested in this country.

Article Text: and its CEO and Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong just recently launched a collaborative project with a Japanese company Mitsubishi Chemical. The extensive collaboration consisted of the complex construction of the Chinese nation’s most large-scale hydroponic farm with the mutual assistance of Japanese technology. Richard Liu indicates he has expressed an interest in hydroponic farming for quite some time, and the partnership with Mitsubishi Chemical allows opportunity to branch out.

The CEO says he has long acquired an drive to bridge the socio-economic issues associated with organic food production and China’s sustainable land usage limitations.’s hydroponic farm fosters a possible solution to these fundamental problems and intentionally allows local consumers to once again reconnect with nutritious produce.
Richard Liu says reassuringly that no matter the product, strives to carefully make it affordable. What has undoubtedly kept’s business model strong has been the company’s specific emphasis on consumer trust.

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Article Text: is known for being the top retailer in China, now has its sights on something else. They are helping new AI startups to take their AI technology to the next level. Their accelerator services as an incubator for AI startups and new companies who would like to make an impact in the space. In May, JD’s AI group had an opportunity to show off the projects they have been working on.

The first group of startups is tapped into various industries. Some of those industries are retail, healthcare, legal and education. Some of the projects are even a part of the company now. FaGouGou provides legal consulting was a part of helping’s legal team to create a bot that will help people with legal services. They have been able to answer various questions from their partners about numerous legal things regarding business. They are helping people who need lawyers because there is a shortage of lawyers in China.

Another one of the startups is helping people in a different way. They are helping people to make fabulous wine choices. The Chinese wine app 9KaCha is helping by giving people the opportunity to get wine recommendations sent to them. Wine shoppers can upload a picture of wine to order it or they can upload the picture and the app will be able to give them different recommendations. is doing an amazing thing by giving the startups mentorship and the ability to bring their ideas into the marketplace. They started with sixteen startups. They have at least an eighty percent success rate. The new group of startups will be around seventeen. will work with them to make the best out of their technology. They will continue supporting the companies who are a part of their accelerator project.

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The market is no longer a field for anyone who wants to earn money. Things have taken a different turn in the recent years. People who have the desire to go the extra mile are the ones who have managed to survive the tough times. The marketing department has had to take the bull by its horns. This industry has experienced so much change so that it can meet the complex demands from the customers. The competition in the market is one of the reasons why the marketing companies have had to embrace the latest technology advancements. There are so many marketing agencies.

Some have been promising their customers so many achievements instantly. With time, all the guarantees given to the client start fading away, leaving the customer in trouble. Finding a marketing firm that will deliver great results is becoming hard every day. The company that will manage to fulfill all its promises to you must have worked with other companies in the past, and it should have delivered the best results for you to choose to hire it. Edwin Miranda is an executive who owns the top marketing agency you have been searching for.

KOI IXS is the name of the company that was established by Edwin Miranda. The company is considered by many to be one of the best performance driven, full-service marketing firms in the United States. Edwin Miranda knows how hard it is to give customers the kind of services they need, and this is why he has been very keen when hiring creators, designers, strategists and thinkers to serve in his company. All of the people working for KOI IXS are passionate about their job, and they have played the biggest role in helping the company to achieve its goals in the market.

Being the founder and at the same time the chief executive director, Edwin Miranda has been very helpful in his company, making sure that customers get only what they have requested for. Edwin Miranda started company KOI IXS because of the passion he had for the market. To make sure that he was able to meet the demands of the customers, Edwin Miranda had to look for groups of people who shared the same passion so that he could achieve his primary goals.

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