Ara Chackerian is a well reputed businessman and practitioner based in San Francisco, California. He has over several years tried to incorporate his medical experience and technology with the aim of building its bridges. His work has been always focused on helping the community. Currently, Chackerian is a member of several boards in Bay Area. On top of his passion in the field of medicine, Ara Chackerian has a passion to youth development activities and also environmental issues. In this article, Ara lays open some of his ventures in the fields of health, entrepreneurship and many more. To start with, Ara Chackerian elaborates on his most recent venture which he has said that it is in conjunction with his long time business partner. They wanted to expand their experience by building several out-patient diagnostic radiology centers all over California. Ara Chackerian has worked as the CEO of BMC Diagnosis, and Executive Chairman of PipelineRx. He has also founded TMS Health Solutions. Ara graduated from Florida State University with B.S. in marketing.

Speaking on accomplishing his life dreams, Ara says that having and implementing ideas has been the key to achieving a lot in his life. His ideas originate from life experiences by making conscious effort to involve life, a habit that got incorporated into Ara by his parents who encouraged the habit of thinking hard about life. As a person who closely follows technology in the world of medicine, Ara closely follows the trends in digital healthcare. Some of the apps that he has identified to have a potential to impact the healthcare system heavily are the digital assisted healthcare and Telemedicine apps. For instance, depression patients have a tendency of changing their communication pattern when they approach the depression phase hence such apps help monitor and assess such changes.