Betsy Devos has been working for children’s rights for three decades. One way she does this is through nonprofits. Devos has been on the board of several organizations that champion education, and often, this involves changing some of the standard practices that are no longer effective. Many school systems should be commended for the work the teachers and administrators do with the resources they have available to them. Betsy Devos wants to contribute to their work and highlight areas of success. Giving money, time, and attention to programs that are working is one way nonprofits create change.


The American Federation for Children (AFC) is one such organization. Betsy Devos is the chairperson. The AFC speaks up for parents that can not choose which school their kids get to attend. In many counties across America, a child’s address determines the school they get to go to. At one point, this method worked well, but today, it has become imbalanced. As the chairperson, Devos sheds light on the fact that many lower-income families live in the same neighborhoods, and their kids all go to the same school. Because families do not have the financial means to attend a school of their choice, many feel trapped. Devos expresses that money should not be the reason why families do not get a voice in the educational system.


Alliance for School Choice is another education reform platform that Devos chairs. It works side by side with the AFC, and it is not-for-profit. Both organizations have similar goals, which is to increase schooling options for everyone. Some of the methods Alliance for School Choice uses are vouchers. School vouchers allow parents to pay for private or other types of schooling. The coupons are supported through private parties, charitable donations, and corporations.


Florida is one state that has successfully navigated the programs. They were able to offer scholarships that gave donators a tax credit. If an individual wants to support school choice, they can give money to nonprofits, such as the AFC or Alliance for School Choice, then when this individual files their taxes, they can get some of the funds returned to them in the form of a tax credit. A tax credit allows taxpayers to reduce the debt they owe the IRS. It is different from a tax write off. It is one effective way for these operations to get funding for school choice. People are not taxed to pay for it, but rather, it is funded through donations.


More than the traditional state classrooms are supported. Homeschooling is an option for parents who want to have more control over their kid’s education and environment. Private schools often charge a fee. Having access to scholarship money can help lower-income students get into these institutions. Charter schools are another option. Many charters require parents to apply, but it is no cost to the students. As you can see, Betsy Devos and her various philanthropic organizations help all types of students find the best classroom for their particular needs. It is not based solely upon location.


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