The Alive Newspaper article, “Grace Farms Foundation and Sharon Prince Welcome Carrie Mae Weems”, the work of Ms. Weems and her work at the Sharon Prince Grace Farms is discussed.

Carrie Mae Weems is a multi-media artist who uses her talent to confront the “dark and disturbing themes of society.” Ms. Prince expresses her art through lecturing, texts, and photography. She has received numerous awards for her talent in expressive art. Her performances tell stories of “challenging issues”, through her art.

Grace Farms Foundation was opened in October 2015, to provide a place for the community to participate and enjoy nature and community events. The Chair and President, Sharon Prince, has worked to make the center beautiful and unique. The focus of the center is to provide an outlet for the community to express their artistic side and have a place to go to expand their knowledge.  Grace Farms Foundation is located in New Canaan, Connecticut and hosts public programs, a gym, a nature center, and a community garden. Grace Farms Foundation is a non-profit center that provides a place for the community to engage with nature and the arts.

Grace Farms Foundation offers a place to hold workshops, art exhibits, or just a place to experience the beauty of the nature preserves, on which the foundation is located. This center provides an opportunity for community to learn new skills, “voice their opinions”, and be creative. Grace Farms Foundation will definitely provide other areas to develop a similar foundation for their own communities.

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