If you are looking for rags to riches story to inspire you, the entrepreneurial journey of Richard Liu Qiangdong would definitely inspire you. As the founder of JD, Richard Liu Qiangdong’s success story is more than extraordinary. Starting his business from around seventeen hundred dollars, he is worth more than twelve billion dollars. At the beginning of his career, Richard Liu worked for a health and wellness firm named Japan Life for several years and even rose to the designation of Director of Computers during his tenure. However, after he managed to save some money, Richard Liu left the firm to own a small shop in Beijing that sold magneto-optical products.

Richard Liu Qiangdong has worked hard to make his company a huge success. The growth witnessed by JD has helped attract investors like Google, Walmart, and Tencent, who owns a stake in the company. Richard Liu believes that the new age companies should continually look for new and innovative ways to deliver more to the customers, whether it is improving customer service experience or providing faster delivery. He is the man who backed the idea of drone delivery that JD started and is in its preliminary stage currently. The company has more than a hundred million active users currently, and it continues to increase rapidly with time. Richard said in an interview that e-commerce business is booming and many new companies are entering the market, which is not only aggravating the competition but also bridging the gap between the customers and companies due to recent technological breakthroughs. It is creating a level playing field for big as well as medium and smaller sized enterprises.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is setting JD.com apart from other companies by providing customers with products that are not just cheaper but of the highest quality. He believes that people today have money to spend and are willing to pay higher prices for quality products. JD.com is user-friendly and has great customer support making it popular with the customers in China and abroad. All queries are attended to within a few minutes so that customers do not have to wait.

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