The business guru is one of the most reputable players in China’s retail sector and the global fashion industry. He has gained global recognition for his achievements in his career over the years, and some of his work has been featured on several publications. Richard Liu is the brain behind China’s largest e-commerce platform called He was worth about $12 billion according to a report issued last year. Some people refer to Liu as a genius due to his ability to build a business empire worth billions of dollars, yet he was brought up in a poor background. He has always displayed commitment towards embracing technology in all operations of his company and developing products that meet the customer needs.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was born and raised by his parents in a town called Suqian. He worked hard even during his tender age as he would help in operating his family business. He later moved to the country’s capital to advance his education by enrolling for a degree program at a local university. The business mogul trained himself about computer programming to enable him to earn some income during his studies. He got a job after his studies at Japan Life, which was a healthcare startup in the country. Liu displayed his skills during his tenure at the organization, and that earned him a promotion to head its computer department.

Years later, he left his position at the healthcare firm to start a business. The first venture involved the sale of magneto-optical products. Its customer base expanded significantly within a short time due to his commitment towards offering excellent customer service and stocking quality products. He believes that the use of technology can have a significant impact on the profitability of any growing firm. Richard Liu made a bold move by opening twelve stores in different parts of the city within the first five years of operating the organization. He closed all his stores in 2003 after an outbreak of the SARS epidemic. He decided to shift the operations of his company by starting an e-commerce platform as this would allow customers to purchase products at the comfort of their homes.

Recently, Isabel Dos Santos, a highly successful Angolan businesswoman, attended “Africa Summit 2019” in Brussels as a speaker. Isabel is a daughter of the former Angolan President, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, who has been named as the richest woman in Africa with an approximate net worth of $2 billion. Lately, she travels a lot throughout Angola and the world to advance his interests in business and community development.

At the summit, Isabel Dos Santos said that Africa can increase its competitiveness leveraging use of technology as well as education of the African population to use the technology. Digitization is a big challenge facing Africa. Isabel believes that if the population is educated on technology and technology is embraced by everyone in the continent, the continent will develop at a faster rate. Isabel Dos Santos participated in the summit which was organized by a political group of the European Parliament called European Reformists and Conservatives.

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The Unitel President said that in addition to the success of mobile telecommunications in Africa, digital revolution is looming. The e-commerce sector will continue to grow in Africa going into the future and e-commerce sales as well as transactions are surpassing the ones in traditional stores. Additionally, the leader believes that as digitization continues to take root in Africa, digital banking will be also embraced with time.

Isabel Dos Santos pointed out that the urban planning and agricultural sectors are the most affected by the use of technology. Transport issues are still rampant in African issues. Isabel Dos Santos advocates for the application of technology to create innovations to optimize costs and improve the quality of life.

In agriculture, the businesswoman believes that the agricultural sector can be made competitive through the application of state-of-the-art agricultural technology or any other technology to improve production. The focus on agricultural technology will enable optimization of costs and even increase its competitiveness. She also added that populations should be empowered by governments to embrace these concepts and turn them into opportunities. The focus on technological development in the continent involves finding solutions to key issues that affects Africa. Some of the key issues to be dealt with in Africa include unemployment and investment challenges. Visit:

Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian financial expert, that serves on the board of many companies in Brazil. In addition to holding many positions on many Brazilian companies, he is also well known for advising business arrangements between the Brazilian government and the private industry. Although Felipe plays a major role with the Brazilian government in Public Private Partnerships, he is primarily known for working on Infrastructure projects throughout Brazil.

A very well-educated person, Felipe attended Oregon University In 1998 and later transferred to UC Santa Barbara where he obtained a Bachelor’s in Spanish and History. Felipe being knowledge driven, later pursued his Masters in Kinesiology and Health Promotions, and Masters in Business Administration. Continuing with excellence, Felipe was able to hold positions as a Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer, and Head Of Project Finance where he has raised over $1.5 billion for a long-term project financing. Visit his website to learn more.

Being faced with tough competition after graduating, Felipe found himself in a very rewarding position allowing him to work internationally with countries such as Europe, Africa, Portugal, Latin America and Brazil. Most of the work he was doing in these countries required him to have extensive knowledge and oil, mining and energy. He was responsible for overseeing the new investments of capital in these countries.

Having 25 years of thorough experience, Felipe has been able to diversify his business background. With a very effective past with infrastructure projects, his skill in helping corporations eliminate waste with a cost effective solution while helping to increase profits is skill not to overlook. Working with state governments, and corporations, Felipe is well prepared to take on many tasks in the business sector and has proven himself as an effective leader with effective solutions. He will continue succeed and play an important role in the business world. Read:

Sergey Petrossov realizes that it can be easy for one to have the ability to delude themselves into thinking that they are progressing when they are not. This aspect of deluding oneself can be important for survival as it can provide hope when conducting a project that like JetSmarter that is present within a complex and tough industry. But people like Sergey Petrossov know that while it is easy to simply repeat the same things over and over again, it is hard to break free of the patterns and to create something new. This is something that he found out while working on JetSmarter. One can act as if they are entitled and not work for things, not discover the different nuances of making things happen, or they can continue to push forward and try to make a difference in the lives of their consumers.

Sergey moves through life by keeping a couple of principles in mind. One such principle is to understand that you are responsible for picking an initiative and sticking to it. This seems that you will see it through to the finish line. Seeing something through all the way to the finish line is difficult but it is something that will add significant value to your life. Furthermore, this specific principle has helped people like Sergey Petrossov by showing that one can certainly progress in life, all they have to do is to simply start so that they can witness value, learn, and keep building. Individuals have to learn to discuss actively, this means that individuals will have to talk about what they are going to do and then work on it.

Another principle is to know that no one is perfect. Sergey knows that there will be a learning curve to many different endeavors but with this learning curve, individuals will have to push forward and strive to get better each day. The more focused and interested they are in their subject, the more they learn and understand how to make improvements and add value.

Everyone goes through struggles and some people go through more often than others. When you find that you are being tested by life itself, you need someone to be there to help you out. When Hurricane Harvey hit, Texas that was a huge struggle that nobody should have gone through, but most people could not get out the way of it. It is good to know that companies that creed did stand up to help out people who really needed it. Stream Energy was one such company. They have a charitable organization called Stream Cares and used it to help as many people as they could.

There were 10 little girls who had either one or both parents in the military. To make them feel good about themselves and show them they were appreciated, they each received the American girl life-sized doll and were taken out to eat. This was a true joy to their parents to now that anyone would take time out to acknowledge their children and do something really special for them. Of course, Stream Energy is responsible for this and have done other charitable things. They have done so much good as a company. It is easy to see why they have so many customers supporting them.

Stream Energy is an electric provider that has some very competitive rates and you can sign up with them to get a plan for yourself. They also have plans for people who use gas. You will love the money you save while being their customer. Plus, if you happen to fall on hard times, they will help with payment arrangements for your bill. They eased the financial burden for families that succeed during Hurricane Harvey which shows their true compassion for their customers. You should really consider signing up with them.

Stream Energy will continue to use their organization Stream Cares to help out people who need it most. They are truly bringing hope when the times are very dark. You will love how the company will come together and give to the people the care that they need.