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As blockchain technology continues to revolutionize different aspects of life as we know it, Serge Belamant keeps finding new technologies that have the potential to do the same. Serge is the holder of the patent for the first incarnation of blockchain technology which he developed in 1989. He is a tech expert who was born in Tulle, France, a businessman and also an entrepreneur. When he was 14 years, his father decided to move the family to South Africa in search of greener pastures. This businessman and entrepreneur was a very brilliant student and graduated from Witwatersrand University with a degree in Computer Science and Technology. In a recent interview with, Serge Belamant about entrepreneurship and success. Visit

Becoming an entrepreneur

In his interview with, this tech expert revealed that he became an entrepreneur to satisfy his goal of inventing and coming up with solutions for different problems. He pointed out that it was not possible for him to execute some of the ideas that he had when he was employed, so he decided to go ahead and become an entrepreneur. Serge Belamant stated that in his recent business endeavor, Zilch, his son was his inspiration. They teamed up together to try and find a way to provide financial solutions to the young generation through interfaces that they are much more familiar with. This tech expert stated that through Zilch, he was looking to offer financial tools to people through their smartphones.

Becoming successful

Serge Belamant pointed out that every entrepreneur looking to become successful should clearly lay down how their idea would make money at the concept stage. He pointed out that some entrepreneurs end up failing because they have a business that does not have a clear strategy of making money. Once the money-making strategy has been identified, the entrepreneur should now move on to chasing profitability. Serge Belamant stated that it was not enough for a business to make money. It has to be profitable if it is to survive. He went on to mention that depending on the business and what it offers, the duration it takes to become profitable may vary. Read more on

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