Article Text: is known for being the top retailer in China, now has its sights on something else. They are helping new AI startups to take their AI technology to the next level. Their accelerator services as an incubator for AI startups and new companies who would like to make an impact in the space. In May, JD’s AI group had an opportunity to show off the projects they have been working on.

The first group of startups is tapped into various industries. Some of those industries are retail, healthcare, legal and education. Some of the projects are even a part of the company now. FaGouGou provides legal consulting was a part of helping’s legal team to create a bot that will help people with legal services. They have been able to answer various questions from their partners about numerous legal things regarding business. They are helping people who need lawyers because there is a shortage of lawyers in China.

Another one of the startups is helping people in a different way. They are helping people to make fabulous wine choices. The Chinese wine app 9KaCha is helping by giving people the opportunity to get wine recommendations sent to them. Wine shoppers can upload a picture of wine to order it or they can upload the picture and the app will be able to give them different recommendations. is doing an amazing thing by giving the startups mentorship and the ability to bring their ideas into the marketplace. They started with sixteen startups. They have at least an eighty percent success rate. The new group of startups will be around seventeen. will work with them to make the best out of their technology. They will continue supporting the companies who are a part of their accelerator project.

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